The Ultimate Spring Break Style Packing List

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February is (finally) ending and a lot of people are planning little spring break getaways to the beaches. If you’re lucky enough to be in college and have actual money to blow, or if you just need a break from the chilly winter months, then start packing your bags because spring break season is just around the corner! Whether you’re heading to Cancun or down to South Padre Island here in Texas, these spring break style must-haves need to be in your online shopping cart. Having gone to the beach so much growing up and in college, I’m sharing my top 5 must-haves! 

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Spring Break Essentials

1. Always, always pack some sort of beach cover up. Never leave your hotel room without it. A lot of restaurants near beaches require a bathing suit cover up be worn in the restaurant. You don’t want to be the only one in your group of friends who can’t get into the yummy Mexican place because you’re wearing a dripping wet bikini.

2. Sunscreen for your body and lips is crucial if you’re under a strong sun and down south, the sun is much more intense. I learned this the hard way. Sun poisoning does a number on your skin let me tell you.

3. Bring a plastic, sealable bag for your wet swimsuit. Quite a few times I’ve been at the beach and decided to change into dry clothes and I had no where to put my swimsuit. My least favorite thing ever is when stuff gets damp that shouldn’t be.

4. Comfy sandals like the ones pictured above are the perfect day to night shoe that requires minimal effort but still looks adorable. If you can only take one pair of shoes, ditch the heels because strappy sandals are even better!

5. Don’t forget your pool floatie! I admit, this isn’t a must-have technically. However, for the days that you rather just float in the pool with friends and listen to the poolside DJ, then you need a fabulous pineapple pool float. Flamingo pool floats are also a great option.

Enjoy your spring break! I’ll be staying in Dallas for spring break season but I’m there on the beach with you in spirit! Also, newbie bloggers check out my consulting page if you need free consulting for your blog!

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Wearing Lilly Pulitzer This Fall

lilly pulitzer fall It’s hump day! Friday doesn’t seem so far off now, does it? Yesterday, I was going through my wardrobe trying to figure out what to wear for the rest of the week. Even though I have a closet full of clothes I find myself saying “I have nothing to wear”. Before I drug out all of my fall clothes, I wanted to see what in my summer wardrobe I could repurpose for fall. However it came about, I tried on this outfit and thought the blue skirt looked super cute with my floral Lilly Pulitzer top. You can’t go wrong with Lilly!

Lilly for target

Lilly Pulitzer and the fall season don’t seem to go together but in my humble opinion, every season is the perfect season to wear Lilly. The Lilly Pulitzer blouse I’m wearing is from the Lilly for Target collection! I walked into work yesterday wearing the top and carrying a Lilly Pulitzer travel mug and one of my coworkers was like “you’re so cute, you match your mug!” The perks of being a Lilly lover, right?

basic girls

If you haven’t seen the fall Lilly Pulitzer prints, then you’re missing out! It’s the cutest thing! I love how vibrant every season’s prints are. I’m the only one in the office that wears Lilly and I’d like to think I bring a little sunshine with me when I walk into work. There’s no point in wearing bright, happy prints if they don’t make you smile.

rayban look alikes

Since I live in Dallas, the summer lasts just a little bit longer, which is why I thought one of the last days of October would be perfect to write about wearing Lilly in autumn. Is it a traditional fall outfit? No! But it’s a little slice of summer to savor when the season turns cold and we miss the warm breezes that we took for granted. If you’re in Texas, enjoy the warmth because it won’t last forever!

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Fourth of July Style Recap

Happy hump day gals! Oh man, my weekend was just chaotic but so full of fun. I’m still recovering from the endless Fourth of July festivities. My holiday was spent in Topeka, Kansas with my best friend (check Instagram this afternoon for a bestie picture!) We spent every day in the pool with other party goers and ended every night wishing we hadn’t eaten so much. Seriously, I’ve never had pulled pork that had been smoking for 12 hours but oh my goodness it was divine! Food and the Fourth just go hand in hand.

fourth of july outfit

Being that I love my outfits to coordinate with the merriment of every holiday season, I had to wear my Lilly Pulitzer fireworks print skirt that debuted last summer. How cute does it look with the popsicle tank?! It was such an easy outfit to wear because reds and blues go together so well- just like freedom and fireworks!

summer style inspiration

My best friend, Jessica, and I walked over to the gardens at Lake Shawnee to enjoy the flowers, bunny rabbits, and little goslings waddling around. Being that we’re girls always looking for a great photo op, we stood around taking pictures for my blog and her Instagram. What can I say? Bloggers never take a break!

old navy fourth of july

topeka fireworks

Unfortunately, the night ended in a bit of tragedy. While the entire street was out shooting off fireworks, a truck accidentally hit a woman crossing the road and killed her. We heard the sirens and then walked down the street to see what was going on. Paramedics were doing CPR and at the point I turned away. She was declared dead at the hospital. It’s so awful how a seemingly cheery event can turn deadly so fast. It seemed the fireworks went off in the sky as a way to mark her sad passing.

For the rest of the evening we tried to enjoy ourselves and celebrate our county’s 240th birthday. Being the proud American I am, I can’t help but get a little teary eyed watching fireworks light up the sky while sitting in a lawn chair surrounded by people who share my love of country. It’s lovely isn’t it?

Tell me about your Fourth of July with a comment below!


Festive Fourth of July Picks

fourth of july styleHello lovely girls! I thought today I’d share with you a few Fourth of July favorites for this upcoming holiday! June has flown by so quickly and before you know it the iconic American celebration will be here. Plan early! I highlighted 7 adorable, patriotic pieces above and have linked them along with a few others below so be sure to check them out!

// // for me and my 4th of July plans, I’ll be hanging out with one of my best friends and her family in Topeka! How fun, right? We rarely get to see each other so I’m really thankful that this summer I’ll get to spend some time with her. Without a doubt this is my favorite holiday to celebrate. It’s the one time of the year where classic American, preppy style is not only worn but celebrated! For one day out of the year my wardrobe is super stylish!

My outfit is still in the making but I will most certainly be wearing my Lilly Pulitzer fireworks skirt. It’s seriously the most festive and fun piece of clothing I own! I don’t think they make it anymore sadly or else I’d buy something similar in that pattern and end up wearing it all summer. Who says 4th of July has to end? Anyway enjoy your Tuesday and drink some coffee for me!

Road Trip Survival Bag

Road Trip ideasHappy hump day lovelies! I’m glad it’s half-way through the week because, well, I like weekends. It’s just that simple. I’m willing to bet that most of you do too. Luckily for me, my weekend starts a little earlier. I’m leaving tomorrow for Massachusetts with my family. You have no idea how much I’m looking forward to seeing the turning leaves up there!

The last time I was in Massachusetts for a vacation was when I was about 5. My parents took me whale watching and to a little historical town called Sturbridge Village. I don’t remember much of the trip so it’s like seeing it all over again for the first time.

Since the family and I will be road tripping from Maryland, we have about 8 hours of nothing to look at so I’ve come up with a few things to put in my road trip survival bag. Throughout my short little life, the family and I have been on many road trips and we’ve exhausted the games “Guess the person” and “Eye spy with my little eye”. I’m just so done. Here’s what’s going in my survival bag.

  • Latest issue of Vogue
  • Bubble gum (so I don’t eat a million potato chips)
  • Travel mug
  • Eos lip balm
  • Sunglasses (they double as a way to trick people into thinking you’re asleep)
  • Ear buds and a travel charger
  • Neck pillow
  • iPhone loaded with new music
  • Trail mix (with lots of M&Ms in it!)
  • Portable cooler for carrying chopped up fruit and water bottles

Tell me if I’m forgetting something. Leave me a comment!