I’ve Moved!

good senior picturesHello loves! I’ve recently moved to a new self-hosted site! If you think I’ve been silent for a few months, that’s the reason! I decided to move because the blog was growing and it was time for a change and more customized options. If you still want to get updates, you can follow me on my new blog here or follow me on bloglovin.I totally appreciate the support and all of you guys making my blogging dreams come true! Thanks!

J Crew Spring Style

jcrew spring dress

Oh my goodness, this week is flying by and I couldn’t be more happy about it. My birthday is on Sunday and my boyfriend’s family is coming into town to help me celebrate! Since I don’t know that many people here in Kansas City yet, having someone to enjoy my day with is such a blessing.

Another little blessing I incurred a few weeks ago was this fabulous J Crew dress! Since I started working in an office again, I needed to add a few things to my professional wardrobe. This purple dress was on eBay for $9.99! Better yet, it has pockets! I love how flattering it is and the fun neckline makes it interesting.

strawberry nail color

When you wear a solid color dress, always add a little pizazz to it! I wore my favorite Lauren Conrad gold ring and my nails are painted a pretty strawberry color. Little things like this can make an outfit so much better! Some of my favorite accessories are watches, pearls, stacked bracelets, and printed scarves.

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Top 3 Sephora Products

sephora reviewGood morning friends! Hopefully you saw my blog post yesterday about my experience and how-to contouring at Sephora. If not, I’ll link it here! I did a quick contour for my makeup today and it turned out really well even without the careful instruction of the beauty experts. I always wonder if I can recreate the look on my own without all the same expensive makeup they use. Turns out, for the most part you can. But there are a few Sephora products that I find crucial to achieving the same look!

  1. Sephora brand Contour Duo– This is where the contour really takes shape! This handy tool is double-sided and easy to use. You simply blend it in with a makeup sponge and you’re good to go. It retails for $20 but is far cheaper than other high-end brands.
  2. Sephora brand 10 Hour Wear Perfection Foundation– Without a doubt my favorite foundation I’ve ever used (and I’ve tried a lot!) The texture is really smooth and doesn’t feel cake-y on my face. If you wear foundation 5 days a week, it will last you for about 4 months. This also retails for $20.
  3. Smashbox Brow-Tech Shaping Powder– Eyebrows are out of control and usually need some help. To pull together the rest of the look, you’ll need something to work with the brows! This tool is a little wand with lose powder on the end that will help you fill in your eyebrows and give them a more defined look. I use it frequently and love it! It might be more of a splurge item because it costs $25.

These products are definitely my splurge items as they aren’t as cheap as drugstore makeup. The real difference is how long it lasts on your face. I used to wear Cover Girl foundation and it worked but only for a few hours until it was sliding off my face and looking goopy. If you can afford to treat yourself, start out with the foundation and go from there!

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Sephora’s Contouring How-To


Sephora classHappy Monday beautiful friends! I’m rested up from last week and ready to hunker down and deal with this week. Easter was interesting this year- it snowed! When I woke up, there was a dusting on the ground and by 3pm it was gone and the sun was out. Kansas City is forever surprising me.

natural face

Last Thursday, I went to Sephora for a class on facial contouring. I had never done it before and since it’s getting so popular, I figured I’d try! The class was free and two hours of professional instruction. The photo above of my makeup-less face is the “before” picture. Unfortunately, by the time the night was over, the natural lighting was gone and getting a good shot of the amazing makeup was difficult.

Sephora brushes

We started out by putting on concealer. They taught us to follow an inverted triangle formation for the best results. Basically, draw from the outer corner of each eye down to the nostrils and fill in the space that you’ve outlined using a makeup sponge. After that, put on foundation and blend!

sephora contouring

Next comes the highlighter. When you’re highlighting, the goal is to highlight the center of your face and cheek bones. The shape of your face determines where the highlights go! Typically, you’ll put the highlighter down the center of your nose, the tops of your cheeks, the lower half of your forehead (think three branches going straight up and to the left and right), and underneath your lower lip. Blend each area with a makeup sponge.

contouring class

The most important step is the shadow part of the contour. For my face shape (oval), I draw lines underneath my cheek bones, the sides of my forehead, and directly underneath my jaw line. This concept applies to most other face shapes. The only difference is a round face will want to extend the blending up and down the sides of the cheeks. After you’ve blended, dust on face powder so your contour will stay in place all day!

contouring how-to

This is the final product! You can see the shadow on my cheek where the contour is. This shadow makes my cheek bones look higher and more defined. If you really want to learn to contour, the best thing you can do is sign up for Sephora’s classes! They are so helpful and a lot of fun. Leave a comment below with any questions you have!

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Spring Wardrobe Must-Have

Classic jcrew button downHello pretty friends! Since spring is coming so fast and many of us work in office settings, I thought it would be a good idea to talk about cute clothing options you might want to have in your closet. Since the weather changes hourly (at least in Kansas City) I never know how to dress. Having a few versatile options has always gotten me through the awkward days of transition weather.

The one staple item everyone should have for spring weather is a good, light weight classic button down. The one I’m wearing in the photo above is from J Crew. It was on the clearance rack for $15 a few years ago and I’ve been wearing it ever since. Spring is the perfect time to wear this kind of top because it’s long-sleeve but sheer in terms of weight. Plus, it’s easy to tuck into your pencil skirt for the office! I’ve also worn it casually with white shorts and gladiator sandals, which was a great trendy twist on this classic.

I’m linking a similar (even cuter) one for you! J Crew Factory is also having some great sales right now! Let me know what color you get if you decide to buy one! Enjoy your Thursday and relax, it’s almost Friday.

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9 Things for Your Domestic Wish List

Domestic Wish List

Hello Wednesday, it’s lovely to see you! Once I get over this mid-week milestone, it’s all down hill from here. The rest of the week seems like nothing! Though my days aren’t excessively long, I always enjoy coming home and cooking dinner while watching Friends reruns. I need that time to unwind and chill out. My kitchen is either my happy place or a disaster zone, depending on the level of cleanliness. Since I just moved in to the place, it’s somewhere in between!

Domestic Chic!

Putting unique, cute touches all over the place is what I love to do and the kitchen is no exception. Browsing Target and Sur la Table always leaves me with tons of ideas. You might say this post is my personal domestic wish list that I’m sharing with you! What I like to do is set my sights on one particular item per pay day and purchase it based on how much I need versus want it. For example, if I need more silverware but I want a cute cookie jar, I’ll be buying the silverware first and the jar later. Like I said, this is a wish list not a “must-have” list. There’s a big difference!

Stores are so good at marketing things to girls like me. If you package something pretty, I will be tempted to buy it. My kitchen and home wish list is nothing short of a collection of pretty things that no one actually needs. Something else that I love but didn’t include on this list is a Kitchen Aid mixer in light pink! I might actually get some use of it assuming I can learn to bake without forgetting that my cookies are in the oven. First world problems.

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City Market Date in Kansas City

weekend style vibes

Happy Monday beauties! I hope your weekend was lovely and you got to do something you enjoyed! Right now, I’m sitting by a fire (the last one until the fall) and watching some reruns of Friends. The sound of a fire crackling is so relaxing and a little bit of bloggin’ is a nice addition!

city market kansas city

Yesterday, my boyfriend and I took a little trip to Kansas City’s City Market! I realize I’m fulfilling the basic white girl stereotype when I say this but I just love being able to buy fresh produce from farmers. They had some great strawberries for $1 a carton and 4 small limes for $1 also! I just love a good deal, don’t you? On the Middle Eastern/Mediterranean side of the market, they had a spice shop with open containers of delicious spices for $2 a bag. A sweet Italian man and I both agreed we had trouble being around the spices because it made us sniffle. David and I bought some cayenne and a few other spices to add to the expanding spice cabinet!

Spice market

Spending an hour grocery shopping or going to markets like these is one of my favorite dates the my boyfriend takes me on. It’s simple but kind of fun to do together because we usually get a bite to eat after. Plus, I just love walking around holding his hand (girly squeal!) The little things in life are always the best!

Tell me about your weekend in a comment below!

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Cringe-Worthy Instagram Posts

annoying instagram things

Happy Thursday lovelies! Only a few days until the weekend and I know you can make it! Today, I get to work from home and that certainly puts a smile on my face. Nothing is better than being in your pajamas researching statistics for your boss’ paper. That’s a lie. Shopping for shoes is better but this is a close second.

In an effort to make sure you have a good day too, I thought I’d write something all of us can hopefully relate to: cringe-worthy Instagram posts. We’ve all seen them and they confuse and bother us every single time.

Let’s begin with an obvious one- the trying to sell you something post. Typically this involves one of those body wraps and features a before and after picture along with a crazy amount of emojis in the caption. I call this cringe-worthy because it just sneaks up on you when you’re scrolling. A before picture of someone’s saggy stomach is kind of a shock when everything else is just a picture of a Starbucks coffee cup.

Another awful one is the people that comment with “f4f?” or “follow for follow?” on your photos. If you’re commenting with that, chances are I simply won’t want to follow you anyway because you post dimly lit photos of your dinner every night.

Last but not least, are the people that are posting pictures of those body wraps and then in their bios calling themselves “business owners” or “girl bosses.” Am I being harsh? Possibly, but it just makes me squint my eyes and wonder since when did being part of an affiliate program equal being a business owner?

Growing up my mom and all of her friends did the Mary Kay or Pampered Chef thing. It was just to make an extra few bucks here and there (while guilting their friends into buying crap) but I don’t recall them being “business owners.” It just makes me cringe.

I write all this because we can all find a bit of truth in there and it makes us laugh. Leave a comment with your cringe-worthy Instagram posts!

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Weekend Vibes and New Sperrys

Sunday vibes

Happy Monday lovelies! This weekend was a bit chilly and rainy but I still spent some time outside at the zoo with my boyfriend. The animals were surprisingly active and and talkative! We ended the date with a yummy dinner at a great hole-in-the-wall Italian restaurant. David has always taken me on the best dates and this weekend was no exception! Hopefully next Saturday will be sunny and we can enjoy a day at the farmer’s market.

sperrys for spring

Friday afternoon when I got home from work I had a surprise waiting for me in the mail- new Sperrys! Ebay has me going crazy stalking shoes, rompers, Lilly Pulitzer dresses, and so many other things. These beauties were only $6 and practically brand new! The seersucker material and adorable tassels just make them even cuter!

old navy earrings

The weekend vibes ended Sunday with my new Sperrys and these adorable earrings that match my Vineyard Vines pull-over. It never fails that the weekend is too short! At least, it ended on a pretty note though! Leave a comment about what you did this weekend!

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Fashion Lust List for Spring

Fashion Lust List


Happy Thursday! Yesterday I got the most exciting news ever from my mom- she found my Lilly Pulitzer dress and skirt in the attic. I thought my dad had accidentally donated them to the thrift store and was silently sulking everywhere I went. In the midst of trying to find a replacement for my dress, I discovered the wonders of eBay! Thank goodness I didn’t bid on the dress I thought was lost or I’d be out of luck (and money). However, I did find a few things to add to my fashion “lust list” this spring.

  1. Rompers- Only one of these made it into my closet last year and hopefully I’ll be able to change that this year. I’d love to find a hot pink one, so let me know if you see one!
  2. Yellow Nail Polish- Hopefully this doesn’t look tacky and won’t go down in history as a hideous fad. Believe it or not, I actually like obscenely bright nail colors, no matter how tacky my kids will say it was 15 years from now.
  3. Rebecca Minkoff Clutch- Every blogger in the world has been “gifted” one to feature in their posts. I’ve fallen in love with the little multi-colored tassels on it! It’s perfect for spring and summer!
  4. Jack Rogers- These sandals are the cutest things in the world and it’s a shame they’re so expensive! My mom is bidding on a pair for my birthday that’ll be cheaper than if I bought them in the store. Here’s hoping no one else wants them besides me!
  5. Pink Ray Bans- How cute are these classic aviators? They make me feel like a female Tom Cruise in Top Gun every time I try them on. I’m going to try to get my hands on a pair sometime soon!

Leave a comment with your current fashion lust list! I’m looking for new things to “ooh” and “ahh” over!

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