Fourth of July Style Recap

Happy hump day gals! Oh man, my weekend was just chaotic but so full of fun. I’m still recovering from the endless Fourth of July festivities. My holiday was spent in Topeka, Kansas with my best friend (check Instagram this afternoon for a bestie picture!) We spent every day in the pool with other party goers and ended every night wishing we hadn’t eaten so much. Seriously, I’ve never had pulled pork that had been smoking for 12 hours but oh my goodness it was divine! Food and the Fourth just go hand in hand.

fourth of july outfit

Being that I love my outfits to coordinate with the merriment of every holiday season, I had to wear my Lilly Pulitzer fireworks print skirt that debuted last summer. How cute does it look with the popsicle tank?! It was such an easy outfit to wear because reds and blues go together so well- just like freedom and fireworks!

summer style inspiration

My best friend, Jessica, and I walked over to the gardens at Lake Shawnee to enjoy the flowers, bunny rabbits, and little goslings waddling around. Being that we’re girls always looking for a great photo op, we stood around taking pictures for my blog and her Instagram. What can I say? Bloggers never take a break!

old navy fourth of july

topeka fireworks

Unfortunately, the night ended in a bit of tragedy. While the entire street was out shooting off fireworks, a truck accidentally hit a woman crossing the road and killed her. We heard the sirens and then walked down the street to see what was going on. Paramedics were doing CPR and at the point I turned away. She was declared dead at the hospital. It’s so awful how a seemingly cheery event can turn deadly so fast. It seemed the fireworks went off in the sky as a way to mark her sad passing.

For the rest of the evening we tried to enjoy ourselves and celebrate our county’s 240th birthday. Being the proud American I am, I can’t help but get a little teary eyed watching fireworks light up the sky while sitting in a lawn chair surrounded by people who share my love of country. It’s lovely isn’t it?

Tell me about your Fourth of July with a comment below!


Travel Edition: The Colorado Rockies

The summer after my freshman year in college my family took a road trip to the Colorado Rockies in early May. We drove 35 hours from Maryland to Denver, CO with a few stops along the way.

Road Trip!

We stopped off in Columbus, OH. We stayed for a few days to tour the zoo. Honestly, I wasn’t impressed by the zoo (although it is famous) but the people were great. I like Ohioans for their friendly but not overly friendly attitudes. It’s the good part of the midwest.

After Ohio we made our way to St. Louis, MO. We have family that lives in the area and we were lucky enoughCousins_fun to visit them for a few days before going on to Colorado. My dad’s family took us all over the city before we headed to another part of MO to stay with my dad’s brother and see his grandkids. Aren’t family reunions nice? Sometimes? Well, they are for us! We enjoy getting together and talking about old memories while making new ones. Both sets of my grandparents are dead so any memories our parents have of them the kids cling to. It’s nice to know where your roots are.

From Missouri we headed across the great state of Kansas. Tumble_weedsSeriously, this state is rather dull. 15 hours across the place and I saw nothing but prairie. Beautiful honestly, but I couldn’t do the drive again. We saw old sod houses in the middle of nowhere, tumbleweeds blowing across the highway, prairie grass on fire, and two tornados. Ok, we didn’t see the tornados per se, but we had to outrun them twice knowing they were close by. We saw a bunch of storm chasers heading towards them though, which was neat. It was hot out there and the climate was perfect for tornados!

Driving_in_the_snowOnce we got into Colorado the weather changed. It went from 84 degrees to 25 degrees! It started to snow! When we got to our hotel in Denver I jumped out of the car in flip flops. People stared at me  until I changed into my warm Ugg boots.

The next day we went up in the mountains. What a drive. I’ve never done anything like it. I thought the mountains in New York state were big but compared to the Rockies they’re little hills! We climbed rocks and took photos. We saw wildlife in their habitat munching on the thawing ground. We couldn’t hike too far for the simple reason that most of the trails were under 9 feet of snow!

We found a little town called Estes Park towards the base of the mountain. It was so quaint and just a lovely place to be during the day! So many pretty antique shops and interior decorating stores! Lots of adorable clothing stores as well as many yummy places to eat. There was also a small river that ran behind all the shops and we got coffee and cocoa from the local Starbucks to drink while taking a break from the day.

On the drive back home we stopped one last time to see our family before heading back. It was one of those vacations where absolutely nothing was expected but that’s what made it exciting. Memories are what life is made of.

Enjoy the photos!


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