Rainy Days are Here Again

hurricane joaquin

Hurricane Joaquin is making it’s way up the coast line this weekend and for once in my life I’m going to be prepared! I browsed the aisles in Target today and as with any major weather event, the bread, milk, and bottled water was gone. I understand the water, but I’ll never understand why bread and milk is necessary in the case of a major storm. The power will be out, refrigerators won’t work, and your groceries (including the precious milk and bread) will probably go bad. Anyway, I digress.

I made a list of helpful things to weather the storm with this weekend and they include batteries obviously, but also rain boots and a sturdy umbrella. Not far down the list is a warm blanket, coffee, and a scarf to keep away those drafts that seem to go straight towards your neck.

Let’s talk about these Hunter rain boots for second. Aren’t they the best color ever? I love the classic red or yellow boots but this color just blends so well with the rainy weather the east coast is experiencing. The boots go for $150 at Nordstrom but can sometimes be found for $100 at 6pm.com. When you get right down to it, they’re just rubber rain boots. I’ve bought into the lie that they’ll make me happier and preppier if I just owned a pair. I’m a marketer’s dream!

I found a few cheaper alternatives that I think are equally cute. Hopefully you’ll like them too!

I’m assuming this weekend that I’ll be using my wet weather wear quite often. My family lives in the woods, losing power during simple thunderstorms is not uncommon. With winds being so strong already, the family and I might be outside trying to get our generator running all night. Wish me luck,  friends!

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Back to School ‘Must Haves’

Back to School 'Must Haves'

Browsing through Target and online today I realized that there is an overwhelming amount of excitement for back to school and college planning. I start my final semester of college on Monday and frankly, I’m not all that thrilled. I came to realize that new school ‘supplies’ might be just the ticket to get me excited! Here’s my list of  “must haves” (if I could afford them, that is):

1. Kate Spade planner: Kate is making a fortune off of girls like me who think life gets better when your planner is pretty. Kudos to Ms. Spade, I wish I had thought of this. I found very similar planners for half the price at Target fyi!

2. Kate Spade clock: Alright Kate your killing my budget. Why must you make everything cute? Seriously though, buy a clock with an alarm! Just a tip, put it on the other side of the room so you have to get out of bed to turn it off.

3. iPhone case: I think this is by Kate Spade too. Oops! Oh well, a new case is in order after a summer of getting sandy in the beach bag. Find a cute one for cheap or splurge and get an Otterbox.

4. Hunter Boots: It’s a preppy staple and one that this middle-class prep can’t afford. I’m a lover of rain boots because they can look kinda cute with most things and I won’t get my good leather boots dirty or wet. Target always has a few that debut in the fall for about $25.

5. Dooney & Bourke bag: I bought my mom one for her birthday and it’s huge! It fits everything you would need to take to class or the library. I found her’s at the D&B outlet for about $135. If you don’t want to spend that much, browse through Marshall’s or TJ Maxx for a similar one.

6. Hair ties: This new trend of hair ties is strange but cute. I always end up needing one while I’m out anyway. Buy a pack at Old Navy for $3 and put it in your purse for emergencies.

7. Highlighter pens: These are God’s gift to college students. Just buy brand new ones and throw out the old ones. They’re great for organizing and color coding. Plus they’re just pretty.

8. Kate Spade wristlet: Darn you Kate, I’ve found something else you sell that I love. Wristlets are perfect for stashing all your money, IDs etc. without having to lug a bag around. My wristlet is Vera Bradley and I bought it for $15. It was worth every penny and have never looked back.

9. Lilly Pulitzer tumbler: I love taking flavored water with me to class or wherever I’m going. I find that I’m thirsty whenever I’m out and about. I save money by having one of these with me.

10. iPhone charger: I’m always running out of battery power and of course no one else has their charger. Just buy a cheap one and put that in your bag too. Target is selling them for $5 right now!

Extra Tip: For college students, I recommend you invest in some pepper spray as well. There are so many creeps in the world and you need to be able to defend yourself from them. Most schools have a ‘no firearm policy’ so this is the next best thing. Fair warning however, your school may try to confiscate this as it can be considered a ‘weapon’. If this happens to you, simply comply and give up the pepper spray. After this, head straight to Wal-Mart and pick up a small can of wasp spray. Why? Because it shoots at 20 feet with accuracy and is not considered a lethal weapon but it sure can burn the eyes (ask any of the pesky wasps and bees I’ve sprayed). Check local laws on this to make sure, but quite honestly if you did use it to stop an assault and it worked, I doubt any judge or jury is going to wet themselves over your use of bug deterrent.