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Rainy Days are Here Again

hurricane joaquin

Hurricane Joaquin is making it’s way up the coast line this weekend and for once in my life I’m going to be prepared! I browsed the aisles in Target today and as with any major weather event, the bread, milk, and bottled water was gone. I understand the water, but I’ll never understand why bread and milk is necessary in the case of a major storm. The power will be out, refrigerators won’t work, and your groceries (including the precious milk and bread) will probably go bad. Anyway, I digress.

I made a list of helpful things to weather the storm with this weekend and they include batteries obviously, but also rain boots and a sturdy umbrella. Not far down the list is a warm blanket, coffee, and a scarf to keep away those drafts that seem to go straight towards your neck.

Let’s talk about these Hunter rain boots for second. Aren’t they the best color ever? I love the classic red or yellow boots but this color just blends so well with the rainy weather the east coast is experiencing. The boots go for $150 at Nordstrom but can sometimes be found for $100 at 6pm.com. When you get right down to it, they’re just rubber rain boots. I’ve bought into the lie that they’ll make me happier and preppier if I just owned a pair. I’m a marketer’s dream!

I found a few cheaper alternatives that I think are equally cute. Hopefully you’ll like them too!

I’m assuming this weekend that I’ll be using my wet weather wear quite often. My family lives in the woods, losing power during simple thunderstorms is not uncommon. With winds being so strong already, the family and I might be outside trying to get our generator running all night. Wish me luck,  friends!

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16 thoughts on “Rainy Days are Here Again”

  1. It’s so nice that the hurricane passed us and it’s just wind. I did just order my first pair Hunter boots a few days ago to prepare myself. I’m excited for them to come this week! I got them for $114 at ideel.com.


    1. Hi Jordan! Honestly, I’ve never owned a pair of Hunter boots. I’ve only tried them on at Nordstroms and admired them lol. I’m a size 9 and thought the boots were pretty true to size. I’d go online and look for Hunter boot reviews to get a better idea though.

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