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How to Use a Curling Wand Feat. PYT

pyt pink curling wand

Hey everyone! I’ve been loving this spring weather recently and am getting out of my hibernation mode after 3 long months. Every time the sun comes out and I can throw my windows open I feel this little part of me come alive and I just want to do my make up and hair and feel lovely again!

I’ve been trying harder to get into the habit of doing my hair every day for work and not just letting it go natural. I partnered with PYT (Pretty Young Thing) to show you how I’m using this super cute pink curling wand to do my hair! I had never used a curling wand before but now I’m hooked! It’s way easier than I thought and I finally know how all the gorgeous Dallas girls get their big hair and soft curls! Here’s how I did it! (Also use code LIZ40 to get 40% off your order for a limited time!)

pyt beauty products

before hair picture
Before I started curling my hair!

Step 1: Protect your hair

Before I begin curling my hair, I use PYT’s Selfie Ready Gloss Serum. This adds a lot of shine to my hair and also protects it from heat damage. A little goes a long way! Make sure you really get it on the ends of your hair for best results.

step 2: Separate hair sections

There are many ways to do this, but my favorite way is the pull most of my hair up into a bun so I can work on my base layer. I have pretty thick hair, so this helps a lot! After you’ve finished with the base layer,  let a bit more hair down and curl that next.

Step 3: Start curling

Grab a piece of hair and slowly (and very carefully) wrap it around the barrel of the curling wand. You can use the heat resistant glove that PYT provides with the wand, but I found it easier to ditch the glove and take my chances. I didn’t get burned if you were wondering!

Hold your hair there for 5 or 6 seconds (more or less depending on how thick your hair is) and then slowly let it go. BOOM! A gorgeous curl. Now it may take you awhile to get the hang of it and some pieces may not come out perfectly, so when you’ve finished curling just go back through and curl the stubborn pieces.

Step 4: Wear it Everywhere!

This hairstyle literally gets better the longer you have it. After a few hours, my hair was so smooth and healthy looking! I did this on a Saturday (whence my athleisure wear) and it stayed gorgeous until Monday when I finally had to wash it. I really can’t recommend this wand enough!

Be sure to check out PYT’s other hair products and follow them on Instagram!

Thanks to PYT for sponsoring this post!

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2 thoughts on “How to Use a Curling Wand Feat. PYT”

  1. Ooo your curls turned out so beautiful!! I’ve been looking for a curling wand to try and this really looks great!


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