Answering a Controversial Question: Are Leggings Pants?

patterned leggings

Good morning lovelies! I hope you weekend was a little more productive than mine was. David and I were in Fort Worth all weekend watching college football games with his family and I must say, I’ve never seen people quite so spirited over Texas Tech. This Maryland girl is still adjusting to the ways of native Texans! Lazy weekends like this are sometimes exactly what a girl needs. We ate so much that I had to put my “fat pants” on which leads me to the topic of this post, are leggings pants? Honestly, I’m not sure but these comfy gray leggings (link here) are the closest thing to pants you’ll ever find!

thick leggings

I’ve been a big fan of No Nonsense’s leggings for awhile now and these ones are no exception. They’re comfy, well-made, and thick enough that you can avoid show casing every little lump and bump on your thighs and bum. Those are my problem areas (shh! Don’t tell anyone!). I can’t for sure say that leggings are indeed pants, because let’s be honest, some people’s leggings are far too tight for anyone to be comfortable calling them pants. However, these ones come pretty close to being pants instead of leggings.

leggings that look like pants

If you’re going to err on the side of caution like I do when it comes to leggings, then you’ll have a whole new appreciation for long tunics. If I’m going to wear leggings out, I’m not going to wear a regular tee or sweater. I’ll throw on one of my favorite tunics to cover problem areas that give away the fact that I’m not wearing actual pants.

So to go back to our initial question, I guess leggings really aren’t pants but obviously they’re far more comfortable than any pair of jeans could be! During the holidays, I’d say leggings are vital for everyone’s wardrobe because you’ll inevitably stuff yourself with something yummy. Grab yourself a pair of my leggings from No Nonsense before it’s too late!

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15 thoughts on “Answering a Controversial Question: Are Leggings Pants?”

  1. Are No Nonsense the brand also sold in Target? I know I have bought the brand before but I can’t remember where for the life of me! But yes…leggings are pants! I have more leggings than jeans LMFAO


  2. I think with a tunic, they can definitely qualify as pants! Especially when it covers up nicely. 😀
    This has long been a disputed topic with my friends and I for a while, and I loved reading your post!


  3. I think they offer more coverage then tights, but are a little less then pants. Like I would never wear a tunic with tights, But I would with leggings. and I wear dresses with both tights and leggings. While a long button down shirt I have worn with both pants and leggings. (if this makes sense. It did in my head I swear!) Anyway rambling aside love this post and love those leggings! That pattern is amazing! ❤


  4. I wear them as pants almost every day. However, I do wear longer tops so that at least my rear is covered mostly. I don’t think it’s appropriate to look so exposed, really. Love the print on your leggings!


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