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Gift Guide for Her First Apartment

Gift Guide for Her First Apartment

One of my favorite things to do during this time of the year is go Christmas shopping for friends and family. I always have quite a few people on my list and it seems to grow every December. Last year, I gave several of my friends cookie mix in mason jars with baking instructions. This time, I’m going to make it a little more personal.

Similar to a post I did earlier, I’m focusing on a specific kind of person to shop for. Today, we’re talking about a friend who just moved into her first apartment. Other than a few things left over from college, you have nothing for a new place. The apartment might seem like the most expensive thing you’ll be paying for, but nothing compares to the over all expense of furnishing it! Here are a few things in a variety of price ranges to get for the first-time renter.

  1. Serving tray- In college you served appetizers on Dixie plates not serving trays. It’s time to upgrade!
  2. Cookie Jar- Not only is it functional but it serves as an adorable decorative piece to your kitchen counter top.
  3. Kitchen Aid mixer- For the extreme baker that lives to try out Pinterest recipes.
  4. Decorative porch lights- Many apartments have balconies or porches that are left completely barren of decoration. Porch lights are the perfect way to add a little personality to these forgotten spaces.
  5. Marquis sign- A favorite decorative piece of mine! You can find them in small and large sizes with a variety of words to choose from.
  6. Area rug- Even when I have carpet I like to add an area rug for color. Most of the time apartments have beige walls and carpet, which serves as a great blank canvas to make your own!
  7. Steak knives- We all need them for the kitchen but we won’t shell out the money for a good set. The recipient of this Christmas gift will appreciate the practicality of it.
  8. Matching set of plates- Again, practical but you’d be amazed at how many people I know who’ve had their own places for years and don’t have matching dinnerware. You can find an inexpensive set at Target and it’ll make a great gift.
  9. Soap dispenser- I’m putting my foot down to the plastic Dial soap dispensers. Invest in a decorative one for your friend’s new place, they’ll thank you for it.
  10. End table- A necessary piece of furniture that costs a relatively small amount. My favorite place to find these at is Home Goods. They have a great variety for good prices.
  11. Throw pillows- This is a luxury that I rarely indulge in but makes a great gift for someone else! Marshall’s usually has an aisle devoted to pillows that will surely have something that suits your friend’s taste.

Leave a comment if you’ve recently moved with items you’d appreciate being given for Christmas! I love hearing from you!

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12 thoughts on “Gift Guide for Her First Apartment”

  1. Great post. These are all every day things, and we often forget about them, but it’s soooo great when you get them as present. And these are so adorable… The cookie jar, knives, mixer…. the pillow! That pillow is just perfect for sweet dreams


  2. I’ll be moving into my first house with my boyfriend and all of this on the list is on my list!! Can’t wait to decorate


  3. These are all great ideas! Many of my friends are graduating this year and will be moving to new apartments. For one particular friend I bought a cute picture frame and put our picture in it. I thought it would be a nice reminder of home and friendship when she’s off in a new city. I can’t wait to see what she thinks on Christmas!


  4. Great list…as usual! This might sound weird but I once received a complete set of towels in a solid color and it turned out to be an amazing gift. It was the last thing on my mind but all I had were 2 bath towels and I was so grateful to have a nice, plush set I could actually put out.


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