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How to Know if an Interview is Going Well

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Happy Monday! I love this beautiful time of the year. Everything smells like peppermint and gingerbread, sleigh bells literally ring, and the deals at my favorite stores are aplenty! How can you not like this time of year? Despite the difficulties everyone has with job hunting, the general merriment of the season keeps me smiling.

Since I have so much experience interviewing for jobs, I figured I’d share a few tips on how to know if an interview is going well. There are several things I look for when I’m talking with a hiring manager and all of them have provided me with good insight into the company and the position.

Gauging an Interview

  1. Laugh- Has the interviewer laughed or smiled at all? Even if it’s just over something simple like the crazy weather the area has had, a smile or laugh indicates that they are comfortable with you.
  2. Confidence- Do you feel and sound confident? I’ve walked into interviews where I was on top of my game and felt amazing and then I’ve had a few that made me crawl back into my shell.
  3. Compatibility- Are you and the interviewer compatible? You’ll be able to tell almost immediately and that will have a lot to do with how the interview goes.
  4. Interest- Do they want to talk about things besides your resume? For example, has the interviewer asked about your personal interests? Last week, I was asked what I like to do for fun. That’s a good sign. They want to know who you are as a person, not just who you are as a professional.
  5. Follow up- Did they communicate to you what happens next or simply say “we’ll be in touch?” In my experience, if they’re talking to you about the next steps before you’ve even left, they’re interested!

Please leave a comment if you’ve observed similar things or have other tips on things to look for!

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16 thoughts on “How to Know if an Interview is Going Well”

  1. I definitely agree with the “feel good vibes” comments. I personally enjoy interviews because I think you’re interviewing them as much as they are interviewing you. You might need the job, but you want it to be a good fit – especially since you will be spending so much of your life with these people!


  2. The laughter thing is my #1 way to tell how it’s going! If they enjoy talking with you enough that they’re genuinely smiling/laughing, that’s always a great sign. Good luck with your job hunt!


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