Scalloped Clutch on a Budget

marley lilly monogram purse

Happy Monday beautiful! I’m trying to learn how to wake up in the morning on a work day and be thankful that I have a job to go to. Not going to lie, it’s hard! But embracing Monday is a lot easier than trying to wish it away. If it helps, start your day with a good coffee from your favorite coffee shop and during your lunch, take a walk or go to a local boutique to enjoy a few minutes of down time. Maybe do a little online shopping too!

As someone who loves anything with a monogram, I browse the Marley Lilly website quite frequently! I also love a good deal and I found this adorable scalloped clutch for $19.99! It was a flash sale and the bargain was too good to pass up (link to similar bag here since its been sold out!).This clutch goes with everything in my closet! There was quite a few colors to choose from but I wanted something neutral. I chose mocha for the clutch color and ivory for the monogram. It’s absolutely adorable and really great for an evening out! The envelope style makes it easy to open and its large enough to keep your credit cards and phone inside.

If you like my Ray-Ban lookalikes, I did a post on them which you can find here! I’m always one the look out for great brand name dupes! Be sure to check out Marley Lilly and their awesome sales. I’m always surprised by the deals they have every week!

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I'm a Dallas fashion and mental health blogger! I love sharing affordable styles anyone can wear and also sharing mental health topics so people don't feel so alone.

29 thoughts on “Scalloped Clutch on a Budget”

  1. These is so cute I can’t even handle it! I literally couldn’t believe that this was less than $20! Your blog is the absolute cutest thing, and if you would ever like to collab just shoot me an email (info on my blog) Either way, keep up the amazing work!


  2. I have the clutch that’s on sale today in my shopping cart right now!! I keep telling myself I don’t need to spend more money… but how can you pass it up when it’s so affordable!! And I love that you are trying to work on your outlook in the morning- that is SO hard to do! I have so little hope for myself in that regard:)
    Darling, Dearest


    1. I saw that clutch too! I almost bought it but decided not to. No more spending!
      Monday mornings are tough but I honestly pray for energy!


  3. LOVE anything with a monogram and love the deal you got even more! Super cute & I look forward to seeing it in many more posts!
    xx, Lauren {}


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