20 Activities To Do During Self-Quarantine

20 things to do when youre stuck at home

Hey everyone, how are you holding up? Since last Saturday, I’ve pretty much spent every single night in bed watching tv and coloring a cat-themed coloring book (don’t judge, it’s awesome). But I’m finally at my wit’s end with my sedentary lifestyle. I NEED something to do, which inspired this post.

Next to the virus itself, mental health is my biggest concern right now. Not just for myself though, but for everyone! I like a relaxing weekend spent at home just as much as anyone else does, but it is not human nature to keep ourselves isolated from others for weeks on end. Isolation, or “social distancing” as we’re calling it, usually leads straight to depression. If you already suffer from poor mental health like I do, you’re going to need to find things to do to keep your body and mind active.

20 Things to do While You’re Stuck at Home

  1. Organize your closet! Donate things you don’t wear and create a closet system that works
  2. Learn to make candles! It’s easier than you think and it’s very relaxing (I wrote a blog on this!)
  3. Try a new fitness app! Tone It Up is offering free access right now to their platform
  4. Start composting! Since we’re all cooking at home a bit more, it’s a great time to start composting your food waste.
  5. Plant an herb garden! I ordered some self-watering herb pots on Amazon the other day (link here!) and planted some cilantro and basil. It’s growing in my kitchen on the window sill!
  6. Clean out the linen closet! They get so messy and chances are you probably have some towels in there they have seen better days. Reorganize everything and donate old towels and blankets to animal shelters.
  7. Start spring cleaning! Just get it done with so you can feel accomplished and be ready for the warm days ahead.
  8. Go for a walk around the neighborhood! It’s basic, but getting outside is going to be pretty important to your mental health.
  9. Try a new recipe! I bought ingredients a few weeks ago to make cake pops so that’s going to be new recipe to try.
  10. Get really good at manicures! I usually do my nails super fast and they look like it. Take your time and actually give yourself a good manicure.
  11. Rewatch your favorite sitcom! Seinfeld, Friends, The Office etc. Pop some popcorn!
  12. Clean out your car! Let’s be honest- most of us leave straw wrappers and old napkins in the cup holders. Go clean it out and maybe even vacuum if you’re feeling crazy.
  13. Learn Excel! Or another technical skill that can make you more valuable to employers.
  14. Do some yard work! Trim back the bushes, weed out flower beds, and lay some fresh mulch. Yard work is something most of us put off but its a good workout and your lawn (and neighbors) will thank you!
  15. Start your ancestry research! This is a super time consuming and interesting hobby that takes a lot of work but offers a big return. Now’s a great time to get started on your research!
  16. Learn calligraphy! You can find beginners calligraphy kits online and there are quite a few YouTube videos on how to get started!
  17. Write a letter to an older family member! Snail mail isn’t something millennials and Gen Zers are used to but older family members still love it, and frankly, you might too.
  18. Plan your next trip! Quarantine won’t last forever. Start planning where you might like to go and what you would want to do.
  19. Reorganize your kitchen cabinets! The spice cabinets, tupperware drawers, and junk drawer could probably use your attention.
  20. Eat dinner outside! My favorite restaurants always have outdoor seating. Take your dinner outside to your patio or even throw down a blanket in the grass. String up some twinkle lights and turn on some Louis Armstrong for a date night vibe!