Weekend Vibes and New Sperrys

Sunday vibes

Happy Monday lovelies! This weekend was a bit chilly and rainy but I still spent some time outside at the zoo with my boyfriend. The animals were surprisingly active and and talkative! We ended the date with a yummy dinner at a great hole-in-the-wall Italian restaurant. David has always taken me on the best dates and this weekend was no exception! Hopefully next Saturday will be sunny and we can enjoy a day at the farmer’s market.

sperrys for spring

Friday afternoon when I got home from work I had a surprise waiting for me in the mail- new Sperrys! Ebay has me going crazy stalking shoes, rompers, Lilly Pulitzer dresses, and so many other things. These beauties were only $6 and practically brand new! The seersucker material and adorable tassels just make them even cuter!

old navy earrings

The weekend vibes ended Sunday with my new Sperrys and these adorable earrings that match my Vineyard Vines pull-over. It never fails that the weekend is too short! At least, it ended on a pretty note though! Leave a comment about what you did this weekend!

witty n pretty

Long Weekend Style

I hope you all enjoyed your extra day off yesterday (for those of you who are in the States!) I certainly took advantage of the three-day weekend and all the sales that were going on. I ended up scoring a Lauren Conrad dress from her fall collection for $12, Lauren Conrad jeans for $20, and a Cynthia Rowley maxi skirt for $16. The sales are the best part of the festivities that typically go on during Memorial Day weekend. Here’s a little look into my weekend!


I spent Memorial Day on the beach with my parents and got a lovely sunburn on my left shoulder. Bring on the Aloe!



For our little local beach, there was quite the turnout of beach goers. It was hilarious to watch the kids get in the water, which was freezing, and splash each other, freak out of something touched their foot, or get sand in their pants.


Flip flops in the sand are the best thing in the world to me. I usually buy white or gray sandals because they go with everything. I think these ones are from Payless.


For the beach I sported this shorts and tank top combo from Old Navy. I got the shorts last October for $1.47! Shop summer clothes for the next year starting in mid-August when retailers are really trying to get rid of warm-weather clothes so they have room for the back-to-school stuff.


My jeans are from Lucky Brand and my top is Old Navy, both of which I shopped for in the off season and got amazing deals on.


My dear friend, Abbey, gave these gorgeous earrings to me and I have no idea where they’re from. I love wearing them with other bold colors like the yellow top I’m wearing.

This long weekend was so desperately needed. I’m thrilled that I got to spend so much time just relaxing and doing nothing. I hope we get through this week without too much pain. No guarantees though. Enjoy you’re Tuesday!


Tres Chic for the Weekend

Happy Friday loves! I’m so glad the weekend is finally here so we can all stay inside and bundle up with our pjs on. Or you can go out and enjoy good weather if you’re lucky enough to be in a climate with it! It’s a bit chilly where I am and there’s nothing I’d love more than some California sunshine. An afternoon on the Santa Monica pier sounds divine at the moment!
For those of you who plan on venturing outside in warm weather I suggest including “winter tones” in your style choices. Bold red and black speaks volumes on any lady while an animal print adds interest and incorporates the fur we all love to see and wear. By no means do I expect any of us to be able to afford Bvlgari or Prada, but there are many retailers, such as Target or even H&M that have similar items at half the price. The crazy thing about designer labels is that you’re paying for the name and slightly better quality than what you might find in Forever 21. I’ll pay for quality but I don’t like to pay for a name. Shop around and find great options similar to the ones you see above and recreate this look for less.

The Dress

Speaking of clothing, have any of you seen “the dress” everyone’s Facebook and Twitter feeds are blowing up with? The debate is whether it’s blue and black or white and gold. I thought this would be simple to solve by looking at it but apparently there’s an optical phenomenon going on and not everyone sees the same thing. Regardless, I want to draw attention to how silly things like this somehow make much bigger news than say, all the religious minority women that are being kidnapped and sold at markets by ISIL (don’t believe it, then read for yourself). How on Earth are we as a culture and society more interested in a dress than we are the well-being of women in another country? True, we can’t personally do much about it, but we can give our time in drawing attention to this horrifying act. It’s something to think about. 


Weekend Projects Perfect for the Winter Months

weekend_wearHappy Saturday friends! I’m glad I have the weekend off so I can vegetate on the couch and catch up on my sleep. There’s nothing I rather do right now than sit in my pjs by the warm fire and drink my coffee. Shocking isn’t it?

Last night my baby sister, Rebecca, and I stayed up late watching Disney movies. We started out with the Cheetah Girls 3 and ended with Pocahontas. According to her, my Disney persona is Governor Radcliffe and my cat, Tanzie, is his dog Percy. Apparently, this is what I look like in Tiffany’s. Laugh if you must.

Anyway, if you’re looking for things to do this weekend I’ve come up with a list of things that I SHOULD be doing but I’m not.

  • Organize my sock drawer. Seriously, how on Earth did my t shirts end up in there?
  • Pack up the summer clothes still hanging in my closet.
  • Touch up the base boards in my room.
  • Style my desk so I actually want to sit at it.
  • Reorganize my jewelry box.
  • Clean out the attic and go through grandma’s silver dinnerware.
  • Get rid of junk I don’t need. There’s so much of it accumulated under my bed.

Seriously, I recommend doing this while it’s still cold outside and there’s nothing to do anyway. Who wants to clean the house when the birds are chirping and flowers are blooming in April? Plus, you can do this in your PJs (see picture above).

Let me know what your weekend plans are in a comment below!


A Gilmore Girls Experience in my Hometown

Hello loves, hope your Tuesday is a beautiful one. This past weekend was a bit packed for me between homework I forgot to do, Saturday evening church services, and then dinner with a sweet someone. All in all, it was good even though I’m exhausted.

I decided I want to give you a little peak inside my weekend so I took pictures of an event I went to with my best friend and fellow blogger, Lindsey. It was called “A Taste of Saint Mary’s” in our town square. Vendors from all over our county came and were giving out small samples of their food. To taste almost everything it was about $20 total but well worth it. Great seafood, steak, desserts, and other yummy things. Lindsey and I had a really nice time walking around the square and then down at the wharf on the riverside. My town totally reminds me of Stars Hallow in Gilmore Girls during events like these. I’m for sure Lorelai and my friend Lindsey is Rory without a doubt. Now where can we find a Luke… 😉

I’ve put captions on all of the photos to guide you through my experience so hopefully you enjoy it. I certainly did. Leave me a comment about your weekend! I love hearing about everyone’s life!

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