Worst Trends of Fall 2015

We talk so much about the fashion we love and the designers who create it but rarely do we talk about the things we don’t like. I sat wondering why that is for a few minutes until I figured out it’s because we don’t like to hurt someone else’s feelings. In a world that wants everyone to sing Kumbaya, it would be incredibly rude to disclose one’s distaste for another person’s style. But that’s exactly what I’m going to do.

Falling Out of Love

My criticism of some very popular fall 2015 fashions isn’t directed at anyone or meant to make people regret their shopping trips. Lord knows I have regretted some of mine. I love fashion and design but there are some things that just shouldn’t ever make it into the hands of the general public. Most styles that come down the runways aren’t wearable (at least in public). For whatever reason, men and women alike flock to see these shows and then attempt to wear the trends that come walking out of them. Call me basic (you probably already do), but these are the worst trends that have made it to the runway and then into our closets. Worst Trends of Fall 2015

  1. Booties- Not the worst trend in the world but I’m still not a fan. They add weight to your leg especially when worn with skinny jeans tucked into them. When worn with a skirt or dress the silhouette is like “leg, leg, calf, and clunk. That’s a shoe.” You can wear them, but I will not.
  2. Fringe- It’s on bags, shoes, jackets, and even skirts. I feel like Chuck Norris might enjoy this trend too. As much as I love old episodes of Walker, Texas Ranger, I think I’m going to let him wear the fringe.
  3. Acid washed jeans that are high waisted- Both of these things are pretty bad separately. But together? They’re just awful. Acid wash jeans remind me of something Kimmy Gibbler wore on Full House way back when. High waisted jeans remind me of a few things that were in my grandma’s closet. For some women, they are flattering. They take me a little too far back though.
  4. Overalls- I think fall 2015 is really taking us back into the 1980s or so. Everything just seems like an ongoing hashtag of “Throwback Thursday”. I remember wearing overalls when I was really little and they were so cute on me. On a grown adult, not so much. I’m just not a fan. They aren’t capable of being tailored to your body to create a sleek line. I’m avoiding these.
  5.  Chunky heels in the form of loafers- No, no, no. First of all, the chunky heel is not sleek or slimming, it adds poundage (if that’s possible) to your lower leg and foot. Since when was walking on a block sexy? Never. Creating a loafer-styled chunky heel is the epitome of this trend.
  6. Bell-bottom/extreme flare-leg jeans- Let’s step another decade into the past shall we? I’ve seen plenty of people wearing these this fall and on some people they look pretty good and on others, not so much. The key to wearing these is having thin, long legs. The flare at the bottom, once again, adds weight to your leg. The last thing you want is your upper leg to be only slightly thinner than the flare. Needless to say, I’m skipping these jeans.

What are your least favorite styles this fall? Leave me a comment and follow me on Facebook and Instagram!

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#PSL Inspiration

Fall and PSL

Even though it’s about 90 degrees outside I’m dreaming of fall! I was looking through my Instagram feed and everyone seems to be gearing up for #PSL season. Frankly, I’ve been ready for it since last month but I think I can wait just a little longer.

Since I live in the Mid-Atlantic region I’m accustomed to wearing summery things well into the middle of October. As a kid, I would go back to school shopping and wear everything my mom got me within a week even if it was 80 degrees out and the pants were corduroy. I didn’t care, I was just so excited to wear new clothes. The same holds true now.

This season, I’m loving white jeans and chambray! The jeans are a perfect transition piece to wear because they give off that warm weather vibe while still being warmer than shorts. I found a great pair at Ann Taylor last summer for $15. Start searching the stores for their summer clearance items and see if you can score any.

I’m also loving mules and felt floppy hats for the season. I’ve seen quite a few of both at places like J Crew but you can find it cheaper at Target. One thing I’m learning very quickly is not to skimp on shoes. I bought mules at Target a few weeks ago on clearance and they hurt like crazy! No padding in the heel at all so you can really only wear them for a short amount of time. I realize we all can’t afford Jimmy Choo so my alternative is Aldo. They have well-made shoes and decent prices especially if you’re willing to wait an extra month or two for their seasonal merchandise to go down in price.

Enjoy shopping for autumn and let me know if find anything good!

Summer Color Inspiration: Coral

Favorite Summer Color
Coral Inspo

One of my favorite things about summer are the bright colors we get to wear, particularly coral. This light orange color is one of the few warm weather tones that’s in my color palette. During the spring and summer, I try to find coral pieces to add to my wardrobe. One of my favorite accessories at the moment is my Nars Satin Lip Pencil in Lodhi. It’s a beautiful coral lipstick that was literally made for my skin tone.

In traditional preppy fashion, I also sport navy blue during the summer months (more like all year round). Navy pairs well with coral and is a nice contrast to it. Try wearing a navy pencil skirt and coral sleeveless top for a cute work outfit. If you have a beach trip planned, consider finding a bikini that has both of these colors in it. You could even color block by wearing a coral bikini top and navy bottoms.

What’s your favorite summer color? Let me know in a comment!

Running Shoes Weren’t Made for This

under_armor_pink_shoesRemember those new Under Armor running shoes I talked about? Well, I still haven’t used them much at the gym and they aren’t really broken in yet. However, I like many ladies, have learned to use my running shoes for an unintended purpose: chasing after a guy. I bought these shoes at Dick’s Sporting Goods, not on the eHarmony website, and yet I seem to be metaphorically using them for the wrong thing! Smart one, Liz.

I don’t think I’m the only girl who is misusing her running shoes though. The more I talk to girls from all over the country (and even the world), they all seem to be doing this too. The question is why? Why do girls put themselves through this? I don’t know the answer honestly. I can speculate that maybe it’s because we know that the guys we’re interested in won’t bother to try and chase us down. It could also be because guys know that women will come to them, thus eliminating the notion that they have to put a little effort in too. It’s anyone’s guess though.

The point is that girls are feeling like if they don’t do the “chasing”, then the guys they’re interested in won’t be bothered with them and might even move on to another girl who IS trying to snag him. Curiously enough, relationships where only one party is trying to make it work typically don’t last too long. It has to be a mutual effort. The romance and all that jazz is only worth it when both people are willing to give 100% to it. Otherwise, it’s one person doing all the work and one person enjoying the benefits.

I’m personally vowing not to be a “chaser” anymore. It’s one thing to be a little flirty while illustrating one’s interest in the guy, but it is quite another to be doing all the leg work in getting his attention and admiration. Ladies, I challenge you to make this vow too! We are beautiful, smart women that want men who see our value and know that not pursuing us would be a grave mistake. Simply put, let’s not sell ourselves short.

A girl doesn’t need anyone that doesn’t need her.


Spring Break Essentials

The dreaded months of January and February are over and we are ready to celebrate the upcoming spring! For some college students, this means spring break in a tropical climate. As a graduating senior in May, I know all too-well how important these little breaks are. I’ve completed all of my coursework and am only waiting on the ceremony for my graduation to become official, so technically I can’t sympathize too much with currently enrolled college folk. However, I’ll try to contribute in another way! Here’s a few spring break essentials for this year…



  • Rompers- These are so easy to wear from day to night with the right accessories! The light weight fabric makes it perfect for traveling. Find this romper here.
  • Big hat- I love to make a statement with a big sunhat. They look so classy and serve a purpose as well. This one can be found here.
  • Neutrogena sunscreen- If you’re like me, you break out from Banana Boat sun block. I’ve found that Neutrogena has a nice line of products to prevent sun damage. The area I pay close attention to with my sunscreen is my face and neck. Too many burns and you’ll be getting wrinkles!
  • Colorful wedges- Bring a pair of wedges in a bright color like these red Cole Haan ones. Pick a color (like red) that will match many different things in your travel closet.
  • Tote bag- Bring a tote bag that will carry beach and day necessities. Find one in a bold color (like this one from Kate Spade) and pair it with a neutral outfit.
  • Bikini- Don’t forget the most important part of your spring break: the swimsuit! Find great bikinis like this one at J Crew!

Enjoy some sun and sand wherever you may be going! Use that sunblock!