Thanksgiving Day Outfit

Happy Thursday lovelies! It’s been a really crazy week of going back and forth to Washington, D.C. interviewing for jobs and other fun stuff like that. Don’t misunderstand me, I’m so thankful to even get job interviews! But preparing for all of them and remembering times, places, and people’s names can be really exhausting. no nonsense tights

In other exciting news, Thanksgiving is almost here and for many people it’s an occasion they dress up for (and then regret it when their trousers split or a button pops off after dinner.) I love dressing up and have put together a great outfit with the help of No Nonsense featuring a pair of their stylish tights!

How to Style Tights

I will be the first to admit that tights scare the heck out of me. My mom would make me wear them to church and I would sit there feeling miserable. They just aren’t comfortable. These ones however, I am more than happy to wear! The material is soft, durable (my inner 5-year old is rejoicing) and stretches to fit over every curve. Suitable for Thanksgiving dinner, it has a tummy control-top! No one likes a muffin top and I didn’t get one wearing these tights, thank goodness.

thanksgiving outfit ideas

The idea behind this outfit was to incorporate a traditional Thanksgiving color (and food)- cranberry! These plaid tights created the base color I needed to work with. I paired a navy blue pencil skirt that had a color coordinated vertical stripe down each hip with a striped t-shirt material top. I added a necklace and some color to my lips for a little something extra. Simple and elegant.

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Being the girly-girl that I am, I love to dress up and look nice for every occasion. Thanksgiving is one of those holidays when it’s difficult to know what to wear because you know you’ll eat a lot but you still want to look good. I think this outfit works for your style and comfort goals. Visit No Nonsense to peek at their other tights and leggings! Comment with your Thanksgiving Day outfit suggestions!

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Tights c/o No Nonsense. All opinions are my own.