What to Put in a Guest Room

Holiday Guest Room

Only a few more days until Thanksgiving and I’m getting excited! My family and I have our own little routine for this holiday. We start every Thanksgiving by watching the Macy’s parade Thursday morning followed by my mom’s homemade cinnamon rolls. Dad bastes the turkey all day and then we eat around 4. We don’t have family in the area so we make do with a few friends of ours that sometimes come in place of family.

For those of you who have out-of-town guests coming, I’ve come up with a little list of things you might want to have on hand in their guest bedroom! Hospitality is the strongest form of love you can show to anyone staying in your home. Your house isn’t a hotel, but you’re a host and should try your best to make guests feel comfortable!

Preparing for Holiday Guests

Let’s talk about bedding. First, you need the obvious things- towels, an air mattress with clean sheets on it if there isn’t a bed already in the room, and a few pillows. However, it’s nice to include extra blankets, a few throw pillows for decoration, and even a fan for noise.

Moving on to bathroom supplies, keep a few travel sized items in a neat basket. Shampoo, tooth brushes and tooth paste, soap, and even a hair brush are all items I would include because I forget them on most of my trips. You might consider lending your female guests a cleaned flat iron or curling iron if they forgot to bring theirs.

A final touch that really makes guests feel welcomed is a jar of cookies and a few bottles of water. Everyone gets the midnight munchies, but when you’re at another person’s home you feel funny about going into their kitchen and making yourself a snack. A cookie jar or even a snack bag is a nice touch to any guest room.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving and give thanks for the many blessings you have! Leave a comment with your holiday plans!

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Thanksgiving Table Ideas

Thanksgiving Table ideas
Less than a week until Thanksgiving everyone! I love this holiday for many reasons but one of them is because it’s the last chance we have to decorate with fall-themed things. Some people have already put up their Christmas trees but I’m still clinging to my pumpkins.

Decorating for Thanksgiving

One of my favorite trends that we’re beginning to see is the use of copper! I like it because it’s cheap, elegant, and easy to decorate with. I’m still a fan of gold (I’ll always love it) but copper is something new and exciting! If you’re hosting Thanksgiving for the first time, consider investing in a few accessories or serving trays that incorporate this growing trend.

Keeping with tradition though, I love a classic wreath! My mom has one for every single holiday or season and I’m probably going to buy some when I move out. A little decorating tip: use the wreath as a centerpiece for your table. Inside of it place a candle or a bowl of cranberries, a classic Thanksgiving dish!

Placemats are another love of mine. I bought these gorgeous Cynthia Rowley ones at TJ Maxx even though I don’t have my own dining room to use them in. They were on sale and I just couldn’t resist! I saw the “thankful” ones above at Target today for $3.99 each and stood there looking at them for a good minute or two before I decided that once again, I don’t have my own dining room and these aren’t exactly my mom’s style. They’re really cute for the holiday though and might be perfect for the inevitable “kid’s table” that pops up at nearly every Thanksgiving gathering.

If none of these ideas fly with you, then go find yourself a ceramic turkey to put on your table and be done with it! I’d caution you when putting it on the table though- turkeys have a front and back, so be careful where the back faces as to not offend anyone if you know what I mean.

Leave me a comment with your Thanksgiving plans and dinner table set up! Follow me on Instagram for more holiday inspiration!

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Thanksgiving Day Outfit

Happy Thursday lovelies! It’s been a really crazy week of going back and forth to Washington, D.C. interviewing for jobs and other fun stuff like that. Don’t misunderstand me, I’m so thankful to even get job interviews! But preparing for all of them and remembering times, places, and people’s names can be really exhausting. no nonsense tights

In other exciting news, Thanksgiving is almost here and for many people it’s an occasion they dress up for (and then regret it when their trousers split or a button pops off after dinner.) I love dressing up and have put together a great outfit with the help of No Nonsense featuring a pair of their stylish tights!

How to Style Tights

I will be the first to admit that tights scare the heck out of me. My mom would make me wear them to church and I would sit there feeling miserable. They just aren’t comfortable. These ones however, I am more than happy to wear! The material is soft, durable (my inner 5-year old is rejoicing) and stretches to fit over every curve. Suitable for Thanksgiving dinner, it has a tummy control-top! No one likes a muffin top and I didn’t get one wearing these tights, thank goodness.

thanksgiving outfit ideas

The idea behind this outfit was to incorporate a traditional Thanksgiving color (and food)- cranberry! These plaid tights created the base color I needed to work with. I paired a navy blue pencil skirt that had a color coordinated vertical stripe down each hip with a striped t-shirt material top. I added a necklace and some color to my lips for a little something extra. Simple and elegant.

autumn outfits

Being the girly-girl that I am, I love to dress up and look nice for every occasion. Thanksgiving is one of those holidays when it’s difficult to know what to wear because you know you’ll eat a lot but you still want to look good. I think this outfit works for your style and comfort goals. Visit No Nonsense to peek at their other tights and leggings! Comment with your Thanksgiving Day outfit suggestions!

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Tights c/o No Nonsense. All opinions are my own. 

Favorite Ornaments for Your Tree

Oh my goodness, where has the time gone? Last I checked it was the day before Thanksgiving and now it’s Saturday. I’ve been so busy with festivities and work that I really haven’t taken the time to respond to your comments or write. Oops. Sorry, life got in the way.

You’ll be surprised to know that after my wonderful Thanksgiving meal and wonderful pie, I did not partake in any pre-Black Friday adventures or even any actual Black Friday adventures. That’s right, I didn’t shop at all. While I feel a little bent out of shape about it, I can honestly say it feels good to save my money for things that I actually will need. It about killed me to watch my Instagram feed blow up with everyone’s fabulous finds. I really pouted after seeing one blogger’s splurge at Kate Spade and a few other stores. Oh well, maybe next year?

Christmas Tree Ornaments!

For many of us, Christmas decorating is well underway. While my tree has yet to go up, I found the perfect tree for myself at Target! It’s a 4 foot pre-lit white tree that literally sparkles! I decided that a tree like this has to have cute ornaments. I found adorable “food” themed ornaments at Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland online. These ornaments range from $5-$15 and they’re all made of glass. Here are the one’s that I’m wanting on my tree!

What’s your favorite? Let me know!


How to Pack for Your Holiday Travels

Good morning loves! I can’t believe Thanksgiving is this week. Autumn has come and gone way too fast. Hopefully, most of you are spending the holiday with those you love. My family usually spends the day together. All of my grandparents have passed away and extended family lives pretty far from Maryland. I’m not going to lie, it can be pretty lonely during this time of the year. However, I’m grateful that I have my parents and sister. Some people don’t even have that.

If you’re like many Americans, then you might have travel plans for Thanksgiving. In recent years, many Americans are opting to drive instead of fly, but if you’re one of the few who is flying, then I’ve created a little visual guide for a few things you might want to take with you in your very limited luggage allowance.



First, I highly recommend you take boots with you because they go with almost everything. Taking a pair of flats in a fun print like these Steve Madden ones and a pair of black heels covers all the other bases of what your holiday travels may require in terms of footwear.

Accessories wise, you can’t go wrong with a thick infinity scarf and mittens. For jewelry, your best bet is on a string of pearls and diamond studs. I always travel light when it comes to jewelry because I hate dealing with tangled necklaces and things like that.

When I travel, I take two pairs of jeans with me, one in a dark wash and the other black. With these I usually wear a cardigan like the sparkly one above and then a light weight blouse. You might also consider taking a hoodie or sweatshirt for cuddling up in and watching a few christmas classics with your family. Don’t forget to pack a tank to go with the cardigan!

For Thanksgiving dinner, depending on your family’s style, take a nice dress like this BCBG Maxazria find. If you’re a little more casual, take a jersey or shift dress.

Finally, this may seem obvious, but pack your pjs! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve forgot that basic necessity. Remember your socks and undergarments as well. I’ve forgotten those too and regretted it.

I hope you enjoy your weekend and realize how blessed you are!