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street style texas

Happy hump day! Thankful that we’re halfway through the week and that I’m getting to explore new parts of Dallas. Last weekend, I made my way down to Austin with one of my besties. We swam in the Barton Springs pool, a naturally cool spring that’s home to an endangered salamander. If you want to see the pool, take a look at my Instagram! After the cool springs, we made our way to a Tex-Mex place for some chips and very spicy salsa! Did I mention how much I love this state?

naturally highlight hair

In addition to the great food, I’m loving the wonderful sunshine! I love hot weather and sunny days not only for my mood, but also my hair! I’ve never been one to highlight or dye my hair because I want it to stay healthy for as long as possible. The sun has been my best friend in creating natural highlights!

wall murals austin

Besides my hair, I figure we should talk about my outfit! This darling dress doubles as a great sundress! I wore it to the pool and then to lunch right after. My boyfriend’s mom got it for me when we went out shopping one day and I’ve been obsessed with it ever since. It’s from a boutique called Altar’d State

altard state dress

day to night style

Austin Texas music scene

Upon leaving lunch, we went downtown and explored a bit. We came across this beautiful wall mural near Congress Avenue. Being girls always in search of the perfect place for a selfie, we couldn’t help but stop and take a few photos. For me, street art is either really strange or really pretty like this particular one. The blooming cactus is so vibrant and makes the street come alive! I certainly enjoyed visiting Austin but Dallas is quickly becoming my home.


Cold-Shoulder Trend

cold shoulder top

Happy Monday from sunny Dallas! I’ve officially made my move to the great state of Texas and am thrilled to finally be here. It was a long drive across Oklahoma and Kansas to get to this place but so worth it! No longer am I a Kansas City blogger, which I’m sad to say. However, Dallas has even more opportunities for fashion bloggers like myself! The style here is better than I could have ever imagined! Tops like the blue cold-shoulder blouse I’m wearing are everywhere and I’m so excited that the Mint Julep Boutique sent me one!

online boutiques

The flowy top of the blouse makes the look so playful and breeze friendly! The best part of it is how it shows off the collar bone area so nicely! It’s easily one of my favorite, go-to summer staples. I love things that can be worn in many ways especially when traveling or living out of a suitcase. Who wants to come home from a trip and do a bunch of laundry? Not me. It’ll sit in the dryer for a week anyway.

mint julep blouse

I’m not sure who started the cold shoulder trend, but I’m so glad they did! Yesterday I saw a girl wearing a similar-style denim top with white jeans and wedges and totally fell in love. Granted, it was 95 degrees and I’m not sure if I could survive in jeans at that temperature. Either way, it was an adorable look that I’d love to replicate with this top when the seasons change!

If you love this top, you can find it here! I’m wearing a size medium and it’s meant to be a loose fit. Hopefully you like it just as much as I do! People ask where I got it all the time!


*Blouse c/o Mint Julep Boutique

Airport Style- the Do’s and Don’ts

Airport Style

Hello beauties! Hopefully, you’re recovering from your Christmas festivities and getting back into the “swing of things” as my mom likes to say. Right now, I’m blogging from the unseasonably cold San Antonio, Texas. I flew in late Sunday night/Monday morning to visit my boyfriend for New Year’s! An unfortunate flight delay had me stuck at the airport in Baltimore where I bared witness to several airport style faux-pas. This brings me to the point of this post- the do’s and don’ts of airport fashion.

Air transit has taken an unfortunate spin downward in the last 20 years. No longer is it a glamorous way to get around but an easy, somewhat inexpensive way to shuttle the masses. When my dad was a little boy, he and his parents flew from America to England to see his mom’s family. He was only a few years old, but my grandma dressed him in a little suit to travel. Flying was something you dressed up for! What happened to that?

I don’t expect everyone to dress up like they’re going to church (although that’s rare in itself), but a little class and self-respect doesn’t hurt anyone. The worst outfit offenders at the airport in Baltimore didn’t belong to children or even teenagers; they belonged to adults. I saw one man wearing plaid pajama bottoms and flip flops while chatting loudly on his phone. The woman sitting next to me wore an oversized hoodie and sweatpants. She also took off her shoes and wedged her feet in the seat pocket in front of her so she could curl up with her blanket.

Do’s and Don’ts of Airport Style

Covering what not to wear, let’s start with sweatpants. They’re comfy, great for curling up in, and look sloppy. It’s a big no. Anything that you wear to bed or to the gym is also on the “do not wear” list. Real simple, huh? Flying isn’t comfortable no matter what you do, so let’s make a universal effort to at least make ourselves look decent while doing it.

Moving on to what you should wear is a little more lengthy. I’m a firm believer that you don’t need to spend a fortune to look nice. On my flight the other day, I wore a plain navy 3/4 sleeve shirt with a puffer vest over it and Lauren Conrad loose fit jeans. Expensive? Not in the least, but I sure looked more put together than my seat partner next to me. Let’s not forget the bonuses of looking nice- flight attendants are much more attentive!

If it’s a shorter flight, I wear jeans, a t-shirt, and a blazer over it. It’s stylish, looks nice, and not hard to wear. For longer flights, lose fitting jeans (boyfriend style is my favorite) and a soft t-shirt work nicely. Because planes can be chilly, I bring my treasured blanket scarf with me to stay warm.

Hopefully this advice is helpful and gives you an idea of what a good airport look is. It doesn’t have to be fancy, but it can’t be what you wear to sleep in. Stay stylish, my friends!

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A Costumed Mess: Review of Victoria’s Black Swan Inn Masquerade

Happy first Monday of November! I was so excited when I woke up yesterday and saw that Starbucks has debuted their seasonal drinks for Christmas. The Starbucks red cup is back and I’m thrilled, just call me basic. I’m sure most of us were bombarded with #redcups on our Instagram feeds. Hopefully, I’m not the only one who is having trouble deciding whether they should still relish in fall leaves or dive head first into snowmen and sugar cookies. Please leave a comment so I know I’m not alone!

The Masquerade

Since Halloween is over, I thought I’d share with you my experience going to my first masquerade ball! I went to Victoria’s Black Swan Inn with my boyfriend, his sister, and her husband for a night of what we thought would be full of entertainment and spookiness. We were sadly mistaken. What could have been a great event, turned into a chaotic, wet mess.

haunted houses in texas

Upon arriving at the Inn, we took a few photos outside of the mansion, which was beautifully decorated, and proceeded to the event. We had just walked up to the house when I felt a raindrop hit my shoulder. Several minutes later, the sky opened up and gave us the pleasure of a cold downpour that lasted over 2 hours. The entire event was supposed to take place out on the front lawn and no one had thought to rent a party tent in case of bad weather. A band, DJ, cash bar, and the buffet were set up near the patio and they had to quickly cover their space before everything was ruined. 

halloween parties

Meanwhile, all the guests stayed dry inside while watching the crazy costumes that walked through the front door. Some were very elaborate while others were bought at Party City. The 4 of us dressed up for the event in assorted costumes. My man and I went in black tie attire and wore masks we bought at Pier 1 Imports (they have a great selection of Venetian masks for under $30.) Unfortunately for me, wearing a mask while taking pictures makes my eyes look mostly shut. Embarrassing much?

After about an hour of people watching and not much else to do, we each got a glass of wine to sip since dinner wasn’t going to be served until the event planners took the initiative to set up the buffet elsewhere. Someone started playing the grand piano in the living room to add some festivity to the event because it needed it.

Cold and Hungry

The DJ set up inside the living room next to the piano and played a few Halloween classics for the hired belly dancers to dance to. After a few minutes of dancing, someone said the food was finally set up. The line for the buffet winded down the hall and through a dining room. By the time I got to the front of it the caterers had run out of food and were cooking another batch of everything. A bunch of us stood there for about 20 minutes and ate tortilla chips out of a communal bowl before the enchiladas and refried beans were served again. I’m not a Mexican food expert, but I know what tastes good and that didn’t.

outdoor wedding ideas

After we ate, the rain had mostly stopped and about 30 people stood outside and watched the fire dancers do their stunts. Most people had left by then (it was 10pm) and had gone to other parties or venues to enjoy their Halloween festivities. We left very disappointed, hungry, and wet. It would have been a great event if their had been some additional planning done and someone orchestrating the ball. Everything seemed to be communicated to guests by another guest over hearing it from the hosts and then telling everyone else.

I hope your Halloween was a little more fun (and dry) than ours was! We tried to make the best of it but when you pay $75 a ticket, you don’t expect being forced to “make the best of it.” I’d love to hear what you all did for Halloween and what you went as! Leave me a comment and follow me on Facebook and Twitter for more pictures from the event!

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Climbing Enchanted Rock

Climbing in Texas

Hello lovelies! I just got back from Texas and I’m so tired but had a great time. As I said in a previous post, I fell in love with this state. I already miss it. While I was there I got to do some pretty fun things! We went shopping, brunching, exploring, and ate way too much. Probably the craziest thing I did was climb a rock… a really big rock.

enchanted rock texas

When we got to the state park, I looked at the map to find the shortest climb to the top. The ‘Summit Trail’ sparked my interest and I paid no attention to the red-lettered warning saying it was the most challenging trail in the park. I’m still recovering from this climb.

enchanted rock climb

Prior to this climb, I thought I was in pretty good shape. I work out every day and I have a bit of muscle. This darn rock proved me wrong! The first 15 minutes of the climb was lovely. The next 30 minutes I was huffing and puffing. Every 15 steps I sat down to drink water and regulate my breathing. My darling boyfriend was so patient even though he probably thought we’d be there all day.

cactus in texas

I took pictures of cactus as I endured my climb. This Maryland girl had never seen one up close and not on Disney’s Earth series. They were really interesting to look at and touch. Just kidding.

texas hiking trails

This was during one of my many hiking breaks. At this point, we’re getting close to the top but not quite there yet. From the bottom of the rock, you would think that it would be a short climb. However, there are different levels of rock to climb. You think you’re almost at the top and then you realize that it was just an illusion and you have another level to climb.

Beautiful places texas

Once I got to the top though, the view was so worth it. Looking around and being able to see for miles was exhilarating. You realize how small you are when you’re standing there. I’ve never been more convinced that God created this beautiful Earth.

uss nimitz

After our climb, we went into the little town of Fredericksburg. I was interested to learn that it’s the home town of Admiral Chester Nimitz. When my dad was in the Navy, he was on the USS Nimitz. I found it fitting to take a picture with the Admiral’s statue.

Now that I’m home, I’m trying to settle back into my routine and get used to reality. Vacation is over; back to work and more consistent blogging! Speaking of blogging, I created a Facebook page for Witty n Pretty! Be sure to like it if you want my post updates!