Leopard Print Trend This Fall

leopard print style

Oooh you guys leopard print is in this fall! I’ve been seeing it everywhere and it’s delightful! It’s to the point where I think it might be a new neutral in wardrobes. And I’m ok with that. I first started seeing it when I was browsing the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and knew it was going to be big this fall. I’ve since seen it all over Amazon and in other stores as well.

I searched all over to find some to share with you and I think you’ll love them! Fair warning, don’t just Google leopard print, you get a lot of tacky lingerie results before anything else comes up. Yikes. Anyway, my affiliate links to everything are below!

Sunglasses | Skirt | Belt | Long-Sleeve Shirt | Open-Front Cardi | Block Heel | Tank Top | Purse | Dress | Flats | Sweater 

Valentino Rockstud Sandal Dupes Under $20

valentino dupes

Hey lovelies! I was browsing Amazon the other day and came across these really cute Valentino Rockstud sandal dupes! I love designer things just as much as the next person but I can’t afford to pay almost $350 for rubber sandals!! Crazyyy. So these dupes are the perfect compromise and they also come in 9 colors! They’re $19.99 and seriously look just like the originals.

Happy shopping!

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How to Shop the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale (and what’s on my shopping list!)

summer style sales

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is almost here! I’ve bought one thing (yes, one) from the sale last year and was pretty happy with my purchase. I’ve been interested in this sale for years but admittedly, decided not to shop as even the bargains were still a bit too expensive for my budget. Last summer David and I were saving for our wedding and the year before that, I wasn’t making close to what I make now. But this year, I have a bit more wiggle room in my budget and I’m excited to see what they have on sale!

Nordstrom sale Shopping Tips

Like I said, I haven’t shopped the sale much before BUT from what I’ve gleaned from other people, the best way to shop the sale is to get early access. How do you get that? Applying for a Nordstrom credit card. I rarely take out credit cards as they can be bad news bears for anyone who likes to shop *raises hand* but unfortunately, that’s the only way you can get access to the sale July 12.

When you do get early access, you get to shop before everyone else does. This means you get first dibs on hot items that typically go fast! I’ll be sharing my favorites once the sale starts this weekend! My biggest tip is to make a list of what you really want or need in your wardrobe for this fall, and get those items first. Nordstrom always offers free shipping, so if you think your must-haves will go fast, purchase them immediately because the shipping is FREE!

What’s on My List

Ugh this is a hard one. I’m definitely shopping on a budget because we still have a few things here and there to pay for before our wedding in October. So my plan is to find items under $50 that fit what I need. No “bargain” $100 sweaters for this gal. After going through my closet, my fall wardrobe needs are leather leggings, over the knee boots, denim jacket, and a cardigan. We’ll see if I can score those for less than my $50 budget per item! Wish me luck!


Summer Wear-to-Work Style Ideas

amazon work wear style

Do you ever wake up in the morning for work, walk over to your closet, and loudly proclaim that you have nothing to wear? Yep, me too. Almost every single day. But I’ve been browsing around Amazon for cute wear-to-work outfits that are perfect for the summer and I have to share some of my favorites!

I’m honestly loving pastel colors for summer but every single thing here comes in at least 5 other colors! The high-waisted pants are my absolute favorites right now! I’ve linked everything below!

V-Neck Tie Blouse | Ruffle Shift Dress | White Mesh Blouse | Scallop T-Shirt | V-Neck Wrap Dress | Cotton Shirt Dress | Paper Bag Waist Pants | Striped Dress | Black Jumpsuit

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Designer Summer Bag Dupes

designer wicker bag dupes

Hey everyone! There’s nothing I love more than a designer dupe on a budget and I wanted to share some of my favorites with you! Recently, I’ve been seeing quite a few wicker and bamboo handbags getting some time in the spotlight. Most of the bags I saw were kind of pricey for a “trendy” item and I just wasn’t going to take the plunge on those. Instead, I searched high and low for more inexpensive options and ended up finding some great bags on a budget! (affiliate links below!)

Splurge Ark Bag | Save Ark Bag

Splurge Basket Clutch | Save Basket Clutch

Splurge Rattan Bag  | Save Rattan Bag

I’m definitely putting that bamboo ark bag on my wishlist for the summer! I’ve seen it for the past 2 years and I don’t think its going out of style anytime soon (at least I hope not!) Let me know what your favorite bag is with a comment below!