Styling a Sweatshirt

styling a sweatshirt

It’s one of those mornings that has me wanting to stay in bed for an extra hour. Actually, that’s every morning! What is it about waking up that leaves me feeling anything but refreshed? Even though I’m a girl who loves clothes, you’d be surprised how difficult it is to get me dressed everyday! If you’re lucky enough to work in an environment that doesn’t require a pencil skirt, then you might be able to get away with my favorite relaxed look!

cute sweatshirts

Cute sweatshirts and the perfect denim jeans (my favorites are the “Brooke Skinny” from Lucky Brand) make for a great comfy outfit. It’s the standard uniform for moms and teens alike, but I’m here to class it up a bit! Quite honestly, there’s a lot you can do with these basic outfit components. Adding a scarf or faux fur vest can be a chic way to create interest in an outfit, but my favorite way to accessorize a sweatshirt is by adding a statement necklace!

The one I’m wearing is from Ann Taylor and the purple pairs so nicely with the pink in my sweatshirt. Statement necklaces shouldn’t compete with the outfit, they should complement it instead! When I see a great statement necklace that can be worn with several things in my closet, I invest. The trick to wearing these with sweatshirts is making sure that they are long enough to wear over the sweatshirt so they can be seen and not hidden by fabric. Here are a few links to sweatshirts and necklaces that pair well together!

“Coffee and Lipstick” paired with “Ellery Tassel Necklace”

Monogrammed Sweatshirt paired with “Shell Station Necklace”

Leave a comment with your favorite way to wear sweatshirts!

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From my Closet: Ann Taylor Inspiration

Outfit of the Day!

This is my first post doing my outfit of the day and I’m excited to share with you more about my style and taste! At first, I thought these types of posts were kind of vain. However, I get a lot of ideas from other girls on cute outfits and little accessories to add to my wardrobe.

ann_taylor_loftMy outfit today consists of a cute little jersey dress from Ann Taylor Loft (I found it on sale several years ago, so here’s a similar version). I love the little belt that goes with it. It isn’t meant to make a statement but it sucks you in at the waist, which is always nice!

I took this picture earlier with the help of my dear mom in my front yard. We live in the woods so the green trees are in abundance and frankly, who doesn’t love a little greenery in a photo?

Here’s a front view of my dress. It’s the perfect outfit for a day when you ann_taylor_loftwant to feel pretty but also want to feel comfy. It’s also a very breathable fabric (cotton) so I love it for hot summer days like today! Did I mention cap sleeves are really cute? Because they are!

Here are my favorite parts of an outfit: accessories! My shoes I found at Burlington Coat Factory for $10 by Rampage. My bracelet is an old Forever 21 find. Here’s a similar bracelet I like even more! My necklace is also a Forever 21 find from last fall and I can’t find it online anywhere. However, they have produced a similar one!

Tell me what you think! I love to hear your opinions!