10 Annoying Things at Starbucks

coffee talk

Good morning beauties! I hope you’re enjoying a big cup of coffee like I am right now. Every morning when I get up, coffee is the first thing I go for. It’s my little bit of calm in a world full of craziness. Whether I’m on the run or ready to sit down and sip my coffee, there’s a few things I get annoyed about when I’m at my local Starbucks getting my java fix. Most of them will make you laugh or smile because you can relate if you love the coffee giant like I do.

Annoying Starbucks Things

  1. Indecisive people ordering: You stood in line for 5 minutes. How do you not know what you want yet? You’re holding up the line.
  2. Reloading the Starbucks card: Why can’t I just scan a little barcode and get my points that way? Do I really have to reload the card in order to be credited for my drink? Apparently so.
  3. Basic girl jokes: Yes, I’m white and ordering a pumpkin spice latte. What’s your point?
  4. Large strollers taking up space: I get it. You’re a busy mom on the run. But a stroller bigger than grandpa’s favorite recliner is not meant for small spaces like the ‘Bucks. Go through the drive through or use the convenient order ahead option so the stroller doesn’t have to make an appearance.
  5. The loud group in the corner: Life is so funny that you want to share it with everyone. That’s great except I’m not interested in what your friend Peter said at the last drama rehearsal, so quiet down.
  6. Judgmental questions about the price: “You paid how much for that coffee?” And you paid how much for Guitar God 3000? We all have priorities with our money and mine is good coffee while yours is maybe a computer game. Don’t judge me and I won’t judge you.
  7. Coffee snobs: “If you think Starbucks has good coffee, then you clearly haven’t been to any actual coffee shops before.” Yes actually, I have and I still like my Starbucks. Go back to your special dark exotic bean handpicked by children in the deep jungles while I enjoy my latte.
  8. Lemon pound cake crumbles left behind: These wonderful pastries leave an awful mess if the person who devoured it forgot to clean up their table. Mix them with the inevitable coffee ring left behind and you have yourself a table to buss.
  9. Ridiculous “secret menu” order: If it isn’t on the menu, then don’t order it! Telling the barista you want their dark chocolate peanut butter frappucino and expecting them to know how to make it is silly. What’s worse is when you have to go through Pinterest to find the recipe (because we all know that’s how you found it.) Thanks for holding up the line.
  10. Lack of power outlets: Of course I pick the table without a power outlet near by. Sigh. First world problems.

If you have any of your own pet peeves in Starbucks, leave a comment! I’m sure there are plenty to go around.

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Perfect Christmas Gifts for Coffee Lovers

red cup christmas

Most of you probably have figured out that I love coffee (if not, look at my Instagram). I adore it and it keeps me going every day when I don’t feel like I can go anymore. Unlike a lot of people, I have made zero comment on the great Starbucks debate of 2015 and have just kept living my life. This post will be no different. Every year Starbucks debuts the most wonderful coffee mugs, ornaments, and little stocking stuffers to the public. About the same time they do this, I swear to myself that I won’t buy any of it because I don’t need anymore coffee mugs or little trinkets. A month later, I’ve bought at least two mugs.

Best Gifts for Coffee Lovers

As a coffee lover, you can trust me to give you the best advice on what to buy the java junkie in your life. The difference between me and them is that they might be more of a coffee snob than I am. You know, the type that has to have their coffee from the deep jungles of some random country where the beans are handpicked by the locals and then aged in an organic wheat sack of some sort. If you just laughed, you know the people I’m talking about.

If they’re the average coffee drinker who walks into their neighborhood Starbucks of Dunkin Donuts every morning, then you’re talking to the right girl. I’ll start you off with something fool proof- a bag of the Starbucks Christmas Blend coffee. You literally can’t go wrong with this delicious brew.

Another easy gift is an adorable Starbucks ornament. They create a bunch of little red cups in ceramic form and attach a red string to them to indulge our red cup obsession and turn it into a profit. It’s also the best ornament ever for a coffee lover.

The iconic Starbucks mermaid always makes her debut on the front of a ceramic travel mug. I absolutely love the way she looks so whimsical. Bonus: you can use this mug all year-round because it’s not seasonal specific. Frankly, I can see myself sipping from this on the beach.

Next on my list is that adorable candy cane mug with the whipped cream lid on it! Can these people get more clever? I absolutely love this mug. There aren’t many mugs out there that have that kind of lid.

If you did advent calendars when you were a kid like I did, then you’ll love the great one Starbucks has this year. Not sure what goodies are inside it but I imagine they’re pretty great. You’ll get bonus points for being so clever too!

For those of you who are reading this in a warmer climate, I haven’t forgotten you! Starbucks has really awesome travel tumblers that are made to keep things cold. Better yet, they sparkle!

Hopefully, one of you knows someone that has a little coffee bar at their house and regularly stocks it with yummy things to make their coffee special! You can buy latte syrup in a bottle that comes with a pump so it’s literally like having your own Starbucks in your house. Add in that hot cocoa gift set and you’re good to go!

If you’re a coffee lover, leave a comment with your favorite coffee related gift!

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A Costumed Mess: Review of Victoria’s Black Swan Inn Masquerade

Happy first Monday of November! I was so excited when I woke up yesterday and saw that Starbucks has debuted their seasonal drinks for Christmas. The Starbucks red cup is back and I’m thrilled, just call me basic. I’m sure most of us were bombarded with #redcups on our Instagram feeds. Hopefully, I’m not the only one who is having trouble deciding whether they should still relish in fall leaves or dive head first into snowmen and sugar cookies. Please leave a comment so I know I’m not alone!

The Masquerade

Since Halloween is over, I thought I’d share with you my experience going to my first masquerade ball! I went to Victoria’s Black Swan Inn with my boyfriend, his sister, and her husband for a night of what we thought would be full of entertainment and spookiness. We were sadly mistaken. What could have been a great event, turned into a chaotic, wet mess.

haunted houses in texas

Upon arriving at the Inn, we took a few photos outside of the mansion, which was beautifully decorated, and proceeded to the event. We had just walked up to the house when I felt a raindrop hit my shoulder. Several minutes later, the sky opened up and gave us the pleasure of a cold downpour that lasted over 2 hours. The entire event was supposed to take place out on the front lawn and no one had thought to rent a party tent in case of bad weather. A band, DJ, cash bar, and the buffet were set up near the patio and they had to quickly cover their space before everything was ruined. 

halloween parties

Meanwhile, all the guests stayed dry inside while watching the crazy costumes that walked through the front door. Some were very elaborate while others were bought at Party City. The 4 of us dressed up for the event in assorted costumes. My man and I went in black tie attire and wore masks we bought at Pier 1 Imports (they have a great selection of Venetian masks for under $30.) Unfortunately for me, wearing a mask while taking pictures makes my eyes look mostly shut. Embarrassing much?

After about an hour of people watching and not much else to do, we each got a glass of wine to sip since dinner wasn’t going to be served until the event planners took the initiative to set up the buffet elsewhere. Someone started playing the grand piano in the living room to add some festivity to the event because it needed it.

Cold and Hungry

The DJ set up inside the living room next to the piano and played a few Halloween classics for the hired belly dancers to dance to. After a few minutes of dancing, someone said the food was finally set up. The line for the buffet winded down the hall and through a dining room. By the time I got to the front of it the caterers had run out of food and were cooking another batch of everything. A bunch of us stood there for about 20 minutes and ate tortilla chips out of a communal bowl before the enchiladas and refried beans were served again. I’m not a Mexican food expert, but I know what tastes good and that didn’t.

outdoor wedding ideas

After we ate, the rain had mostly stopped and about 30 people stood outside and watched the fire dancers do their stunts. Most people had left by then (it was 10pm) and had gone to other parties or venues to enjoy their Halloween festivities. We left very disappointed, hungry, and wet. It would have been a great event if their had been some additional planning done and someone orchestrating the ball. Everything seemed to be communicated to guests by another guest over hearing it from the hosts and then telling everyone else.

I hope your Halloween was a little more fun (and dry) than ours was! We tried to make the best of it but when you pay $75 a ticket, you don’t expect being forced to “make the best of it.” I’d love to hear what you all did for Halloween and what you went as! Leave me a comment and follow me on Facebook and Twitter for more pictures from the event!

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5 Fall Recipes to Try

psl season

Yesterday I was sitting at Starbucks (shocking) drinking a PSL and scrolling through my Pinterest. Like any good pinner would do, I repinned all of the fall-themed things to my “Everything Autumn” board. I’ve had a Pinterest account for the last 4 years and have accumulated over 13,000 pins, a few hundred of those are pretty much all things pumpkin. After going through a few of those pins, I came across several recipes that I thought I might share with you! As promised, they’re centered around fall! They’re all linked below to the original pin. Click on the pin when you get there and it’ll take you to the website where you can get the recipe. I can attest to how good that Crockpot Apple Crisp is!

Brie and Cheddar Apple Beer Soup

Crockpot Apple Crisp

Candy Corn Pudding Pops

Pumpkin French Toast Bake

Fall Popcorn

Please feel free to share any recipes you really enjoy this time of the year!


Pumpkin Spice Latte Season is Here!

Pumpkin Spice Latte

It’s the beginning of September and that means the beginning of Pumpkin Spice Latte season! In traditional white girl fashion, I’m counting down the days until my barista calls out “tall Pumpkin Spice for Liz!” Those words are just music to my ears.

In anticipation for this event, I’ve put together a little inspiration. My boyfriend thinks I’ve gone pumpkin crazy but my fellow latte-lovers will understand the hype. I just love this time of year! Ever since I was a kid, my mom decorated our house so beautifully for this season. It’s one of my favorite memories. Coincidentally, my color palette is of the Autumn variety, meaning I look best in colors with rich, deep tones like burnt orange, emerald green, or brick red.

I took it upon myself to find a couple cute pumpkin spice things to buy for the season. Better yet, they match everything in my fall wardrobe! You’re going to see how ridiculous I am when you scroll down to see what I’m talking about.

pumpkin spice latte mug

psl starbucks

These two mugs are absolutely adorable! I found them on Etsy and their shops are linked in the photos. If you’ve found more adorable mugs like these or anything pumpkin spice related, let me know in a comment below!