5 Ways to Cope with a Cold

Sick Days


Happy Friday lovelies! Only one week until Christmas and this girl is battling a raging cold. The festivities of Christmas have been so difficult to partake in because I’ve felt so sick and no one enjoys a sneezing, coughing mess of a person in their midst. Who can blame them, right? It’s the third week I’ve had this cold and it isn’t letting up. After seeing the doctor twice, I was told that it was a particularly strong virus going around town and people are experiencing symptoms for weeks on end. Mind you, symptoms can include coughing so hard you lose your lunch and ear pain. Since she determined that this thing was here to stay for awhile longer, I’ve developed methods for quick symptom relief. At some point you’re going to catch something too, so remember these helpful tips for the future!

How to Cope With a Cold

  1. Stock up on supplies- Kleenex, cough drops, Nyquil, Dayquil, Vick’s Vapor Rub, and basically the entire aisle of cold/flu medicine in Walgreens. Don’t let yourself get close to running out of anything. There’s nothing worse than needing a kleenex and realizing you have to use toilet paper instead because you’re out of the other.
  2. Drink the tea- Coffee is my bestie but it makes my vocal chords extra sticky (because there’s so much sugar in my creamer) and therefor a lot harder to cough or get mucus out. Tea is much better and provides many natural vitamins that you need to help fight illness. Theraflu makes a great night time tea!
  3. Water is your friend- In addition to that tea, drink a lot of water to help loosen and thin the mucus in your throat. When you have a coughing fit, your body will thank you for the extra help.
  4. Take a steamy shower- Not only do I hate feeling like I have sickness sitting on top of my skin, I really hate having a stuffed up nose. Taking a hot shower solves both of these problems. Consider hanging herbs like Eucalyptus in the shower so they can release their healing properties while you rinse off.
  5. Remove stale air- Our homes are closed up tight during the winter creating a breeding ground for germs and smelly air. If you can stand it, leave a window cracked in several rooms to “blow the stink out” as my grandma used to say. If this isn’t an option, employ a humidifier in the house to add moisture to the dry air.

I’m always interested in learning about how others deal with common illnesses like a cold. Leave a comment with your favorite way to feel better!

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