Spicing Up a Simple Shift Dress

cheap shift dress

Hello lovelies! I haven’t been the best blogger in the world lately because I’m in the process of moving. My weekdays are spent at work and my weeknights are spent packing things into boxes and shoving my clothes into space bags. Packing really takes a toll on your body after awhile. If anything, you simply feel exhausted! Today, I wanted to share with you this super cute dress from Banana Republic I found on clearance for $12!

chandelier earrings blue Everyone knows I love a shift dress because they’re easy to wear and good for days when you aren’t feeling, ahem, the thinnest. They look great no matter if it’s a good day or a bad one. This dress caught my attention not just because of the bright orange sticker on it, but also because of the chic triangular cut out near the neck. Classic dresses like this can be made much more “trendy” when they have fun details like a neckline or embellishments!
Another thing I love about this dress is how I can accessorize it with bold jewelry! These earrings were a gift from a friend (I think she found them at Francesca’s) and they are so cute! I normally don’t wear chandelier earrings because they get caught in my hair. Studs are simply more my style! With a simple dress like this though, it’s important to make it a little more exciting with some eye-catching details!


Lilly for Summer!

Hello Monday, it’s sort of nice to see you again. Actually, I’m lying. I shouldn’t complain too much though because my weekend was lovely. Spring temperatures are finally gracing the mid-Atlantic and we are taking advantage of it by planting our gardens and wearing our Lilly Pulitzer shift dresses. Speaking of which, I’m wearing my Nosey Posey Lilly for Target maxi dress!

I was browsing the new Lilly summer prints and styles online today and thought I’d share my favorites with you. I’m living Scuba to Cuba! The name is so ironic to me, I dare anyone to actually “scuba to Cuba” and you’ll see why I find it ironic. Besides that I love Besame Mucho (sounds like a song Andrea Bucelli sings), All-Nighter, and Pink Colony!

Live this week colorfully loves! We only have one life to live and it has to be beautiful! My graduation is this weekend so I may be a little MIA for awhile. I’m getting really excited! I’ll share pictures with all of you later on. My parents got me an amazing new camera for my blogging and I can’t wait to start sharing photos!