Fall Semester and Big Dreams

coffee_at_starbucksHello loves! This will be a quick little post but wanted to update you on tid bits of my life here and there since I really never share any personal details. As many of you know, I started my final semester of college on Monday. I’m already exhausted looking at the syllabus! Be prepared for a post on late night study sessions probably next week!

I’m hoping and praying this fall is a little easier than summer was. Jobs are hard to come by right now particularly for undergrads with my skill set (essentially I’ve been trained to sit at a desk and enjoy it). Right now, I’m just finishing my degree and writing for you all! I’m seeking freelance writing positions here and there but it seems most businesses are being pretty careful with money so opportunities for young writers like myself are hard to come by.

In the midst of my desperate situation (dramatic usage of words intended for effectiveness), I am still pursuing a few little dreams of mine. Hoping to make it big like Rach Parcell of Pink Peonies and Brighton Keller of Brigthon the Day blogs, I really want to feature my favorite brands and styles on my blog and make commission off of what I sell. However, the brands have to be affordable! Miss Parcell often wears Valentino pumps pretty_stationary that sell for around $600. I can’t afford that and most of you can’t either. I have to stay true to my roots!

I also am really hoping to produce my own line of coffee mugs, stationary (like what you see the right), and jewelry. All of these things make me so happy when I spy something that really is beautiful! I’ll be discussing a new jewelry brand I love tomorrow so watch for that post!

Tell me your dreams and goals in the comments below! Don’t hold back either, no matter how crazy they are!


First Day of School Look

First Day of School

outfit_of_the_dayMonday marks the first last day of school for me. I’m almost done college! This is my last semester and then I’ll be going to the land of adulthood (and hopefully avoiding unemployment). The college years truly are the best years of your life. Whoever says otherwise must not have enjoyed their experience, or lack thereof. I’ve met the most interesting people throughout my education. I’ve been places I never dreamed I would go. Most of all, I have memories that I’ll never forget.

For my first day of my last semester, I decided to sport something a little more festive and colorful than usual- a white t shirt with flower printed twill shorts and dark, python print wedges. Yeah, I know ‘festive’ to some of you may mean sparkles, sequins, and neon colors but personally, it’s hard to get past my basic neutrals and occasional ‘pops’ of color in my accessories. Just give me some time, I’ll come out of my shell. As I’ve said before, I love my staple items! Outfit details at the bottom!

Shorts- Old Navy 

Plain White T (see what I did there?)- Old Navy

Wedges from Old Navy also but are no longer made; found an alternative at Target 

Watch- Anne Klein 

Knot earrings similar version- Maripoza Boutique

Sunglasses are from Ann Taylor but I can’t find an exact dupe for a decent price. Sorry!