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Winter sweater sale

Good morning loves! It’s a chilly and snowy day in the midwest and I’m glad I brought enough winter clothes with me to last for another week. January is usually the coldest winter month but also the best for great sales on cold weather clothing. Last week, I spent an afternoon wandering around a shopping center trying to find all the good deals while they were still going on. Strolling into Ann Taylor Loft, what catches my eye but a great ivory and lace sweater on sale!

This pretty thing was only $10! The secret? Go to an outlet to find it. I looked online for the sweater but it wasn’t there. They also had it in a great burgundy color so I’m really depressed that I can’t find it! Loft’s semi-annual sale is one of my favorites though. I saw rompers, shorts, skirts, and tons of jewelry on final sale (think everything under $15!) It took all of my will power not to walk out of there with a couple bags full of stuff!

Semi-Annual Sweater Sales

Since I’ve failed to give you a way to get the sweater besides trekking to your nearest Loft store, I found a few great sweaters on sale that you can order online!

Sequin Stripe Sweater– Ann Taylor

Fair Isle Sweater– Old Navy

Sawyer Sweaterter- J Crew Factory

Factory Intarsia Sweater– Banana Republic Factory

Bow Scoopneck Sweater– LC by Lauren Conrad

I’ll keep my eye out for other great sales! From wandering around the little boutiques near my apartment, I think literally every store has a big sale going on. It’s the most wonderful time of the year, what can I say? Check out my Instagram for another fab find from Loft! Also, like my Facebook page for blog and life updates!

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One of the Best Weeks of the Year: the Semi Annual Sale!

I count down the days until the Bath and Body Works semi-annual sale starts. Ever since I was a pre-teen it was such an exciting event for me. Tell me I’m crazy but I really did get excited over it! My mom would look at me like a freak (she was never much of a shopper anyway) and everyone else was like “eh yeah, its a good sale.” My reaction? “A good sale?! Its an amazing event where we can stock up on our favorite things and save some for gifts and such. Its not just a sale.”

But just like with anything on sale you have to know what’s worth the buy and what’s not. I have a tendency to buy things because they’re on sale not because I like them or even need them. So after scouring the store for the past several days in a row here’s my list of things to skip and things to buy.

Hit or Miss

Miss- Seriously its only half off and its still $10. Unless you're in desperate need of spa products its not that great of a deal.
Miss- Seriously its only half off and its still $10. Unless you’re in desperate need of spa products its not that great of a deal.
Hit- This pretty little bottle is only $4 as opposed to $12. Stock up for yourself and in case you forget a birthday.
Miss- I love soap but this stuff is only half off and it really doesn’t last very long (especially with kids around).
Hit- These candles burn for a pretty long time. And they’re only $11 each. Move over Yankee Candle!
Miss- Unless you really love the scent these are just not the best buys. I think they’re like filler scents for the store, they take up space and occupy us until better things come out.
Hit- I love this stuff. I gave some to my boyfriend to help him with stress relief and it really worked! And its only $6 this week.

Comment below with what you’ve bought at the sale! Like and share with your friends!