Inspiration for Winter Decorations

Happy Saturday! I’m sitting at my kitchen bar in little red and pink flannel shorts and my favorite gray t-shirt with my cup of coffee. It’s a brisk 21 degrees out with abundant sunshine and zero percent chance of snow. In typical Mid-Atlantic fashion, all the precipitation that we’re going to get this winter will be coming next week… when the temperature has risen to about 45 degrees. Such is life.

I think the worst part about the winter is not having any seasonal decorations to enjoy. The Christmas tree is gone and all the twinkling lights have been snuffed out and put back in the attic. Why on Earth do we put them away when everything outside our window says “Christmas” and “chilly weather”? It’s probably because of the stereotypes that come along with leaving your decorations up too long. In an effort to maintain festive cheer until at least mid-February, I’ve come up with a few cute decorations that you can put up after Christmas is over that celebrate the cold winter months (without looking tacky).


  • “Snow” dusted pinecones– Using a silver spray paint, lightly dust the pinecones until snow effect is achieved. Follow with sparkle spray paint!
  • Cranberry bouquet- I’m a firm believer that plants or flowers make a home come alive. For this little project find a neutral color vase and either real or fake cranberry branches. Place several branches in the vase for a winter appropriate pop of color!
  • Gold snow flakes- Using gold paper doilies, tempt the child inside you by cutting doilies in the shapes of snow flakes and place on a window or door. Add sparkles if you must!
  • Cable knit throw- Go to Marshall’s or TJ Maxx and find warm blankets for the living room. Drape them over the sofa and add pillows for a cozy effect (the above throw is from Target).
  • Birch candles- Find these at Crate and Barrel or even Marshall’s! Place them in the center of your table on top of a table runner.
  • Traditional sled- This one comes from Target but you can find them in antique shops! By the front entrance of your home, tie some holy leaves to the top of the sled and place it near a small corner.
  • Hot cocoa bar- In your kitchen, find a corner to place jars of hot cocoa mix, marshmallows, cocoa powder, peppermint, and a few mugs like the one above from Sur la Table. It creates a really warm, welcoming effect for your family and guests!

Hopefully you find a few of these ideas helpful and perfect for your space. I am a firm believer in seasonal decorations all year round. I absolutely love it and it lifts my mood! Enjoy!


Simple Gingerbread Cookies

gingerbread_cookie_recipeWell friends, a miraculous thing happened the other day- I baked cookies from scratch AND they didn’t burn. Gingerbread cookies always seemed like a difficult thing to make but aside from a few technical terms I had to Google, they were fairly simple.

I started out simply wanting to try my hand at making something tasty and sugary for Christmas. When I couldn’t find the pre-made Pillsbury gingerbread dough, I had to improvise by making the dough myself. Betty Crocker poked her way into my derp_facepersonality for a few hours and I was a baking wizard in my mom’s kitchen. Who knew such things were possible?

As it turns out, I’m not all that bad when it comes to baking. The gingerbread cookies came out warm and soft without a single burnt edge. Even my mom was proud of my new-found abilities! She actually enjoyed this baking endeavor of mine! If I had all the time in the world and a limitless grocery budget, I might actually do a little more in the kitchen.

Here’s the amazing recipe I used that got good reviews from tons of people! It really was tasty!




Favorite Ornaments for Your Tree

Oh my goodness, where has the time gone? Last I checked it was the day before Thanksgiving and now it’s Saturday. I’ve been so busy with festivities and work that I really haven’t taken the time to respond to your comments or write. Oops. Sorry, life got in the way.

You’ll be surprised to know that after my wonderful Thanksgiving meal and wonderful pie, I did not partake in any pre-Black Friday adventures or even any actual Black Friday adventures. That’s right, I didn’t shop at all. While I feel a little bent out of shape about it, I can honestly say it feels good to save my money for things that I actually will need. It about killed me to watch my Instagram feed blow up with everyone’s fabulous finds. I really pouted after seeing one blogger’s splurge at Kate Spade and a few other stores. Oh well, maybe next year?

Christmas Tree Ornaments!

For many of us, Christmas decorating is well underway. While my tree has yet to go up, I found the perfect tree for myself at Target! It’s a 4 foot pre-lit white tree that literally sparkles! I decided that a tree like this has to have cute ornaments. I found adorable “food” themed ornaments at Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland online. These ornaments range from $5-$15 and they’re all made of glass. Here are the one’s that I’m wanting on my tree!

What’s your favorite? Let me know!


Warm & Cozy Weekend

warm_and_cozySaturdays are made for relaxing and recovering from a stressful week. Unfortunately, my Saturdays usually have me working. With Christmas coming, I know my boss is going to be scheduling my weekends packed with work. Now that the temperature is dropping into the 30s, I hate leaving my house period for any occasion much less work. Anyway, for those of you who do have today to yourself, here’s 8 things that make my chilly days-in worth waiting a whole week for.

1. A Starbuck’s Gingerbread Latte

2. Fuzzy Ugg Mocassins

3. A plate of warm cookies

4. A flannel shirt (if I could find one that would look cute on me)

5. Christmas with the Kranks (fave Christmas movie!)

6. Cutting out paper snowflakes

7. Warm, cable knit blanket (this one is from Ikea)

8. Bath & Body Works candles

What does your perfect Saturday include? 


#Throwbackthursday and Golden Gifts to Give

Happy #throwbackthursday! In honor of this weekly social media event, here’s an awkward photo of me as a child holding a chicken with one of my besties, Jessica (we’re still tight even now!)



Now for something that you can’t laugh hysterically at- gift giving. For the chic ladies in your life (or even yourself), I’ve found 7 gifts that are golden and worthy of giving. I don’t mean to drop Christmas on you right now but let’s face it, it’s coming fast! Starbucks has their seasonal menu and signature red cups in stock, the stores are literally decking the halls, commercials mention their great sales for the holidays, and Hallmark is now playing their Christmas movies again. So yes, the season of madness and magic has begun.

  1. gold_decor‘Hello Sunshine’ Ashley Brooke Designs mug- $23
  2. Gold mosaic vase at Pier 1 Imports– $49
  3. Miss Dior Eau de Parfum at Sephora– $70
  4. ‘Return to Tiffany & Co’ 18k gold earrings (cheaper bought in silver) at Tiffany’s– $550
  5. Paint Brush Thank You Cards at Kate Spade– $20
  6. Mariposa Swirled Champagne Flute at Barney’s Warehouse– $35
  7. Pave Watch at Kate Spade– $225

I realize that some of this is quite expensive but it was so pretty I couldn’t help but include it! In the past though, I have found some of the best, unique gifts at TJ Maxx or Marshall’s. I don’t mind shopping at the mall and finding gifts there as well but I’m a college student, paying full price isn’t my favorite thing to do.

Hopefully, this gave you all some ideas for the Christmas season! Feel free to pin this image to use later or to share with your followers!