Wearing Peplum for Fall

southerleigh san antonio review

Part of enjoying any city is getting a taste of it’s food! San Antonio is no exception to this. Monday night, my man and I went out to dinner at the Southerleigh in the exciting new Pearl district. What used to be a few old breweries, has been transformed into incredible restaurants and great bars. On the weekend, the district even boasts a quaint farmer’s market. San Antonio is largely a casual place. For occasions when I’m going out to eat at a sit-down restaurant, I like to turn casual into sophisticated.

A trend I’ve loved since it started is peplum tops. The black and white striped top I’m wearing is absolutely perfect for creating a lean silhouette on any woman. The stripes all meet in the center, just over my belly button, thus creating the illusion that I’m thinner than I am. Peplum also does an amazing job at hiding a muffin top just in case your jeans have gotten, ahem, a little tighter. I love this style for fall especially because it adds a lighter look to an otherwise layered season.

lauren conrad jeans

My favorite part of this outfit are the ankle jeans! I found these babies at Kohl’s from the Lauren Conrad collection. Normally, they go for about $54 but I scored them for $13! Usually every season she comes out with some great jeans and it doesn’t take long for them to go on a 50% off sale and then down to the clearance racks. I love ankle jeans because they’re really flattering and slimming! Even my mom has a pair!

yellow kate spade

With any great outfit comes even better accessories! This gorgeous Kate Spade bag was a surprise gift from my boyfriend (he spoils me!) I can’t tell you how much I love this bag! The main compartment is in the center, with two large, zippered pockets on either side. It also doubles as a crossbody purse for extra usage!

kate spade earrings

Another wonderful gift from my boyfriend are these fabulous Kate Spade earrings! I’ve been eyeing them for awhile and he once again surprised me with them in the mail one day. Aren’t surprises the best? These earrings go with everything and are a really good quality. They add something to an outfit but don’t steal the show. You should wear the outfit, it shouldn’t wear you!

As for our dining experience, it was wonderful! The food was southern style with an elegant twist. The Southerleigh is also a brewery, so if you enjoy craft beers, then this is the place for you. My favorite thing on the menu was their Crab Spiked Mac & Cheese. This Maryland girl knows good crabs and I was pleasantly surprised with this appetizer!

As usual, I’m enjoying San Antonio and will be headed home in a few weeks. Follow me on Instagram and Facebook for updates!

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Sundays in San Antonio

I’ve been here in San Antonio, Texas for the last week and have enjoyed every minute. The people are wonderful and the Mexican food is on point! I absolutely love this state for so many reasons but one the most important is the culture. There’s so much going on here in terms of food, people, languages, music, and even shopping. Oh the shopping! It’s wonderful! I spent some time in the high-end shopping district of La Centara! My sweet boyfriend took these pictures of me in this lovely place. He puts up with so much!

nars red lipstick

I drug him around from store to store and he pretended to enjoy it. We went into Tory Burch and were offered mimosas, I guess they thought I looked rich enough to buy something there. Wrong! I came across a beautiful fur jacket hanging on a rack and was stupid enough to ask what animal it was. Rabbit and fox fur. I just smiled and thanked the lady but felt a little sick. I love animals! I’m not a vegetarian or anything but furs just upset me a little.

la cantara shopping mall

Before the stores opened my boyfriend took a few pretty shots of me and my shopping-approved outfit. I can’t believe how hot it gets here! I find myself wearing tanks and shorts only with nothing else in the foreseeable future. My top is a black lace baby-doll style tank from Ann Taylor (fabulous find from the Ann Taylor store in Charleston on King Street- only $4.99!) My shorts I actually rolled up for a more flattering length. I found them at Marshall’s for $15. I think the designer name is Per Se.

what to wear in texas

stereotypical fashion blogger photos

Growing up when we’d be walking long distances for awhile, my mom would always make me wear sneakers or something comfortable. Well take this, mom! I wore sandals all day and they were quite wonderful! I found them on sale a few weeks ago at Target for $9!

embellished leather sandals

To add a little more bling to my outfit, I added a few bracelets I found at Ann Taylor Loft. Unfortunately, one of them kept getting stuck on the lace in my top. First world problems!

Pearl bracelets

The final piece to my outfit was my prized Kate Spade bag! Another great find at the San Marcos outlets here in San Antonio!

kate spade bag

I’m enjoying every minute of my time here in the great state of Texas! I go home in a week and am going to miss it so much. It’s absolutely beautiful here in ways I didn’t know were possible. Who knew cactus plants could look so good? If any of you have have been to this part of Texas, let me know if there’s anything fun I should do while I’m here!



How the (South) West Was Fun

Hello lovelies! I’ve been on vacation for the last week and took a break from writing. I must say that I missed it and am glad to be back feeling refreshed and renewed. I was in San Antonio, Texas visiting relatives and a few friends while also taking in a bit of what the area had to offer. It was a really fun visit with lots of memories made and laughs shared.

I have a personal connection to the area as well. My dad and his brother and sisters spent a great deal of their growing up time at an Air Force base in San Antonio. I hadn’t been to Texas before, so getting to see a few of the places my dad and his family used to frequent was really nice. Experiencing the insane Texas heat (and humidity) was also quite a shocker. You’ll notice my hair is up in quite a few pictures. It was just too hot to wear it down and keeping it styled was just not happening. Scroll through the pictures below to see what I did!

More on my time in San Antonio to come tomorrow! I’ll be doing a little haul of the things I bought at the San Marcos outlets including a new Kate Spade bag perfect for any young professional lady!


Texas Bound

How the West was Fun

Despite recent flooding and otherwise dreary weather, this week I’m making my way down to the great state of Texas! I’ve got boots, Cowboys, and Tex-Mex on my mind and I can’t wait for my first visit to this desert oasis. Actually, from what I’ve been told, it’s not all a desert and not everyone wears boots or knows how to saddle a horse. I’m just fulfilling my childhood fantasies of a remote outpost with dangerous outlaws and heroic sheriffs. Can you blame me?

My plans are to fly into Austin and then make my way to San Antonio where I’ll spend the majority of my time. I’ll be doing some sight seeing, shopping, and trying some of the local cuisine. I was hoping there would be a dude ranch near by the city so I could ride horses and pretend I’m a cowgirl. Apparently, ranches aren’t just everywhere in this part of Texas. Instead of chaps and spurs, I’ll be wearing sundresses and sandals. I ripped through my closet trying to find tribal and Aztec prints to wear and no such luck. I think I’ll have to stick to the east coast prep style. Hopefully Texans like Lilly Pulitzer and Sperrys as much as we do East of the Mississippi.

I’ll update you on my trip via Instagram! Be sure to follow me (@wittynpretty21)