Old Hollywood Glamour- Safari Style

Taylor Swift Safari Inspired

Happy throwback Thursday friends! Last week at the VMAs, Taylor Swift took us way back to the golden age of Hollywood with her beautiful music video “Wildest Dreams”. Like every other girl in America, I’m in love with the song and now the video! Taylor and Scott Eastwood are a dream team and truly played their parts in the video well. Not only are they both gorgeous, the scenic location they used and the classic approach to the storyline made the video into a piece of art. I really can’t stop watching it.

As for T Swift’s outfit- I’m head over heels! The safari look is really popular for the fall and I’m embracing it. Taylor sports riding boots, high-waisted jodhpurs, a cropped white button-up, red lips, and cat eye sunnies. It really is a classic look that stays stylish. Lucky for me I already have the boots, jodhpurs, and red lipstick. I don’t think I’ll be bold enough to try a crop top as my time in Texas caused me to pack on a few pounds of delicious Tex-Mex.

I think what really pulls me into this video and Taylor’s look is the sense of adventure that exudes from it. She’s shooting a movie in Africa with a handsome guy in a rugged setting. Lions, giraffes, elephants, and cheetahs roam the set creating a sense of danger. On top of this, she wears clothing that makes her look adventurous and yet feminine. Taylor didn’t need Patagonia or LL Bean to send the message that she can be beautiful in the strangest of places.

I’ll be sporting my safari look this fall complete with red lips and jodhpurs. I promise not to wear binoculars around my neck or mosquito netting over my hat. That’d be a bit too much, don’t you think? Let me know what you think of the video in a comment below!


The Campus Safari

Campus SafariHappy Friday everyone! Enjoy the last few of em’ before school starts again! I’m pretty sure a bunch of you are headed back to campus and part of me is jealous. I loved being at school and even enjoyed the dorm life. Since I graduated in May, I’m going to reminisce for a little while. Before I do that, I’m leaving you with this adorable back to school look. I think the safari style jackets (or military style if you prefer) are going to be pretty popular this fall. I’m definitely falling in love with them. They’re a great transition item to have while you’re waiting for serious fall weather to start. I’ll let you know when I find a good deal on them!

I’m loving a leather backpack too! I used to love tote bags for lugging by stuff across campus but I’ve since determined that it’s absolutely terrible for your back. A cute pack like the one above is a great, classy alternative to the tote.

Let me know if you find either of these items on sale anywhere!