Climbing Enchanted Rock

Climbing in Texas

Hello lovelies! I just got back from Texas and I’m so tired but had a great time. As I said in a previous post, I fell in love with this state. I already miss it. While I was there I got to do some pretty fun things! We went shopping, brunching, exploring, and ate way too much. Probably the craziest thing I did was climb a rock… a really big rock.

enchanted rock texas

When we got to the state park, I looked at the map to find the shortest climb to the top. The ‘Summit Trail’ sparked my interest and I paid no attention to the red-lettered warning saying it was the most challenging trail in the park. I’m still recovering from this climb.

enchanted rock climb

Prior to this climb, I thought I was in pretty good shape. I work out every day and I have a bit of muscle. This darn rock proved me wrong! The first 15 minutes of the climb was lovely. The next 30 minutes I was huffing and puffing. Every 15 steps I sat down to drink water and regulate my breathing. My darling boyfriend was so patient even though he probably thought we’d be there all day.

cactus in texas

I took pictures of cactus as I endured my climb. This Maryland girl had never seen one up close and not on Disney’s Earth series. They were really interesting to look at and touch. Just kidding.

texas hiking trails

This was during one of my many hiking breaks. At this point, we’re getting close to the top but not quite there yet. From the bottom of the rock, you would think that it would be a short climb. However, there are different levels of rock to climb. You think you’re almost at the top and then you realize that it was just an illusion and you have another level to climb.

Beautiful places texas

Once I got to the top though, the view was so worth it. Looking around and being able to see for miles was exhilarating. You realize how small you are when you’re standing there. I’ve never been more convinced that God created this beautiful Earth.

uss nimitz

After our climb, we went into the little town of Fredericksburg. I was interested to learn that it’s the home town of Admiral Chester Nimitz. When my dad was in the Navy, he was on the USS Nimitz. I found it fitting to take a picture with the Admiral’s statue.

Now that I’m home, I’m trying to settle back into my routine and get used to reality. Vacation is over; back to work and more consistent blogging! Speaking of blogging, I created a Facebook page for Witty n Pretty! Be sure to like it if you want my post updates!