20 Random Things About Me!

its_all_about_meThis morning I woke up and realized that as much as I write and talk to you all, you don’t know that much about me. It’s crazy how you can see a person everyday, talk to them for hours on end, and still not know the little things! I’m going to tag a few people at the end of this post and ask them to fill this little questionnaire out and share it with their followers. Even if I don’t tag you, I’d love it if you filled it out and sent me a message or comment that you posted it on your blog!

20 Things About Me

  1. What’s your nickname? Tizzy
  2. How tall are you? 5’8″
  3. How old are you? 21
  4. Birth place? A little town in Maryland
  5. Ancestral home? I’m mixed. Scottish, Irish, English, German, and Swiss. Does that make me a WASP?
  6. Favorite color? Pink!!!
  7. Favorite verse in the Bible? Psalm 121:1 “I lift up my eyes to the mountains- from where will my help come?
  8. Favorite cuisine? Either Persian or Italian
  9. Favorite artist? Inslee Haynes, she’s the best!
  10. Strangest talent? I can pick things up with my toes AND I can make my voice sound like Alvin and the Chipmunks!
  11. Drink of choice? Mimosas at noon
  12. Biggest dream? Running my own business… or running the country
  13. How do you take your coffee? With tons of creamer and whipped cream on top. I want the effect of coffee but not too much of the taste.
  14. Currently obsessed with? British tv show Merlin and orange/pineapple juice mix
  15. Biggest fear? Other than losing my family, definitely zombies. I HATED World War Z.
  16. Something you never thought you would get to do? Visit President Ronald Reagan’s ranch in ┬áSanta Barbara, CA on a student scholarship. Best trip ever!
  17. Humanitarian cause? Loving and providing for orphans around the world
  18. Skill you would like to learn? Swordsmanship
  19. Experience you want to have? Being immersed into different cultures around the world
  20. Something random about yourself? I’ve never dyed my hair, it’s all natural

I’m tagging: Rae of Sparkles, Live Love Lindsey, Ymor Beauty, Chitra’s Healthy Kitchen, Chiara’s Room, Plus Beauty, and the Fashion Huntress!