Creating a New Classic Wear-to-Work Outfit

Happy hump day, friends! This week has just been long and tiring and we’re barely half way through it. One of the hardest things about going to work in the morning is trying to figure out what I’m going to wear, especially if I haven’t done laundry in awhile. I’m a big fan of simple and easy to wear no matter what day it is though! For my outfit of the day, I took two basics and made a new classic to share with you!

classic work outfits

Everyone has a classic white blouse somewhere in their closet and I’m hoping that a few of you have an accordion-style pleated skirt too! This classic skirt will never go out of style because it looks so crisp and clean. I’ve even seen my style icon the Duchess of Cambridge sporting one on royal outings. If Kate Middleton’s wearing them, then so am I! This particular skirt I bought a few years ago at New York & Co. but I’ve also found quite a few on Poshmark and eBay. Having basic items like these makes dressing so much easier for my tired self every morning.

outfit of the day

To finish off the look, I’m wearing my favorite nude kitten heels from Nine West. I keep these stored under my desk to wear when I get to work because they go with literally everything I wear. Shocking, another classic piece of fashion, right? Nothing in my wardrobe will probably ever surprise you but I’ll always look good in whatever I’m wearing because I choose things that coordinate well together!

The key take away here is that staple items become your best friends when you haven’t had coffee yet! Classic style is easy and professional for the career girl in all of us.

simple blog layout

First Day of Work Outfit

office style

Hello lovelies! Yesterday was my first day of work at my new job and I really enjoyed it. The office is unique because the interior of the building is made from repurposed wood, bricks, barn doors, and an old movie theater tin ceiling. My desk is especially cool because it’s made from an old stained wood floor. The people in the office seem to be a great group with lots of enthusiasm and outgoing personalities.

Any time I’ve ever started a new job my biggest concern was what to wear on the first day. Dress too casually and you’ll feel out of place; dress too formally and you’ll appear stuffy. For my first day, I wore a Lauren Conrad gray and white fit and flare dress with a light pink Charming Charlie blanket scarf. This dress is so comfortable and looks really nice when worn with a pretty pair of heels!

ann taylor shoes

I found these Ann Taylor navy blue stilettos at the outlets and they were on sale for $30! Not being able to pass up a great deal like that, I purchased them and they’ve become a staple shoe in my wardrobe. Since I’m a bit taller than average, I tend to avoid heels and opt for flats instead. One shoe that I’ve been trying to get my hands on is a pair of kitten heels. They look much easier to walk in and won’t make me appear so tall. Let me know if you see any on sale!

I hope your Thursday goes quickly and smoothly. Leave me a comment with your favorite “first day” outfit (I need inspiration for the rest of my work week!)

witty n pretty

Staying Organized with More than an iPhone

Here’s a random fact about me that I bet you didn’t know: I’m one of those annoying people that has to write everything down, keep an agenda, and hates it when people say “let’s just wing it”. Seriously, it’s my biggest pet peeve and the cause of a lot of my stress. As you can imagine, I try to stay very organized so that I can have peace of mine. Throughout college (and now as a graduate), I regarded organization as my biggest asset. It truly is my life line and I’m going to share with you a few things I use to turn chaos into harmony using things that aren’t created by Apple!


The first thing I use for organization is a filing folder, or several of them if needed. I love them for many reasons but mainly because they look neat and tidy sitting on my desk in a little stack. I put receipts, records, official government documents (think anything from the IRS), and other important paper items in them. Pro tip: If you hate it when things fall out of the sides, use paper clips to hold the sides closed.


As a mature, responsible adult (just kidding), I like to keep track of what I spend and where in a little book so that I can refer back to it if I forgot what I bought. It’s also interesting to see your spending habits and what you spend money on. Most of my money I spend on cute clothes. I need to stop doing that.


Finally, I keep an agenda. I update it daily with things that come up that need my attention. Quite often there’s something I’ll forget about that will be written in my agenda and I’m always glad that I wrote it down. I’ve definitely almost missed quite a few dentist and doctor appointments! I really like the Lilly Pulitzer agendas but I’ve heard the Kate Spade ones are great too. Even my mom has a Lilly though!

If anyone has used a Kate Spade planner, let me know! I’d love to hear your thoughts. Happy Thursday!


How to Make Your Desk Look Attractive


I came across an article the other day about creating a chic desk or office. The main theme of it is making the space you work in function correctly and increase the chances of you actually wanting to be in that space. Right now, my desk is piled high with summer shorts I’m trying to find a place for, candles, and my InStyle magazine. And its dusty. I just don’t want to be in that space for long.

I browsed Pinterest for awhile and finally came up with a few items that I might actually enjoy being near or on my desk. These accessories essentially make the area warm and inviting. When I’m at my desk, I want to feel powerful and ready to take on the world, even if I’m in my sweatpants. I also want to feel feminine and pretty at the same time.

Starting with the Kate Spade boxes on the left, I think these are a really good way to conceal all those papers on your desk that don’t have a home. Plus, they’re decorative and just plain cute.

The picture frame may seem odd but I have a great idea behind it- make a collage. Put a canvas backing to the frame and then tack or tape pictures from magazines that inspire you. Call it your “inspiration board”.

Monogrammed note cards are just too cute to have sitting in a neat, little pile beside your computer. These ones are from Design Darling! I love having stationery sitting around just so I can look at something pretty.

This lovely jewelry tray can double for a paper clip holder, rubber band deposit spot, or whatever you tend to toss on your desk. If I don’t keep things in a central spot, then it will walk off I swear! This tray is from C Wonder.

The ‘Stay Golden’ print is actually a little something I designed. I just loved the font and had to use it. Having inspiring quotes or words framed on your desk really keeps you motivated throughout the day.

If you work in an office, then I’m sure you’ve noticed the fluorescent lighting you get to work with. I absolutely hate it! If you can, get a small table lamp to sit at your work space to give you adequate lighting that doesn’t require sunglasses! This lamp is from Target.

Finally, get yourself some pretty Sharpie markers like these metallic ones. Writing little notes will be a lot less boring! I also suggest finding office supplies like this gold Kate Spade stapler. Pretty things like these make everyday tasks a little more enjoyable.

If you have any tips for great office or desk spaces, then leave me a comment!


Ann Taylor Online Haul

A few days ago I got an email from Ann Taylor letting me know about their warehouse sale going on online. I checked it out and fell in love with quite a few pieces! However, I’m sad to report that I didn’t need anything and therefore will not be buying anything. I’m really trying hard to restrain myself from buying things I just do not have the need for. I spend way too much money on tops, dresses, whatever that I will wear maybe once a season. It’s ridiculous and I need to stop doing that and start saving money again. This time last year I was saving every penny I earned. What happened, Liz? I don’t know.

Anyway, back to Ann Taylor! Everything is between 60% and 75% off the sale price. I shopped in person when the sale was getting underway about 2 weeks ago and I found a fabulous blazer in a cream color with tweed material. I only paid $22 for it! Not only was I proud, but I had also saved a small fortune.

To give you an idea of what’s for sale, below you can find a few of my picks from the store online. Most of everything is summer or early fall appropriate but remember, in order to get good deals on clothes you can’t buy them when they’re in season because they’re in high demand and people will pay top dollar. You have to wait until retailers are desperate to get rid of their merchandise. For example, if you’re looking for rain boots in the beginning of spring, you’ll pay full price. However, if you wait until June when swimsuits are being pushed, then rain boots will be at least half price. Shopping Ann Taylor right now will give you great sale prices on things from late summer!