Keeping ‘Casual Friday’ Professional

Good morning lovelies. I hope today goes well for all of you and something wonderful happens. I have a coffee mug that says “Always believe something wonderful is about to happen.” I’ve been trying to live by that quote lately. If you read my previous post, you’ll know that philosophy just stabbed me in the back. Nevertheless, I’m still keeping the faith!

casual_friday_outfitsSince it’s Friday and so many people live for ‘casual Fridays’, I thought it would be appropriate to design an outfit that might be considered casual but still gives the impression that you’re in charge.

As you can see, I’ve opted for color! I love a blazer any day of the week, but something this bright might be best saved for Fridays. Plus, it’s perfect for after work happy hours and nights out!

I wanted most of the outfit to be focused up top, so I found a great statement necklace in a neutral color. Another great color combo I found was this shade of hot pink with an aqua blue necklace. However, it might be a bit much for the office.

Finally, to maintain an office appropriate outfit I opted for black ankle pants and ankle-strap heels. Normally, I don’t like to splurge on expensive clothing but in this case, I think the shoes are worth it. In my experience, if you buy a cheap heel, then you’ll feel it the next day! On the flip side, I rarely spend tons of money on pants and these Tory Burch trousers are upwards of $200. I chose these because they were the only ones that kept the shape of actual pants without a model wearing them in the picture I needed for this post. There are many other brands, such as Banana Republic, that sell similar pants for 1/4 of the price.

A few tips for casual Friday:

  • No Ugg Boots in the office regardless of the day
  • Ripped jeans are still not appropriate
  • Hoodies are cute but slouchy cardigans are better
  • Save the sports jerseys for after 5pm
  • Halter tops or tank tops, no matter how fancy, are better saved for the company clam bake on the beach


Wardrobe Inspiration: Day at the Office

Day at the Office

The one thing I miss the most about working in an office setting is the professional wardrobe I got to wear. There’s nothing better than walking into work looking and feeling like a successful lady. In DC, I could walk to work everyday and sported flats until I got to the office. I traded those in for heels. As Victoria Beckham said “I can’t concentrate in flats.”

I was inspired by yellow and navy today because I think they are good transition colors between summer and autumn. The pop of red in the heel adds that hint of fall while the bright yellow reminds us of summer. I absolutely adore these nautical accessories too!

A few tips for new ladies to the professional scene:

1. Raid discount stores

Marshall’s, TJ Maxx, Ross, and a few others have designer brands on mark down here. I’ve found the majority of my skirts and tops for work at these places. Just a little hint, go straight for clearance and look through it then hit the full price racks.

2. Shop often

I go to my favorite stores at least once a week to shop. Some of you may wonder how I afford that. Well, it’s simple really- I don’t always buy anything. The reason I shop so often is so that I can find full price items that I like and check back every week to see how far in price it has dropped. If I feel that the price has been marked down enough, then I will purchase it.

3. Take advantage of New York & Company

Every so often they do a promotion that gives you something like $50 off if you spend $125 or more in the store. Whenever I get these in the mail, I am sure to use them for things I need in my wardrobe such as a suit (blazer and skirt) or a little black dress.

4. Pick neutrals and then add color

In a previous post I discussed neutrals and utilizing them to expand your wardrobe. Invest in them! Pick quality items such as pants, blazers, and skirts that will last awhile. To add the color you want I recommend being careful with what you buy and the cost. Many colors and styles go out of style overnight so splurging on a teal business suit is not the best idea. However, buying a teal top to go underneath a neutral suit is fine.

Hopefully this gives you all a fair look into saving money and looking professional as well as a little outfit inspiration. Enjoy!


Wear to Work Favorites

Building Up a Professional Wardrobe

As an intern and student, I came to the capital of suits and ties having a small wardrobe appropriate for the office. Washington D.C. is all about the professional look. New York City values creativity and chic outfits. Los Angeles likes a laid back, professional wardrobe. I’m here to combine a touch of each in our wear-to-work wardrobe!

cdaa3f89982963c19f1cf0610e2b0d2a1. The Pencil Skirt– A staple in any woman’s wardrobe. It doesn’t have to be boring though! Have fun with the shape, pattern, and material of this classic piece.

2. Toga Dress– Simply put, this piece can be dressed up or down and is low maintenance. Not necessarily a 445dcbc632ed4b8bdf3b44b11d13170eclassic, but you must have a dress that fits almost any occasion.

3. A Button Up– Oxford button up shirts are pretty standard to anyone’s closet. Gone are the days eb3d3d657da4bd9f69790c0834afc7a5of boring white and blue though. Exciting patterns give this old style a face lift! If you fear color and pattern, find a neutral navy or red to experiment with first.

4. Blazers– These are really nice for adding something to any outfit. Be creative9d0ab2c19522129341f7d938a4685889 though! Black and navy go with almost anything, but a pop of color adds a little something extra. Try several on to adjust for size, length, and material.

5. Ballet Flats– A shoe that won’t kill your feet in the office or 2135ae71612728245122afeeaad2a536around town. Find exciting colors and textures! Python print is fun to wear with almost anything. Hot pink adds a little skip in your step. Some of my favorites have come from Old Navy. Of course Tory Burch has her line of iconic shoes but let’s be honest, who can really afford them?

6. Shift Dress– I love wearing these on days where I want to feel comfy. They’re classy and among the bestOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA wear-to-work options we have! Accessorizing them with a nice scarf or belt really ties the outfit together.


What would you add to this list? Comment below with your ideas!