Sneak Peek at My Wedding Shoes and How to Choose Yours!

Hey everyone! I debated on whether I should share my wedding shoes with you guys yet, but I can’t keep a secret for long so I figured I’d give you a little look! These sparkly babies are by Michael Kors (affiliate link) and I got a great deal on them! Seriously, I found them on Poshmark for $20! You can’t beat that.

So I’ll be totally honest and say I’m not 10000% sure I’ll wear these on my wedding day. I noticed with everything wedding-related, I change my mind a million times. But these are the ones I have for now! If something else I like more catches my eye, then I’ll have another contender. There’s nothing wrong with options!

sparkly heels and tan legs

Ok, yes I realize how white my feet are compared to my legs. Major self-tanning fail! I’m sitting here giggling at my feet right now! But I loved the contrast between my tan legs and the sparkles on my kitten heels! They’re just so pretty!

How to choose the right wedding shoes

So I wanted to explain why I chose the shoes I did. Someone asked me why I didn’t choose a higher heel and to be honest, I don’t like high heels. At all. I’ve rolled my ankles enough times to know they just aren’t for me! I love kitten heels because they’re so easy to walk in but still give you that little confidence boost you often need on important days.

If you’re shopping for wedding shoes at the moment, I have a few suggestions on how to choose the right ones!

  • Shop within your budget. Seriously. Your wedding day is important but sticking to a budget is also vital. When I was initially thinking about wedding shoes, I had dreams of $800 Christian Louboutins for my big day. Ummm no? I’d never spend that on shoes on a normal day so that budget mentality also needs to extend into my wedding budget. If you’re set on designer shoes, look on Poshmark and other luxury re-sell apps to save a chunk of change.
  • Choose something you’re confident in. If you’re confident in sky high heels, then wear them! If you feel better in something more manageable, then wear that. Flats? Go for it! Sandals? Wear em! Buy something you can walk in and feel beautiful.
  • Consider your wedding day schedule. Weddings are practically all day affairs. Even if your wedding starts at 5pm, you’re still going to be ready to go about 2 hours prior. And by the time the night ends, it’ll be at the earliest 11pm. That’s a lot of time in a pair of shoes. Make sure they’re comfortable enough to wear for a long period of time! Break them in and see how they feel after a few hours. The last thing you want is blisters and numb feet on your wedding day.

I’ll get off my wedding planning soap box now. But really, these are all things I considered when I was picking my shoes! I’m actually wearing my shoes to an event this week to see how I feel in them after a few hours. Here’s hoping they stay comfy all day!


Bows and Stilettos

Bows and Stilettos

I’m just going to cut right to the chase here and say that those shoes are too cute! Stilettos heels make legs look great and that color is perfect for Autumn. I think it was Victoria Beckham who said I always wear heels, I can’t concentrate in flats.” I concur. However, sky high shoes like these can be super uncomfortable from brands other than Christian Louboutin. I’ve tried some of those red bottom shoes on and there’s a reason Mrs. Beckham can walk around in them all the time- they’re very comfy! For the average person though, we shop at Famous Footwear and Designer Shoe Warehouse, both of which do not house Louboutins. Shame isn’t it?

There ain’t no rest for the wicked though. I found a pair similar to these heels for a much cheaper price from¬†Guess. Although not the same exact color, I think they could pass for almost as cute and just as comfy.

If you clicked on the link above it probably took you to a little site called Posh Mark. I’m new to the Posh Mark world, but I want to put some of my clothes up for sale that I don’t wear anymore. What do you all think? Anybody want to raid my closet? Comment below!