What to Wear for Class: An Easy Go-To Outfit

First Class at Noon

Happy Monday! I’m a little sleepy and searching for my favorite coffee mug and a breakfast bar while I bang around preparing for the homework that awaits for this week.

Here’s a really simple look I put together for those of us who didn’t wake up early enough to plan something a little more chic for the day. When I was a freshman, my first semester I didn’t have any classes until 12:30 and I would sleep until around 11:30 and didn’t have enough time to put together a cute outfit and be on time. I usually went to class in sweats or jeans and a hoodie. Looking back I wish I had tried a little harder or at least had an “I’m late outfit” prepared and ready to go for just in case.

A tip for all newbies to college and the lifestyle that comes with it: Don’t think for a second that you can wait until the last minute to get something done and assume it will come out beautiful. It won’t and that’s a promise. Whether it’s your hair, outfit, paper, or test prep it’s just going to be a hot mess.