And Kitty Makes 3!

burmese rescue catHey gals! Friday is finally here and I’m excited to share something with you! Sometimes I feel like fashion blogging needs a personal element besides personal style. Not often do I talk about my family, friends, or boyfriend in my posts. For whatever reason, I feel like I should keep them away from my online presence if for no other reason than their privacy. Some people like to share everything about their families right down to the hospital and room number in which their baby was born. Whether it’s good or bad, I’m simply not that way. Today however, I wanted to share with you a very important aspect of my life. Her name is Petunia!

oversharing on social mediaMy boyfriend and I adopted her a few months ago but other than pictures for our family and friends, I haven’t shared her on my blog. She’s a darling little kitty and has been the light of my life since moving away from home. David and I went to the Kansas City Pet Project just to “look”, then we saw Petunia or “Tuna” as we call her. We adopted her that day and took her back to her furever home (see what I did there?) According to the shelter, she was found wandering down the side of a highway.

adopt don't shopSince bringing her home, she’s gotten quite comfortable in her new digs. Petunia likes to wander around the house following me everywhere I go, meowing the whole time. We considered getting her a buddy but after meeting her kitty cousins (David’s sister’s cats) we determined it might not be the best idea! I was hoping to maybe get an older kitty because they usually are the last to be adopted and that breaks my heart. Petunia may warm up to the idea eventually but as of right now, she likes being an only-child.

Last week, I FaceTimed with my parents and they saw their grandcat for the first time. I have lovingly gifted my parents with the grandparent names of Grandmeow and Grandpaw. How appropriate, right? Everyone but my mom thinks I’m crazy. What can I say? I love this kitty!

I just wanted to share with you something more personal today so I hope you enjoyed it! If you’d like to make a donation to KC Pet Project, I’m sure they’d appreciate it!


Kitty Reactions to Snow

As most of you know, the north east is covered in snow and there doesn’t seem to be any possibility of it melting. I live in Maryland, and while it isn’t considered to be part of the ‘north’, it can easily be said that we’ve had our fair share of snow. Besides being stuck in the house all the time and becoming well acquainted with our snow shovels, there are few nice things we can associate with the cold, white stuff.

cats_in_the_snowConsider this, is there anything cuter than seeing our pets’ reactions to snow? I can’t think of anything more adorable! My three little kitties all have their own opinions on it. Puddin’ (the big, orange tomcat) really enjoys hiding behind snow piles and watching the birds get a tasty morsel from the bird feeder. After a few minutes he’ll shake his bum and then lunge at the birds. He’s never caught one, which I’m glad about. He loves being outside with us when we’re shoveling snow. He tries so hard to ‘help’ but just can’t quite pick up a shovel.

Little Hootie will go outside for a few minutes and very carefully step in people’s shoe tracks in the snow so he doesn’t get his paws too wet. He’s very particular about his feet getting wet. After a few minutes outside he’ll come back in and head straight to the humidifier to watch it bubble. He tries to catch the bubbles that come up but just can’t quite get them in time. We tell him that the humidifier is run by the evil ‘red dot’ he can’t catch. I don’t he think he understood.


My sweet, little Tanzie just doesn’t do the snow. She will go out and sit on the step for a few minutes and then decides she’s over it and comes back inside. The other day it was so chilly that she jumped into the linen closet and sat amongst the sheets to warm up.


I adore my little fur balls! I think God gave us animals not only for our enjoyment, but for our therapeutic needs. Sometimes just petting my kitty or watching him play is all it takes to boost my mood. Watching their reactions to snow is an adorable aspect of being apart of their little lives. Be sure to leave a comment about your pets’ reactions to the snow!


Health Edition: Wisdom Teeth Removal

How to Prepare for Wisdom Teeth Removal

photo 1
Chipmunk cheeks

Getting your wisdom teeth taken out is like a right of passage into adulthood. It just has to happen at sometime. Especially if your other teeth are impacted like mine were. Today my oral surgeon took care of that little problem. He gave me an IV asked me to take a few deep breaths. Then I was out cold. Next thing I knew I was waking up and had more gauze in my mouth than I thought possible. Oh and a very sore mouth. Once I got home I jumped in bed and proceeded to fall asleep… until I realized I needed more gauze because my mouth was bleeding. Anyway, here are a few things to have on hand when you get home from surgery!

1. Ice packs 

Your cheeks will be swollen and you will look like a chipmunk, trust me these are a life saver. 

2. Comfy clothes

I was wearing shorts and a hoodie but wear what makes you comfy. I personally would have loved a Juicy Couture sweatsuit but I tried one on a few months ago and the bottoms just love to highlight every single ounce of fat on your thighs. It wasn’t a good look for me. 

3. A movie

You will either come home and pass out or be bored out of your mind so have some entertainment ready. I was ready and armed with the 1st season of Laguna Beach (I don’t care how long ago that show was popular I still love it). 

4. Soft food

You will not be able to eat any hard food. Crackers, popcorn, candy, absolutely nothing. Have yogurt, jello, soft ice cream, or whatever suits your fancy on hand because you will not only be hungry but you will be sore and desperate to eat something. My surgeon told me I could not eat after midnight the night before my surgery (my appointment was at 11) so needless to say I was a little hungry. 

5. Water bottle

Pick out a cute one that you can sip out of so you don’t get dehydrated. I honestly haven’t wanted to open my mouth all dayphoto 2 but water was one thing I didn’t mind doing it for. I flavor my water with Skinny Girl Pineapple Coconut water additive and it really gives my water some zip! 

6. 2-3 Good pillows

Your surgeon will tell you to keep your head elevated when you go home. I stacked my nice, fluffy pillows on top of each other and laid down to take a snooze. 

7. A pet

If you have a furry friend in your home having them near by is nice company. My little tabby cat (his name is Hootie because his face is rather owl-like) jumped on my bed and curled up next to me for the afternoon. Every time I moved or shifted positions he would perk up and look at me then meow to make sure I was ok. It was the cutest thing!

Do you have any tips? Share them below!