Making a Uniform Cute

hermes_knockoffClassing up a uniform is so hard to do. I took a part-time job a few months ago that requires we wear black pants and a white button down oxford with a black apron. Thankfully, I will only have to work retail until I graduate in December (as long as I can find a job where I can actually USE my degree). However, upon first putting on this uniform I was slightly appalled at its blandness. Really, white shirt and black pants? How original. Naturally, I had to class it up a bit and make it a little more fashion forward.

In keeping with the black pants I bought black skinny jeans at Lucky Brand for $30 on sale at their outlet store! My top is a light weight cotton blend from Banana Republic I found on clearance a few years ago. Since I wear a little apron, no one knows it isn’t a button down. My boots are from Etienne Aigner and I found them at Marshall’s for $45 and I’ve had them since 2012. Finally, my scarf I found at Ross for $6. The thing I love about scarves like these is that they’re similar to ones made by Heremes and Ralph Lauren without the price tag. Believe me, I’ve fooled many people with that scarf!


I’ve also learned to incorporate pretty earrings into the uniform as well as fabulous nail colors. I’ve also rocked a black pencil skirt on occasion. However you can accessorize, do it and own it!

jack_skellington_halloween On another note, when I got home from work today my sister, Becca, was carving a pumpkin in the shape of Jack Skellington from the Nightmare Before Christmas. She used a stencil for a little while until she got tired of it and then went on by herself! I’m debating what I should carve into my pumpkin. It will either be Tinker Bell or my own monogram just because it would be really cute! What will your jack-o-lantern look like?


Outfit Idea for Warm Autumn Days

Hello Tuesday, I hope you’ll give me a good hair day! Really, that’s honestly the easiest way to make my day happier than usual. Starbucks waiting for me in the kitchen doesn’t hurt either. Add my Lilly Pulitzer agenda, a warm blueberry muffin, and fuzzy socks and I’ll be a peach all day long.

I’ve been thinking about cute outfits that combine both summer and fall wardrobe choices since for many of us its still about 70 degrees everyday. I came up with this cute little outfit while rummaging through my closet. The top I found a few years ago at American Eagle and the skirt I found the other day at Marshall’s on clearance for $2! Its also an American Eagle skirt. The necklace is Kim Rogers at Belk and the shoes are from Rampage. This was the easiest outfit to put together and it works in the fall and summer.

Tell me about your summer/fall transition outfits in the comments below!


Peaches and Cream Outfit Inspiration

Peaches and Cream

My very first word as a baby was “peaches” so I thought it was appropriate to design an outfit centered around a peach/mango color. Apparently, I ate peaches so often as a baby that when I was having my dinner I blurted “peaches” to my parents. I was just too cool for the stereotypical first word of “dadda”. I’m so proud.

Anyway, peach and cream together is just so pretty and a great color for people with skin tones like mine. Since we’re slipping away from the summer colors, I suggest wearing these colors sooner rather than later. The burgundy and orange tones are going to be flooding the streets soon so wear fun colors while you have the chance!

Have a fabulous Saturday!


Wear to Work Favorites

Building Up a Professional Wardrobe

As an intern and student, I came to the capital of suits and ties having a small wardrobe appropriate for the office. Washington D.C. is all about the professional look. New York City values creativity and chic outfits. Los Angeles likes a laid back, professional wardrobe. I’m here to combine a touch of each in our wear-to-work wardrobe!

cdaa3f89982963c19f1cf0610e2b0d2a1. The Pencil Skirt– A staple in any woman’s wardrobe. It doesn’t have to be boring though! Have fun with the shape, pattern, and material of this classic piece.

2. Toga Dress– Simply put, this piece can be dressed up or down and is low maintenance. Not necessarily a 445dcbc632ed4b8bdf3b44b11d13170eclassic, but you must have a dress that fits almost any occasion.

3. A Button Up– Oxford button up shirts are pretty standard to anyone’s closet. Gone are the days eb3d3d657da4bd9f69790c0834afc7a5of boring white and blue though. Exciting patterns give this old style a face lift! If you fear color and pattern, find a neutral navy or red to experiment with first.

4. Blazers– These are really nice for adding something to any outfit. Be creative9d0ab2c19522129341f7d938a4685889 though! Black and navy go with almost anything, but a pop of color adds a little something extra. Try several on to adjust for size, length, and material.

5. Ballet Flats– A shoe that won’t kill your feet in the office or 2135ae71612728245122afeeaad2a536around town. Find exciting colors and textures! Python print is fun to wear with almost anything. Hot pink adds a little skip in your step. Some of my favorites have come from Old Navy. Of course Tory Burch has her line of iconic shoes but let’s be honest, who can really afford them?

6. Shift Dress– I love wearing these on days where I want to feel comfy. They’re classy and among the bestOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA wear-to-work options we have! Accessorizing them with a nice scarf or belt really ties the outfit together.


What would you add to this list? Comment below with your ideas!