Inexpensive Christmas Gifts

Inexpensive Gift Ideas


Christmas is coming! Only a few days left until the big day! I’ve pretty much finished all of my shopping and now I just have to wrap everything. That’s the part that takes the longest. Between cats wanting to sit on the wrapping paper and measuring how much of it you need, it’ll take a few hours. For those of you who still have a few people to shop for like your friends, child’s teacher, or even your hairdresser, I have a few gift ideas that won’t break the bank!

Easy Gifts to Give

Forever my go-to gift for my friends is a pair of fuzzy socks and nail polish. Bath and Body Works usually has really cute socks this time of year and I always find a wide variety of nail polishes at TJ Maxx. Most of the time, I can buy both of these items for under $10 total!

Another Christmas gift I love to give and to get is a candle and pajama set! I buy Pjs at Old Navy because they’re always having sales this time of year. The candles I like to buy from Bath and Body or Kohl’s. If you time your purchase right, both places will have at least half off their candles. This gift will be a little more expensive but you should be able to get it for about $20!

Finally, a great seasonal gift is a mug and hot cocoa kit. I find the cutest mugs at TJ Maxx for under $4 usually! Target also sells hot cocoa gift sets for around $10. This gift works well because it can be for men or women. Finding the perfect mug is so much fun because everyone has different tastes. Hint: Star Wars is big this year and I’ve seen plenty of mugs with Darth Vader on them!

Leave a comment with a great gift you love to give!

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Gift Ideas for the Men in Your Life

One of the hardest things about Christmas is shopping for opposite gender. I mean really, what do you get a guy besides expensive gaming equipment, cologne, or sporting equipment? Girls are easier to shop for because not everything we like is expensive. As the season begins, you inevitably have a gentleman on your list whether that be a brother, father, or significant other. I browsed J Crew Factory for inspiration and am showing you my top picks for under $50.


  • First of all, I adore thermal-style shirts on men, particularly when they’re striped. This one comes in at $22.
  • I also love the leather bracelet trend I’m seeing on men. They even stack them at times. J Crew has this one for $7.
  • We’ve all been in a situation where we wished a bottle opener was around or someone had a better one than what’s on their keychain. For $14.50, this anchor bottle opener is yours.
  • Does the guy in your life travel a lot? If so, a tie case might be the best thing you can buy him. J Crew sells this one in two colors for $24.50. To go with the case, splurge on a new tie like this green, printed one for $19.50.
  • What can I say? I love a man who dresses well. More so, I love patterns! This gingham print dress shirt is a steal at $34.50.
  • For some reason, men seem to like flasks. I don’t know where on Earth they can take them legally outside of their property, but for whatever reason they’re popular. J Crew’s red checkered flask is $14.50.
  • Did you know I have an obsession with socks? Well, I do and these ones for $8 just make the obsession even stronger.
  • Similar to above, if your gentleman travels frequently, then a leather passport case may be a nice gift. J Crew sells this case in two colors for $14.50.
  • With winter in our midst, there’s nothing better than curling up with cozy pajamas. Give your man these warm, deer print flannel pajama bottoms for $22.
  • For the guy who enjoys being on the water, give him this blue braided belt for $13.99.

If you have any suggestions for great gifts, then leave me a comment!