Valentino Rockstud Sandal Dupes Under $20

valentino dupes

Hey lovelies! I was browsing Amazon the other day and came across these really cute Valentino Rockstud sandal dupes! I love designer things just as much as the next person but I can’t afford to pay almost $350 for rubber sandals!! Crazyyy. So these dupes are the perfect compromise and they also come in 9 colors! They’re $19.99 and seriously look just like the originals.

Happy shopping!

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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Dupes!

nordstrom anniversary sale dupes

Hello lovelies! It’s the most wonderful time of the year- SALE SEASON! Every July my bank account is just like “can we stop spending money?!” This month is just the end-all-be-all of sales. And one of the biggest for fashion lovers is the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! This is my first year being a Nordstrom card holder so I was excited to get early access to the sale. Bloggers I’ve been following for years hype this sale so much so I was ready to get my butt in gear and get the deals! Unfortunately, I don’t blog full time and have a normal job so I was definitely late to getting the items I was really after. By the time I was able to start shopping online… everything was sold out. Super.

On top of that, I was looking at prices for everything and while I totally recognize this is the upcoming fall collection they’re discounting, I was a little underwhelmed by the prices. Up to 40% off rarely gets my heart racing. Actually, it never does. As many of you know, we’re paying for our wedding on our own, so being on a budget and sticking to it is so important! So anyway, I went searching for Nordstrom Anniversary Sale dupes on Amazon to share with you guys and I found a lot of really cute things!

Amazon Dupes!

Ok so I’m linking all of the original items at Nordstrom and then the dupes below. I checked reviews for Amazon items and pretty much everyone had positive things to say!

  1. Felt hat: Nordstrom | Amazon
  2. Leather leggings: Nordstrom | Amazon
  3. Leopard print cardi: Nordstrom | Amazon
  4. Leather boots: Nordstrom | Amazon
  5. Striped cardi: Nordstrom | Amazon
  6. Wedge booties: Nordstrom | Amazon
  7. Leopard print slides: Nordstrom | Amazon
  8. Gray over the knee boots: Nordstrom | Amazon

Definitely share this with friends who were also disappointed everything was sold out on Nordstrom! I’m going to keep my eye out for things coming back in stock but I’m not holding my breath. Hopefully, you like these options just as much- I’m going to be purchasing quite a few things in the coming weeks!

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How to Shop the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale (and what’s on my shopping list!)

summer style sales

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is almost here! I’ve bought one thing (yes, one) from the sale last year and was pretty happy with my purchase. I’ve been interested in this sale for years but admittedly, decided not to shop as even the bargains were still a bit too expensive for my budget. Last summer David and I were saving for our wedding and the year before that, I wasn’t making close to what I make now. But this year, I have a bit more wiggle room in my budget and I’m excited to see what they have on sale!

Nordstrom sale Shopping Tips

Like I said, I haven’t shopped the sale much before BUT from what I’ve gleaned from other people, the best way to shop the sale is to get early access. How do you get that? Applying for a Nordstrom credit card. I rarely take out credit cards as they can be bad news bears for anyone who likes to shop *raises hand* but unfortunately, that’s the only way you can get access to the sale July 12.

When you do get early access, you get to shop before everyone else does. This means you get first dibs on hot items that typically go fast! I’ll be sharing my favorites once the sale starts this weekend! My biggest tip is to make a list of what you really want or need in your wardrobe for this fall, and get those items first. Nordstrom always offers free shipping, so if you think your must-haves will go fast, purchase them immediately because the shipping is FREE!

What’s on My List

Ugh this is a hard one. I’m definitely shopping on a budget because we still have a few things here and there to pay for before our wedding in October. So my plan is to find items under $50 that fit what I need. No “bargain” $100 sweaters for this gal. After going through my closet, my fall wardrobe needs are leather leggings, over the knee boots, denim jacket, and a cardigan. We’ll see if I can score those for less than my $50 budget per item! Wish me luck!


Nordstrom Leith Dress Dupe for Under $25!

nordstrom leith dress dupe

Hey everyone! In my search for spring style inspiration, I’d been seeing this ruched tank top dress everywhere! I finally did a little research to see where people were buying them- Nordstrom! I absolutely loved how simple and comfy it looked but what I didn’t love was the price – $45. Not bad for a dress, but made out of tee shirt material? Nah, I’m good. So I went on the hunt for a good dupe and I found one at Amazon for $21!

Pros: Looks identical to the Nordstrom dress and comes in multiple colors! Cons: Its definitely more of a body con dress and isn’t particularly stretchy. So I’m wearing a size medium (I’m a size 8) if you want a looser fit, I definitely recommend sizing up! This is one of those dresses I can only wear on my “skinny days”, which admittedly are few and far between. Any sort of belly bloat and this dress is probably going to show it. So like I said, size up!

Nordstrom Leith Dress | Amazon Dupe (affiliate links)


Why I didn’t shop the NSaleĀ 

Nordstrom anniversary sale expensiveLet me start out by saying that I’m so glad that some people got to take advantage of the Nordstrom Anniversary sale! Quite a few bloggers I know look forward to it every year and blog about their sale finds later. I’m completely living through them right now! However, when I remembered the sale was going to start soon I made a decision right there and then not to shop the sale for two reasons.

The first reason is that I’m trying to watch my spending. Impulse purchases are by far my biggest issue when it comes to shopping a sale. The very word ‘sale’ invokes a crazy mental response from me that says no matter what, if it’s on sale I have to have it, even if I don’t need it. A bank account can’t sustain that kind of thinking for long. Semi-annual sales are the worst for me because 75% off is something I find almost impossible to pass up.

When I was a young teenager, the Bath and Body Works semi-annual was what I lived for! If there was any body wash, perfume, or candle on sale I had to buy it even though I had plenty. I would get in the car with my mom and she would say “how much more smelly stuff do you need?!” I would just look at her like she’s crazy for not taking advantage of the prices, but it turns out she had point.

The second reason is more of a personal philosophy. I have thousands of dollars in student loans to repay and therefore have no business buying shoes that are on sale for $150 as opposed to $300. For the serious fashion-minded gal, paying $150 for shoes is a no brainer. For someone a little more thrifty, I can’t do it! Someday when all of my debts have been paid and I have money in my savings account, I might join you at the Nordstrom Anniversary sale. Right now, I’ll just sit back and live through you!