Versatile New Year’s Eve Outfit Idea

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Hey gals (and guys)! I’m sitting here writing this in 70 degree weather on my balcony in Dallas. Texas weather never ceases to amaze me. I love warm temperatures and this is exactly why I moved to Dallas in the first place. This New Year’s Eve weekend will be equally warm so I’ve been trying to find an outfit that looks festive but isn’t going to burn me up. SheIn sent me this really cute leather and boucle jacket to wear for New Year’s Eve!

New Year’s Eve Style

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How to wear dark wash jeans

I love this New Year’s Eve outfit because it’s versatile and still stylish! The pearl and gold necklace is from Chico’s (gift from my future sister-in-law) and adds so much class to the outfit. It really compliments the jacket too. When I’m shopping, I try to buy things that are in the same style realm. For example, my closet is inspired by classic style icons like Jackie Kennedy and updated with a few trendy pieces. This is the perfect example of those styles mixing flawlessly!

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This will be the first time I’ve spent New Year’s Eve in Dallas! If you’re local to the Dallas area, leave me a comment with great events and places to celebrate! Last year, I spent it with my boyfriend and his family and we had a blast! Unfortunately, a few of us (including me) nodded off a few minutes before midnight. I know, we’re lame. To bring in 2017, my boyfriend David and I are spending it together!

Dallas new year's eve events

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What are your New Year’s Eve plans to bring in 2017? Any resolutions? I’m still working on my resolutions for the year but so far, I’m hoping to start a daily devotional and lose 10 pounds by spring. I’m going to be testing out a few weight loss supplements in the next few months, so be sure to look out for those! Enjoy your New Year’s Eve!

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New Year’s Eve Style Picks

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Hello lovely! I hope your Christmas was wonderful and full of surprises. Mine certainly was! I spent Christmas in San Antonio with my boyfriends family and we had a ball. Of course, I missed my own family in my home state of Maryland, but this was just as nice! It seems like the week between Christmas and New Year’s Eve is so rushed that I don’t even get time to enjoy the little break or the good sales going on.

Speaking of New Year’s Eve, I’ve been combing my closet for something to wear this weekend and nothing seems to scream “wear me!”. I started browsing a few blogs for inspiration and thought I’d share a few New Year’s Eve outfit ideas with you! I want my life to sparkle and be exciting, and my style should reflect that! Enjoy your New Year’s parties and adventures!

New Year’s Eve Style Guide


New Year’s Eve Must Haves

New Year's Eve Must Haves

Happy Monday friends! I hope your Christmas was filled with happiness and pretty things! My Christmas was spent with my parents and sister at home. My mom made a delicious turkey for dinner and we indulged in a chocolate cake after. We opened presents in the morning and I got the cutest Lilly Pulitzer planner, Kate Spade mug, Lauren Conrad earrings, an adult coloring book (I love to color, it relaxes me!) and an assortment of other fun gifts! I was spoiled this year and I hope you were as well!

Since New Year’s Eve is this Friday I figured I’d write a little something about the must-haves for the big celebration. When I was about 7, my parents finally let me stay up until midnight for the big celebration on tv. When it hit midnight, we were sitting in our living room and I said “That’s it?” I was disappointed at the lack of excitement I expected there to be. Last year I spent New Year’s Eve in New York City, it was quite a bit more exciting!

This year, I’ll be spending it in San Antonio with my boyfriend! For those of you who plan on a more low-key celebration in your home, I have the perfect list of things for your event.

New Year’s Eve Party

Let’s start with a fabulous outfit! The more sparkly it is, the better you look! New Year’s Eve is the perfect event for you to sport a bedazzled skirt or dress. I’ve seen a great selection of dresses at Forever 21 and Target. If you’re going to wear something shiny on top, consider wearing a solid color shoe so it doesn’t compete with everything else.

Moving on to beverages, Marshall’s and TJ Maxx have the most adorable wine and champagne glasses for around $4 each! Most of them have sparkles or confetti adorning the exterior of the glass for a festive look. I recommend having a non-alcoholic drink option for those who don’t want to stumble around too much. Have a champagne bucket like the gold top hat pictured above to chill your bubbly before midnight.

Something a little different to do with the popular bar cart is to fill it with little hors d’oeuvres instead of drinks. Personally, I think it’s easier to have drinks at a kitchen island because of the mess it can make and the sheer amount of people trying to get to them.

Finally, festive decorations are always nice such as balloons like the ones featured above. Noise makers and confetti poppers are also a great touch to any New Year’s Eve celebration and can be found at most party stores.

Out of politeness and safety, have space already made up (blankets, pillows, air mattress) and ready to go in case any of your guests are, ahem, too tipsy to drive home. Obviously, the point in responsible drinking is to know when to stop and what you can handle, but some people just don’t know their limits. If you’re going to have alcohol at your party, it’s partly your responsibility that everyone stays safe after consuming it.

Leave a comment with your New Year’s Eve plans!

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New Year’s Eve Excursion

central_park_entertainmentGood morning friends! As I promised in yesterday’s post, I’d tell you about my New Year’s Eve excursion to New York City. I’m going to get this out of the way before I go any further- it was COLD. I’ve never been in pain from the cold but my muscles and face hurt like crazy from trying to stay warm. I’ve never experienced cold quite like this. Besides the temperature, it was a wonderful trip!

Getting to the city was a 5 hour bus trip from Washington, D.C. I left at 7:30am and we were in the city by 11:30am. The early afternoon was spent exploring Times Square and Central Park. At about 1pm people started seriously lining up in Times Square to watch the ball drop at midnight. Police officers told us that at 3pm the people in the blocked off areas near the square would start to be confined by “pens” in that area until midnight. The kicker was that if they got out of their “pen” then they couldn’t get back in and forfeited their spot. times_square_on_new_year's_eveWe met a few people who said they had stood in their confined area for 12 hours having only a few snacks and drinks. According to them, the family next to them all had diapers on in case they had to go to the bathroom. I guess some people really are crazy.

central_park_skylineCentral Park was a lovely walk and a much needed break from constant people. There were a few street performers that had me laughing with their jokes and stunts. Squirrels roamed the park and had quite the attitude when it came to food. I strolled through the park with some warm, sugar-roasted almonds that really hit the spot. My fingers were so cold that I had a hard time eating them!

After Central Park it was about 3pm so we went for a pizza at an Italian restaurant. The mozzarella was so fresh! The crust and the pizza sauce were excellent too. It was so nice to just sit there and take everything in while reflecting on events earlier tiffany's_new_york_cityin the day. When we left the restaurant, 5th avenue was conveniently located a short walk away. I headed straight for a legendary New York City store- TIffany’s! After watching Audrey Hepburn’s Breakfast at Tiffany’s I became obsessed with the store. Walking into the big, beautiful building almost scared me. My dreams were standing right in front of me and I wasn’t sure if they would live up to my expectations… but they did! We browsed through the store a bit and then met the elevator operator at the elevators and he took us up to the 2nd floor where engagement rings were located. Did I mention he was wearing a Tiffany blue tie? He looked amazing!tiffany_coffee_mug Couples everywhere were sitting with consultants trying on rings and drinking champagne. I was in heaven. I also found on the 4th floor my favorite TIffany mug! Too bad it was in a set of 2 and $80.

After shopping up and down 5th avenue, we went to get a drink and cheers to the new year before heading out to the street to freeze with everyone else. While in a quaint bar and grill we met a few couples from South Africa who traveled to NYC for the new year. After sharing casual conversation with them we paid our bill and headed out into the cold where we were greeted by Taylor Swift’s voice coming from just down the street. Yes, I heard Miss Swift singing “Shake it Off”. I also got to hear “Rude” by Magic.

watching_the_ball_dropWaiting for the ball to drop seemed like a never ending event. Everyone was cold and tired. However, it was still one, big party for most people. The real magic happened when the countdown began. That unmistakable energy filled the air and gave meaning and purpose to our crazy idea of spending New Year’s Eve in Times Square. The funny part was after the clock struck midnight everyone bolted for the taxi cabs waiting down the street. We caught our bus at 1:30am near the docks. We quickly fell asleep upon leaving the city and slept most of the way home. 

As I write this I can assure you that my feet still hurt from walking and I detest the cold more than ever before. However, spending New Year’s Eve in New York was on my bucket list and the memories were worth every shiver.

Tell me about your New Year’s celebration in a comment below!


New Year’s Eve Style for Every Dress Code

Hello loves! I write to you while rocking out to Fergie’s new song ‘L.A. Love’ and I’m trying not smudge my pretty nails that are drying! A little pampering was long overdue for this tired girl. 2014 was one of those years that had high ‘highs’ and low ‘lows’. It was a roller coaster and frankly, I’m glad it’s almost over. Before it’s over we have to celebrate though! Bring in 2015 with some sparkle! 


As you can probably guess, I love anything that glitters and New Year’s Eve is the perfect opportunity to really shine! No matter how dressy the event is you can still add a little pizazz. I’ve chosen five outfits for different dress codes. Some of these choices are more affordable than others. You can find similar looks at places like TJ Maxx and the price won’t be nearly as high.

The first dress is by Rare London. I would wear a dress like this to an upscale lounge in the city (think Lauren Conrad and her besties at La Deux in LA). Dresses like these are meant for places like that. It’s a mature look without losing the fun factor.

Dress number two is by Elie Saab. A black tie affair is the only time I would consider wearing this beautiful gown. If you find yourself lucky enough to be invited to a ridiculously classy event for New Year’s Eve, then consider finding something like this. The price tag on this dress is over $7000 (Nordstrom Rack is a great place to find dresses).

Dress number three is from Lily Boutique and is pretty affordable. I absolutely love a high-low hem and the sash around the waist really pulls it all together. If you’re attending a party that requires a cocktail dress, then invest in this lovely little thing. Better yet, if the party takes place outdoors the hem of the dress is going to look amazing in the breeze! It’s the little things girls.

The fourth option is dressed-down sparkle for those of us who plan on going somewhere a little more low key with friends. Kind Label on Etsy created this adorable V-neck t shirt. The leggings are by Marlene Berger. Put together, both pieces create a relaxed New Year’s look while still maintaining a little bit of sophistication.

Finally, the fifth look was inspired by the need for a work-party appropriate outfit. Most companies have Christmas parties but some have one for New Year’s. Maintaining a professional appearance is still important at these events. The gold pencil skirt is by Josie Natori and the peplum top is by Alice + Olivia. What could be more work appropriate than a pencil skirt and peplum top?

Enjoy your last few days of 2014!