Best Shorts for Summer

ikat print shorts

Happy hump day! I hope the beginning of your summer has been filled with warm sunshine and fruity drinks galore! Mine has been all about acclimating to the midwestern heat. Missouri is a crazy state with incredibly hot summers and bitter cold winters. Who would’ve thought? Not me.

I’m super excited to share with you gals these adorable printed shorts! Tulip boutique (link here!) in Kansas City had them on their sale rack a few months back and I couldn’t resist. They’re incredibly light weight and airy for comfort on hot days. Plus, look at that great ruffle detail on the waist band! There’s nothing worse than sitting in a chair and sticking to it! Three tips for choosing shorts for the summer season:

  • Choose cotton or linen fabrics that allow breathability!
  • Don’t buy the size you wish you were, buy the size that’s comfortable. My biggest pet peeve is feeling like I have to keep my stomach sucked in while trying to deal with the heat.
  • Choose a flattering length for your legs. The most flattering length for me is about a 4-5″ inseam. Sometimes I’ll also buy shorts that have a 6-7″ inseam and roll them up, which is really flattering!

native american jewelry

I wore this beautiful turquoise and silver necklace with my shorts and tank! Coral and different shades of blue look really nice together. The necklace came from a Navajo woman in Arizona. My parents were out there visiting the Grand Canyon and many locals were selling their crafts and jewelry to tourists. I thought this was a really beautiful gift from my mom. She felt so bad that I couldn’t go on the family vacation with them!

Leave me a comment with your favorite style of shorts!