5 Natural Elements that Help with Depression

natural elements

Hey everyone! Here lately I’ve found myself jumping on the vitamin and supplement train in an effort to help my body get the nutrients it needs that I don’t readily feed it (read: I don’t eat enough veggies). But in addition to lacking vitamin C, fiber, and a million other things, my brain lacks the right balance of chemicals as well. Brain chemistry is incredibly complex and doctors still aren’t sure what exactly causes depression because it can vary person to person. How’s that for hard to treat?!

I did some research on natural elements that can help with depression. They definitely don’t cure it and shouldn’t be used in place of seeing an actual doctor, but they’re known to help!

St John’s Wort

St. John’s Wort has been prescribed for mental health conditions for centuries. It’s a plant that’s sold as a dietary supplement to help with depression specifically. However, if you’re taking other medication, it can counteract it, so it’s best to talk with a doctor before taking the supplement.


There are 11 different types of Ginseng, which is a type of plant that’s slow growing and has fleshy roots. It’s believed to increase energy and relieve stress. They come in capsule form, teas, and in other supplement forms. I personally love drinking tea with Ginseng in it!


Zinc is a mineral that our body doesn’t need much of but a lack of it can really throw things off balance. We can get zinc in capsule form but its also found in poultry, red meat, and fish. It’s shown in studies to help people with depression but it’s also used for many other things! It’s all around a great mineral to take.


Not only is lavender great for your skin, it’s also helpful when it comes to relieving anxiety. For anyone that’s suffered from anxiety, it often leads to depression as well. For me, when I take care of my anxiety, my depression symptoms often lessen. Although, it is important to note that lavender isn’t specifically proven to help with depression.


Do you guys remember that scene in A Cinderella Story where Heather Locklear is complaining about getting her Omega-3’s? Turns out we all should be worried about getting more of them. They’re still being studied, but people that food with Omega-3s are less likely to be depressed. Pass the salmon, please.

Moral of the story: Get your vitamins in check and talk to your doctor about what you should be taking! I’m not a doctor, but I know what works for me and I love sharing ideas on how I have improved my health naturally. I still take medication for depression and anxiety, but I love the boost some vitamins give me!


Boho Meet Preppy

Boho Chic!Boho Chic

There’s one season in the year where boho chic is acceptable for everyone to incorporate into their wardrobe. That season is summer. Anyone who knows my style knows that I’m professional and preppy. Rarely will I be seen wearing something that doesn’t resemble this. This summer I’ll be phasing a little bohemian into my style starting with some leather strappy sandals, chunky brown-leather-studded turquoise necklaces, and this adorable Lilly Pulitzer for Target jumpsuit. I know, how contradictory right? It’s boho meets preppy. Remember, I’m not boho year-round, just during the summer! Peace and love ❤

Terrible Trends Tuesday: Some things will never be cute

Hello girls (and guys!) Hope your Monday was more exciting than mine. I’m the queen of “blah” the first day of the new week. My sister is princess hide-in-her-cave (bedroom) until it’s absolutely necessary to come out. Monday is just something I can’t get into the groove of. Speaking of things I’m not a fan of, let’s talk about a few things that have been trending here recently; Birkenstocks and clunky shoes to be exact.

birken_stocksI’m just curious as to who started this trend and what on Earth makes it cute? Last I checked, Birkenstocks were for the hippies and clunky shoes were for Lady Gaga. Now before anyone goes all “stop stereotyping” on me, I’d like to explain my thoughts on this. First, I thought designers and department stores were pushing to make us all look chic and sophisticated. chunky_shoesLast I checked, clunker shoes and Birkens were not chic and certainly not sophisticated. And second, I love a good bargain and both of these shoes scream bargain to me but those Birkenstocks are upwards of $80! The clunky white shoe is around $30. It’s a little cheaper but it also reminds me of shoes I had at 2 years old.

Another thing I have noticed that’s fashionable is rocking a crop top. Does anyone else think that these little tops just hit people at a part of their body that usually isn’t flattering? It certainly doesn’t elongate one’s figure. I had one before they were popular and it cut me in half. It wasn’t cute! I think this is a trend started by American Eagle– get teenagers to pay $30 for half a shirt. WINNING.

Anyway, I’d love your thoughts on this! Comment below!