5 Must-Have Fall Nail Colors

Happy Saturday beautiful readers! It’s been one of those long weeks that I’m glad is over. I traveled across the country and let me just say that I’m glad it’s over. Nothing quite exhausts you like sitting in a car for over 36 hours. As a reward for my patience and willingness to sit on my butt for so long, I’m doing my nails in a fabulous fall color. I’ve spent way too much money collecting O.P.I. nail polish and I have an abundance to wear now. I’m going to share with you a few of my favorite fall inspired colors.
5 Must-Have Fall Nail Colors

First on my list of must-haves is a dark green color. The OPI color above is Gwen Stefani Limited Edition Holiday. I love green because it’s not something that’s worn very often but is so rich in color!

The next color is tan. My personal favorite OPI polish is “San Tantonio” because it’s so natural looking. I don’t think they sell that one anymore but the above version is similar and is called “Over the Taupe” and it’s really subtle but adds a little something. Plus, it goes with everything.

That gorgeous sapphire blue is called “Eurso Euro.” Bold, rich blues like this are such a great statement with any outfit. You honestly don’t even need accessories when you wear this color, it speaks for itself!

Next on my list is a warm pink color. The differences in pinks never seems to end but the seasons you can wear them in certainly do. I’ve put away my “pink lemonade” colors for the summer and brought out my dusty rose polish for the fall. This particular one happens to be called “Meet Me on the Star Ferry”.

Finally, since it’s autumn you need a good orange to wear. Go for a burnt orange color (think Texas Longhorns) and avoid bright oranges (like University of Tennessee’s orange). This nail color is called “It’s a Piazza Cake” and it’s beautiful for autumn!

And just a little tip for those of you who don’t want to spend $9.50 on a bottle of nail polish, places like TJ Maxx and Marshall’s sell OPI and Essie polish for about $3.99! Look for it in the check out line!

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Friday Favorites- Jamberry Lovin’

Happy Friday! I’m sitting in my bed still doing some work and drinking my coffee while watching my roommate’s little dog try to catch a bug. It’s an eventful morning here in mi casa! Today, my friend, Alyssa, is going to tell you a bit about her Friday Favorites! She’s one of the lovely Jamberry Nail girls and is going to give you the details on these nail accessories and then she’s going to tell you why she loves them. I tried them on my toenails recently and really like them. Having pretty summer toes is the best!


Jamberry nail wraps offer a cheaper, fun alternative to going to the salon to get your nails done. You have over 300 designs to choose from (I love having options!).¬†They are high quality, vinyl, heat and pressure sealed nail wraps that last for weeks without chipping. No harsh chemicals, messy polish, or damage to your natural nail. Each $15 sheet of nail wraps will give you at least 2 manicures and 2 pedicures and sheets are on sale, Buy 3 Get 1 Free! They are also backed by a 90 day full cash back guarantee – if you don’t like them for any reason, get your money back (but I bet you’ll love them)!


I started using Jamberry because I love having my nails done, but almost never took the time to do them myself and never wanted to spend the money to get them done at a salon. The first time I tried them, I fell head over heals in love! I was able to apply them quickly, I didn’t have to wait for them to dry, and I got to have cute nails that lasted through out my daily routine!


Check out my website to see all the adorable wraps and to learn more about this awesome product that will change the way you do your nails! Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or would like to host an online Facebook party and earn your wraps for free!





Jamberry Nails Review

jamberry_nails_reviewI’m a total nail polish hoarder! I love the stuff and literally change my nail color twice a week. I’m really loving the deep winter colors right now, but I’m slowly transition to light, spring colors. Since I just can’t get enough nail stuff, I thought I’d try something different. I’d heard quite a lot about these new-fangled nail things called Jamberry so I figured I’d give them a shot. My mom ordered me a set of cheetah print nails to try. In my opinion, it was a waste of money and here’s why.

First and foremost, Jamberry nails are expensive. I think my mom paid $15 for the set. Granted, they are pretty! However, at that price I just assume pay a little extra and get someone to do my nails for me at the salon. The price wasn’t the worst part though; the process was! To stick these things on you have to size them to each individual nail, place the print on your nail, take a hair dryer, hold it near your nail, and allow the heat to melt the glue on the print to your nail while pressing down on it so it will stick. Then, you must file down the excess print to the exact size of your nail. This is a long process to repeat for each nail!

After I finally finished my nails, I went to bed for some well-deserved sleep. I woke up in the morning, went along with my usual routine, looked down at my nails, and what do I see? The prints beginning to peel away from my nails. Perfect. Ultimately, these stick-on nails lasted about a week at best. I was not impressed at all.

I wouldn’t buy Jamberry nails again. I think the idea is very clever but the product has to be easier to use and needs to last longer. For now, I’ll stick to my Essie and O.P.I obsession.


Nails for the Holiday Season

nail_colors_for_autumn I have a love for painting my nails and with the holiday festivities coming up it’s only going to get worse. I find the best deals on nail polish from good brands like Essie at Marshall’s. At most I pay about $4.50 for Essie or O.P.I. there. I have quite the collection! I’ve compiled 6 colors that are worth wearing in the next 6 weeks that bring out the warmth of the season (ironic, right?) The brand I chose to go with for the purposes of this post is Zoya.

I chose gold and burgundy for the rich undertones in them. Gold reminds me of champagne and giving toasts and the burgundy reminds me of the wine at festive dinners.

Navy blue and forest green were my second favorite color combo because they’re often seen together in tartan plaid. It’s an age-old classic that’s sewn into big, warm blankets, scarves, and the Scottish kilt.

My third choice was a little more modern and icy, if you will. The gray brought in the chill of late Autumn and early winter while the purple embraced some of the non-traditional colors of Christmas.

What I like to do is paint my nails one color but leave out the ring fingers on both hands. With those fingers I paint them a complimenting but different color. For example, you might choose the navy blue as your main color but the green you would use on your ring finger. Sometimes I add a layer of silver or gold sparkle onto that. You can never have too much glitter, right?


Nail Colors for Autumn

cover_girl_nail_polishBrowsing through Target the other day I came upon the nail polish section! Better yet, several things were on sale! I scored a bottle of CoverGirl polish for $1.48. It was originally $4.99. Needless to say, I feel accomplished. It was my little back to school gift to myself (post coming on my back to school outfit!) As I kept looking through all the wonderful colors, I started to get a feel for what shades might be popular for the fall. It was a mix of dark colors and a few lighter ones. Personally, I’m looking forward to deep shades of red and blue.

The nail polishes I’m showing you below have NOT been filtered or altered because I didn’t want to take away from the actual color of the polish. I’ve also included nail polish in all price ranges! Essie is around $8, Loreal $6, CoverGirl $5, NYC $2, and Sinful Colors runs about $2. Leave me a comment below saying what colors you prefer!