What I Wore: Wednesday Edition

old navy shift dress

It’s finally Wednesday! This week has just dragged on and on for me and I keep forgetting Thursday and Friday are still ahead of me. I feel like my outfits Monday through Wednesday are on point, but by Thursday I just don’t care anymore because I’m so over the work week. As a Dallas fashion blogger, I’ve had to learn to dress for a warmer climate than I’m accustomed to. It’s been quite the transition, let me tell you! So my outfit of the day is a basic shift dress and quilted vest (and Starbucks, because duh).

outfit of the day

Dallas fashion blogger

One thing I love about Dallas and being a style blogger is that I can transition so easily between styles because the temperature goes up and down! The other day I was bundled up and today, I’m getting away with wearing a dress to the office.

Ok, so a few outfit details! My dress came from Old Navy last year (similar under $30 here). The white quilted vest was stolen from my little sister’s closet. I should be embarrassed by that, but I’m not. My monogrammed hat is from Marley Lilly. My leather boots are from Steve Madden (similar here). Finally, my scarf was an old Abercrombie & Fitch find!

Going to work I felt totally confident in my outfit and am quite please with how my “what I wore Wednesday” look turned out. Leave me a comment with your look of the day details!





Personalized DIY

Happy Friday loves! I honestly didn’t think this week would come to a close but I’m so glad it finally is. My job has me busy (no I’m not a full-time, paid blogger) and I’ve been putting a ton of effort into it. I hit the gym a few times this week and find it really difficult to walk up and down stairs at the moment. First world problems, right?

Besides my typical activities, I took on a little DIY project earlier in the week and wanted to share it with you! I went to Michael’s Craft Store for some inspiration and found that individual wooden alphabet letters were on sale for $3. I bought an ‘E’ for ‘Elizabeth’ (I haven’t always gone by ‘Liz’), a hot glue gun, white paint, and loose pearls and clear gemstones.


I got home and painted the letter with the help of my little kitty cat, Muffin. Actually, she just sat there and watched me. I had to put on a few coats of paint because the wood was rather porous.

After the paint dried, I plugged in the hot glue gun and started glueing on pearls and gems. If I ever did this again, I would nix the gems and stick with pearls. Because the gems are clear, from a distance it looks like they’re just gaps where pearls should be.



Voila! It’s done and is a really pretty little desk accessory! There’s so much on my desk right now that it should come as no surprise to anyone that I rarely use the actual desk. I’d hang the letter somewhere in my room but I’m so tired of putting holes in my walls.


My little sister inspired this DIY when she and my mom were renovating the back porch. She used an ‘M’ for our last name and glued little shells on it. The project turned out so pretty and is a great accessory to have on the porch. Let me know what DIY projects you’ve taken on lately! I just might try one of them!