Relaxation on a Monday Morning

Good morning! The last week has been a roller coaster of emotions and crazy schedules to balance. I apologize that I haven’t been posting nearly as much as I normally do. Life just gets in the way of life sometimes. It demands so much of our attention! Sometimes you need to just sit back and learn to take it as it comes. Expect nothing and prepare for everything.

Part of my Monday morning routine is to do a little pampering. I get up earlier than usual and just enjoy my morning coffee and a nice, long shower. Here’s what’s in my bath right now:



I’m loving exfoliating loofahs and gloves. They work wonders on my skin. It feels so much cleaner after I scrub my skin with it. I use the Bath and Body Works Eucalyptus ‘Stress Relief’ shower gel and I feel so relaxed after smelling it for awhile. It’s very therapeutic! I also love Pecksniff’s England shower gel for when the Eucalyptus is a little too strong for me.

It may sound silly, but I love to light a candle while I’m in the shower or tub for added ambiance and relaxation. Am I a stereotypical girl or what?

For my face, I use Botanics facial cleansing cream. I found it at Target on sale and I love it! I can barely put anything on my face because I break out. This is an organic cleanser, so everything is natural and you won’t be putting chemicals all over your beautiful skin!

My last two loves for the shower are from Lush. The bath bomb is their “Avo-Bomb” and it’s all natural ingredients! I also like their soap “Miranda” for it’s citrus smell. Lush can be pricey, but their products are really great!

What are your favorite bath products? Let me know in a comment below!


Starbucks on a Monday

Oh Monday, it’s you again. I thought my weekend would last a little longer. Apparently, I was wrong. Regardless, I think I’ll carry on with my life and pretend that you aren’t the bane of everyone’s existence. Pouring my morning coffee in my favorite mug always gets me going on this dreaded day. Add a little pumpkin spice creamer to my java and I’ll be able to smile a little brighter. I thought about heading to Starbucks before work to use a coupon they sent me. It was something like “buy any holiday drink before 11am and get two bonus stars for gold card members.” Yes, shut up I’m a gold star member and proud of it. Forget the fact that I’ve spent well over $175 in the last year to be a “VIP customer.” It’s easier to forget about this little detail because all it does is remind me that I’m a total fool. I think I’m going to skip using that coupon and save the money for the upcoming Christmas season.

Speaking of Christmas and coffee, I think we all know a coffee addict in some form or another. Why not check Starbucks’ online store of really great gifts. I never bothered to check out their website until I was craving a frappucino the other day. I’m so glad I found it! I have a pretty good idea of what I’m going to get people for Christmas now. I am also finding new ways to restrain myself from buying every cute thing I see. Hopefully by showing you my favorite things I can control my urge today.

7 Starbucks Gifts