Military Style Under $50

Military Style Under $50

Has anyone else noticed how popular the military style has been for fall? Between the utility vests and general olive drab color scheme going on, I can’t help but think the military and fashion designers are in cahoots with each other. Not only do our men (and women) in the Armed Forces wear it, so do our models and celebrities. Talk about an equalizer! In all seriousness though, I really like this trend and am jumping on board with it.

My complexion has been said to have olive undertones in it (although my mom will debate you on that) so the olive drab color palette works well on me. It might not be the most exciting color in the world, but it’s a great neutral! After browsing many stores to find good deals on these trending items, I had no luck! I turned to Polyvore to see what other people might have found for under $50. I’m pleased to say that I found a few great pieces to share with you! You’ll find everything linked below!

Green maxi dress / Sleeve shift dress / Lipsy long shirt dress / LE3NO sherpa lined jacket / Abercrombie Fitch military trousers

If you like what you see, then leave me a comment! I’d love to hear about your fab finds too! Follow me on Facebook and Instagram for updates!

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Causes to Celebrate!

icecream_cakeHappy Thursday everyone! Today I’m using my time to be productive! Or just trip over things and say “um” a lot. Maybe a little both actually. Anyway, this week has flown by yet again and frankly I don’t know where my autumn is going but it’s going too fast! Stores are putting up Christmas decorations and bringing out wrapping paper. I’m not ready for this.

But I am ready to share an exciting bit of news with you! This past Sunday evening my very talented dad launched his online Etsy store Diamondback Military Graphics! My dad loves military art and he enjoys target shooting so he found a way to make money doing what he loves. He learned how to use a graphic design program to draw images of military rifles and then turn them into bumper texas_longhornsstickers. He has several designs available from the latest military issued guns to models that are no longer used but are considered “classic.”

To commemorate this special day, my mom and I got him a Baskin Robbins ice cream cake! Every milestone is important and this is a big one for my dad. Eventually, he would like to take these designs and put them on t shirts, hoodies, and coffee mugs. I’m trying to convince him that something done in pink would be great for ladies so here’s hoping he will get around to it.

Check out his Etsy shop and share with friends who might be interested!



Memorial Day- More Than Just a BBQ

Memorial Day
I enjoy Memorial Day just as much as anyone else does, but by the looks of my Facebook feed and Instagram updates, people tend to forget why this day even exists.
Many men, women, even service animals have died for the sake of protecting their homeland and the people they love. To some, they may wonder what needs to be protected, there aren’t any apparent threats. But remember that success and freedom takes measures to prevent the deterioration of these things. We look to the future and live for it knowing that tomorrow is a better day. Those who died did so because they were hopeful for tomorrow. On this day, we honor them and their sacrifices.
Holidays like this one are the only days when it is acceptable to live in the past and present. Remembering the people that fought for freedom and a place to call home is our way to thank them.
So have your BBQs, set off your fireworks, and hug the friends and family you get to share it all with. However, tell your kids, your Facebook friends, and everyone else that you celebrate not because of the burgers on the grill, but because of the people that never got to come home and share it with you.
Thank you to all who paid the ultimate sacrifice and Happy Memorial Day to the rest of us. 
Do you have anyone to thank? Comment below in their memory!