Cold Weather Basics

aerosoles slippers

Greetings from chilly Kansas City! Since arriving here a few days ago I’ve discovered that no article of clothing will ever be warm enough for this place. Looking ahead at the week’s weather, 30 degrees isn’t anything compared to a low of 9 degrees! Unfortunately, I left most of my cold weather clothes back home in Maryland. Not even these adorable Aerosoles slippers my boyfriend’s mom gave me can keep me warm enough out here!

Moving to Kansas City is like my life is coming full circle, and when I say my life I mean mine, my dad’s, and his ancestors. My dad was born in a little town just outside of Columbia, MO and his dad, grandparents, great grandparents, and so forth were all from this area. You could say my dad’s family helped settle the prairie way back when.

Cold Weather Must-Haves

I’ve been warned by many people that the cold people experience here is going to be intense to my Maryland blood. My sweet boyfriend walked outside this morning and was surprised by the ice on his windshield. Having slipped and skidded on ice many times, I’ve decided to jot down a list of things I’ll need to deal with this winter weather. Take notes!

  • Salt- melts down the ice
  • Kitty Litter- helps with traction for your tires (no idea why)
  • Ice Scraper- Do I need to explain this?
  • Hot Hands- These little packs are the best things to have in your gloves!
  • Snow Boots- My favorite is the LL Bean duck boot. It’s a classic!
  • Cera Ve Lotion- A dermatologist recommended it to me because it’s for sensitive skin but it also helps with windburn.
  • Layered Gloves- Leather on the outside and wool on the inside for double insulation.
  • EOS Lip Balm- The adorable shape of this product made me try, the results of it are making me keep it.

If you’re from a cold weather state, leave a comment with your cold weather must-haves! Stay warm!

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Cozy Winter Style

snow_in_southern_maryland Tuesday snuck up on me and so did Monday. My weekends are going so fast for some reason. I woke up yesterday and was shocked that it was over. I went out to run some errands and get my coffee when I was greeted with another surprise: white flurries falling from the sky. The weatherman had called for snow but they always make a big deal out of nothing. Driving home was all sorts of interesting as Marylanders creeped along on the highways so they wouldn’t skid. We aren’t used to this white stuff.

When I got home, I camped out in front of the fire and cuddled the kitty. In weather like this, having the proper warm, cozy equipment is crucial! I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite winter weather things for making this snow storm that much lovelier!


  • Cape from Etsy
  • Hair band from Nordstrom
  • Gloves from Zumiez
  • Cable knit throw from Houzz
  • Boot socks from Old Navy
  • Travel mug from Kate Spade
  • Boots from LL Bean
  • Candle from Bath and Body Works