Outfit Idea for Warm Autumn Days

Hello Tuesday, I hope you’ll give me a good hair day! Really, that’s honestly the easiest way to make my day happier than usual. Starbucks waiting for me in the kitchen doesn’t hurt either. Add my Lilly Pulitzer agenda, a warm blueberry muffin, and fuzzy socks and I’ll be a peach all day long.

I’ve been thinking about cute outfits that combine both summer and fall wardrobe choices since for many of us its still about 70 degrees everyday. I came up with this cute little outfit while rummaging through my closet. The top I found a few years ago at American Eagle and the skirt I found the other day at Marshall’s on clearance for $2! Its also an American Eagle skirt. The necklace is Kim Rogers at Belk and the shoes are from Rampage. This was the easiest outfit to put together and it works in the fall and summer.

Tell me about your summer/fall transition outfits in the comments below!