Billion Dollar Brow Review

Hello girls! I hope you’re enjoying the start to your summer and soaking up the rays! Recently, I’ve been spending a lot of time outdoors just enjoying the sun and nature. There’s nothing like taking a walk with a light breeze in your hair. One thing I’m preparing for is the hot summer days in which makeup is just not happening. Foundation is no fun to wear when you’re sweating and eye shadow just melts off my eyelids. My go-to makeup for this humid season is a bold lip, tons of mascara, and a great eyebrow shape.
eyebrow pencilsI’ve been searching for a product that would give me the Gigi Hadid eyebrows I so desperately want. Most are difficult to apply and still don’t give me the look I want. Knowing that the eyebrow struggle is real, Billion Dollar Brows sent me a sample of their new Universal Brow Pencil to try and then share with you guys!

best eyebrow productsThe first thing I noticed about this product (sold at Kohl’s fyi!) is the tip of it. Sounds silly, but I love that it’s soft and easy to work with. Eyebrow pencils are usually rough and need to be sharpened constantly. On the other end of the tool is a convenient eyebrow brush. When I was little, my hair stylist told me I had my dad’s eyebrows (aka long and thick). This tool is the first thing I use in the morning.

gigi hadid eyebrowsSecondly, I haven’t had my eyebrows waxed or shaped in over a month and my brows still look on point! I love the ability the Universal Brow Pencil gives me to fill in the spots that need filling or shaping.

Adding this product to your makeup bag isn’t a bad idea! It makes you look so much more put-together than if you weren’t wearing it. ¬†You can find it in Kohl’s stores and online!


(This post was sponsored; all opinions are my own!)


Weekends are for Shopping and Ice Cream

Monday is here again and we’re all back to the grind. Get up at the crack of dawn, slowly get dressed, wish we hadn’t stayed up late the night before, grab a cereal bar for breakfast, sit in traffic, grab coffee, and then sit down at your desk and stare at a computer for the next 8 hours. It can be so mundane at times. I thought today I’d share with you my not-so-mundane weekend to shake things up a bit.

I spent time shopping and enjoying the nice weather. Typically, I go around to each of my favorite stores where I can find good deals and see what’s on sale. I scored a few cute things from Kohl’s, believe it or not. The dress is Lauren Conrad and I got it on clearance for $19.20, normally $64. The top is Elle brand and it was only $12. They were really cute finds for pretty decent prices.

ice_cream_coneSaturday night I went out with my family for pizza and then ice cream on the boardwalk. We’ve been going to the same ice cream place since I was a toddler. Every year it opens up and the line is ridiculously long but it’s always worth it. We stroll by the water and enjoy the scenery and overall atmosphere of the area. It feels like you’re on vacation, even if it’s just for an hour.

Sunday I went and laid by the pool with my friend Dawn. I love having a pool to go to and get some sun. Dawn is a yoga enthusiast and she asked me to take a picture of her doing a pose by the pool. As I was taking it, these little girls in the water were telling Dawn how amazing she was. They asked her to teach them, which she was slightly reluctant to do because they would be doing it on wet concrete. The girls eventually jumped back in the pool and splashed around.

Summer days are truly the best, summer weekends are even better!


Cinderella Inspired Favorites

disney_cinderella_styleI think most of us have recently fallen in love with Cinderella again. The movie, though I haven’t seen it, looks spectacular! An updated classic, if done correctly, can be so beautiful. I’m hoping that this movie is everything I think it will be! The trailer looked incredible, especially when Cinderella is dancing with the prince and she comments that everyone is staring at him to which he replies, “No, believe me, they’re all looking at you.” How romantic and sweet is that? I just can’t get over it. #Swoon

Speaking of Cinderella, have you seen Lauren Conrad’s collection for Kohl’s? I can’t get over how gorgeous everything is! I stopped in the other day to get a better look and fell in love with pretty much everything. The fastest way to my heart is through a tulle skirt and lots of sparkles.

Another collection I’m loving is the MAC Cinderella line. The eye shadow palette has sold out online! I’m headed to the my nearest Sephora next week to see if they have any. I know I’m on a no shopping diet (Lent), but I really want to see this beautiful palette in person. I would love to try on the lipsticks as well. These people cut right to my heart with the pretty things they sell!

Let me know what Cinderella inspired things you’re loving right now!