Must-Have Asymmetrical Dress

Good morning friends! I’m so glad it’s finally Thursday. Tomorrow I get to go home for the first time in 7 months to see my family! I’m so excited to get a home cooked meal and cuddle my sweet little kitty! You know that saying “home is where your mom is?” Well, it’s the truth. Nothing beats walking in the front door and being surrounded by love.

In other news, how pretty is the dress I’m wearing?! Tulip Boutique in Kansas City sent me the dress as part of their monthly ‘Tulip Twist’ contest (which should be on their Facebook page sometime today if you don’t mind casting a vote!) The dress is really easy to slip on and looks really chic with the fun asymmetric hem. I love that it’s appropriate for the office and even for a night out!

summer floppy hats

Let’s also talk about my hat. It was a steal at J. Crew for $9 on clearance (link here)! I went to one of their factory outlets and saw it sitting there in all it’s marked down glory. I have a black sunhat but it just absorbs the heat and sunlight so this neutral one is perfect for the Dallas heat! The hat is really structured and well-made, which I certainly appreciate.

Moving on to other accessories, my necklace was also a great find at New York & Co. for $4 on clearance as well! I’ve gotten so many compliments on it and it looks good with so many different outfits. The nautical knot detail in the center gives it that extra something an otherwise boring gold necklace needs. Also, my heels are from the Target Merona collection last year! I can’t say they’re the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn because let’s be honest, Target shoes aren’t that well-made. However, they look really cute if you’re only going to be sitting at your desk all day. Walking around might really bother your feet!

Let me know if you like the look!





And Kitty Makes 3!

burmese rescue catHey gals! Friday is finally here and I’m excited to share something with you! Sometimes I feel like fashion blogging needs a personal element besides personal style. Not often do I talk about my family, friends, or boyfriend in my posts. For whatever reason, I feel like I should keep them away from my online presence if for no other reason than their privacy. Some people like to share everything about their families right down to the hospital and room number in which their baby was born. Whether it’s good or bad, I’m simply not that way. Today however, I wanted to share with you a very important aspect of my life. Her name is Petunia!

oversharing on social mediaMy boyfriend and I adopted her a few months ago but other than pictures for our family and friends, I haven’t shared her on my blog. She’s a darling little kitty and has been the light of my life since moving away from home. David and I went to the Kansas City Pet Project just to “look”, then we saw Petunia or “Tuna” as we call her. We adopted her that day and took her back to her furever home (see what I did there?) According to the shelter, she was found wandering down the side of a highway.

adopt don't shopSince bringing her home, she’s gotten quite comfortable in her new digs. Petunia likes to wander around the house following me everywhere I go, meowing the whole time. We considered getting her a buddy but after meeting her kitty cousins (David’s sister’s cats) we determined it might not be the best idea! I was hoping to maybe get an older kitty because they usually are the last to be adopted and that breaks my heart. Petunia may warm up to the idea eventually but as of right now, she likes being an only-child.

Last week, I FaceTimed with my parents and they saw their grandcat for the first time. I have lovingly gifted my parents with the grandparent names of Grandmeow and Grandpaw. How appropriate, right? Everyone but my mom thinks I’m crazy. What can I say? I love this kitty!

I just wanted to share with you something more personal today so I hope you enjoyed it! If you’d like to make a donation to KC Pet Project, I’m sure they’d appreciate it!


Striped Dress from Tulip Boutique

Thank goodness it’s finally Thursday! This week has just seemed to drag by for me and can’t stand that (especially with pool weather upon us.) I have some super exciting news to share with you though! A few weeks ago I walked into Tulip, the cutest little boutique here in Kansas City. I got to chatting with the owner about my blog and having moved recently. She was interested in my blog and invited me to do their monthly Tulip Twist contest!

Nautical Stripe Dress

The contest is pretty simple. Myself and 2 other girls were given the same dress to style and whoever gets the most votes on their Facebook page, gets a gift card! How fun, right? The dress is a really great summer staple in any wardrobe and so easy to wear. Plus, it’s flattering on everyone since it’s a shift-dress!

kansas city boutiques

With summer coming, I was on the lookout for a nautical dress with some navy stripes and then this one came along. I paired it with some chunky mules from Target, my favorite Kate Spade bag, and a great coral and tortoiseshell necklace!

Preppy in Midwest


If you like my look, go to Tulip’s website and vote for me here! I’d totally appreciate the votes! Below are links to similar items that I’m wearing! 

Blogger Event in Kansas City

Morning beauties! I hope your week went as quickly as mine. Frankly, I’m exhausted from it. My schedule is usually 9-5 Monday through Friday but on Tuesday my day lasted a little longer than usual. I had the opportunity to meet up with a bunch of great Kansas City area bloggers for hors d’oeuvres and cocktails. It was the first time I had ever gotten to do anything like that and it was such a fun event! The Blog Guild organized the event and Golden & Pine graciously hosted all of us crazy bloggers! Getting a group of fashion-conscious, girl bosses together for an evening of socializing is always bound to be a great time.

window seat ideas

Golden & Pine has a beautiful space in the up and coming neighborhood of Brookside! Exposed wood and concrete floors added a really unique, hipster vibe to the store. Think Anthropologie with a mix of West Elm and you have Golden & Pine! I fell in love with how they styled this window seat area. Big throw pillows are an easy way to cozy-up a space!

spring inspired food

Another great way to make a space warm and inviting is wonderful food! Heirloom Bakery made these amazing treats for the girls to munch on. Pink donuts with a floral garnish satisfied my sweet tooth. Don’t you just adore the pink glaze dripping down the sides? On slices of wheat toast was hummus topped with veggies and a creamy whipped topping!

potted plants in home

coffee table styling

anthropologie inspired

Golden & Pine totally embraces my firm belief that plants and flowers brighten the home! They had so many adorable little packets of seeds to choose from with various combinations of flowers!

homes inspired by anthropology

A styling element they had going on was baskets full of pillows and blankets. The room just made you feel at ease! That’s saying a lot for someone who walked into a social situation where she knew no one and suddenly became friends with everyone. I’m tellin’ you, this group of girls is great!

elegant bathroom soap

There was so much detail that went into every little corner of the shop. Even the hand soaps were beautifully displayed in little wooden boxes. Every time I go into places like this, I come home and want to play interior decorator in every room of my home. After being around girls who are even more creative than I am, the desire to try harder and create beautiful spaces is coming back. Sometimes you just get in a slump and need other people to motivate you. The company you keep really does effect you!



Ray-Ban Aviator Look-alikes

Good morning friends! The sun is finally shining here in Kansas City and it feels as though my eyes are burning because I haven’t seen it in so long. Is this how Edward Cullen felt when he sparkled (sorry for the Twilight reference!) The sunlight normally hurts my eyes anyway so I wear sunglasses year-round in effort not to wrinkle my skin from squinting.

Since my birthday was last month, I’ve been trying to figure out what I really want as a birthday gift from my boyfriend. He told me to pick whatever I wanted and he would order it. Of course I went for something expensive (Ray Ban Aviators) until I saw the staggering price tag. I didn’t want him to pay over $150 for something I would inevitably sit on sometime this summer. Instead of ordering the pricey sunnies, I found an inexpensive alternative that is just as cute at Old Navy. These pink aviator mirrored lens with gold trimming go for $12!

ray ban aviator look alikes

I’ve linked a few others that are under $25 for you to browse as well! Hopefully you find something you love! As for my birthday present, I’m still on the hunt! Leave a comment with suggestions!// //