The Difference Between Fashion and Style

I’ve never really had a clear definition of the difference between fashion and style. I thought to myself “aren’t they the same?” HA. No, silly girl, they are not the same! Everyone’s opinion on it will vary to some degree. However, fashion is what you buy, and style is how you wear it (I forget who said that, and so did Google apparently).

Since most designers are debuting their fall/winter lines at the moment, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to discuss this sometimes touchy subject. What the girls where on the catwalk is fashion, but what we do with it later becomes style.

kate_middletonI’ve always thought a lot more of people who prefer to develop their own style than to simply buy whatever is the current trend. For example, the latest trend is pantsuits. Everyone from Kim Kardashian to Nicole Richie have been spotted wearing these things. Quite honestly though, they aren’t remembered for having a specific style but only being on trend. Twenty years from now we’ll look back at their outfits and snicker at how goofy they look to us so many years later. People like the Duchess of Cambridge will be remembered for their style and elegance in the way they dress. I highly doubt anyone will be laughing at her outfits for at least 50 years.

Now I’ve said all this not to bash the designers and celebrities who wear their designs, but to remind the average person that following trends is sometimes costly, and more often than not, an outfit that your kids will make fun of you for later on. Trust me, I do this to my mom! Poor lady.

I’m going to suggest to you that instead of investing countless dollars in trendy pantsuits (though some are kinda cute) or in a mixed print romper, you might consider buying a few more staple items that you can pair with trendy accessories. Think hats, jewelry, shoes, and even nail polish. Sometimes this makes much more of a statement than an entire outfit that will most definitely be associated with this decade.

I’m going to end here with a little slideshow of some of the most stylish and classy ladies in fashion history (photos from Pinterest). Tomorrow be prepared for a checklist of staple items to have in your closet!

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Treasures I found at Charming Charlies

lemon_stripesI love the jewelry and apparel store Charming Charlies. Organizing by color is the most underused marketing tool in the fashion world. It never fails to make me want to buy something in ever color available. It just works beautifully. Think of how some Instagrammers are so good at making the photos on their accounts look like they all piece together. The colors are synchronized. The photo to the left highlights the greens and blues in each of the individual pictures, however they harmonize as a whole.

During a recent trip to Charming Charlies, I found myself exploring the pink and orange section mostly. There were so many lovely pieces to choose from and surprisingly, I restrained myself from buying anything. That’s right, I walked out of the store with empty hands. For anyone who knows me really well, that’s hard to do. Never mind the fact that I went next door to Hollister and they were having a sale on lounge tops so I bought one; but whatever, that’s not the point.

This first photo is the prettiest piece of costume jewelry I found! I love bright pieces like these. Personally, I wouldcharming_charlies wear white jeans and a white or tan top with it just to highlight the vibrancy of the colors!

charming_charliesI fell in love with this little sail boat. How cute is it for summer? Anything having to do with a boat or the water I love. Can you believe at one time I was afraid of boats though? I read a book about the Titanic when I was in 1st grade and that did me in. I said “no” to ships for awhile.

Some of you may find these a little too colorful but I love color! I saw these and had to show you girls (and guys if you care). There’s just something really greatcharming_charlies about the statement jewelry that is trending this year. I can’t get enough of it. Maybe it’s because I tend to be a classic dresser and my outfits don’t always have that little extra something to make it pop.

charming_charliesFinally, this collection of jewelry was just so pretty sitting there so I took a photo of all of it together. There was so much pink and gold in that section I thought my head was going to burst (in a good way). All I saw was happiness!

Let me know what stores you go to for accessories in the comments below! FYI: It’s perfectly okay to say “Claire’s” because I still enjoy that little store. All links to pieces seen here are in the photos. Simply click them on!







From my Closet: Ann Taylor Inspiration

Outfit of the Day!

This is my first post doing my outfit of the day and I’m excited to share with you more about my style and taste! At first, I thought these types of posts were kind of vain. However, I get a lot of ideas from other girls on cute outfits and little accessories to add to my wardrobe.

ann_taylor_loftMy outfit today consists of a cute little jersey dress from Ann Taylor Loft (I found it on sale several years ago, so here’s a similar version). I love the little belt that goes with it. It isn’t meant to make a statement but it sucks you in at the waist, which is always nice!

I took this picture earlier with the help of my dear mom in my front yard. We live in the woods so the green trees are in abundance and frankly, who doesn’t love a little greenery in a photo?

Here’s a front view of my dress. It’s the perfect outfit for a day when you ann_taylor_loftwant to feel pretty but also want to feel comfy. It’s also a very breathable fabric (cotton) so I love it for hot summer days like today! Did I mention cap sleeves are really cute? Because they are!

Here are my favorite parts of an outfit: accessories! My shoes I found at Burlington Coat Factory for $10 by Rampage. My bracelet is an old Forever 21 find. Here’s a similar bracelet I like even more! My necklace is also a Forever 21 find from last fall and I can’t find it online anywhere. However, they have produced a similar one!

Tell me what you think! I love to hear your opinions!








Church on Sundays and Fashion Faux Pas

Church on Sundays
Sunday mornings (particularly in the south) are reserved for church and then a late lunch following the service. I grew up this way and many of my friends did as well. My favorite part of this tradition as a young teen was picking out what I wanted to wear! It irks me to think of the hideous outfits I wore assuming that I looked super cute. I vividly remember a blue, flowery dress that I was convinced would look amazing with this pink cowboy hat I had (totally Lizzie McGuire style). I cringe at the thought. Luckily, my style is a bit more sophisticated now. I put together this outfit hoping to redeem myself from those days of bad fashion. Most of what you see here none of us can afford but a girl can dream (and duplicate with something cheaper if she must). Tell me what you think! Any funny memories of fashion crimes you committed growing up? Let me know with a comment below!

Sunday Brunch Style

Sunday Brunch
Sundays are meant for going to church early service and then heading to brunch with family and friends! An ideal Sunday to me is church, brunch by the water, window shopping down the quaint little streets of Old Town Alexandria, Virginia picking up yummy cupcakes at Alexandria Cupcakes.
I’d finish the day off with a walk by the river and then a relaxing night at home watching my favorite shows. Doesn’t this sound lovely?