Savvy Shopper Haul

Hello lovelies! Thursday is here and frankly, I’m glad that the week is almost over. It’s been long and tiring! There’s nothing better than knowing the weekend is just around the corner. I can already imagine the great naps I’ll take and all the things I’ll pin on my Pinterest boards!

Shopping Haul

In true blogger fashion, I’m doing a haul today on the various little things I’ve picked up in the last few weeks. Most of you know I’m a serious bargain hunter. Full price is never something I’ll pay unless I really need it or the quality is actually worth it. It’s how I live well while spending less. Everything you see here was at least 50% off!


How adorable are these little cardboard boxes?! They were half off at Michael’s a few weeks ago (I paid $2 for each). The white box I put all of my nail polish in and the box on top I’m still finding a use for. I’m thinking it would be a cute place to store all my stationary!


This is my little pride and joy right here! Normally $24.99, I paid $12.99 for this cute Target jewelry box. It’s kind of difficult to show you how awesome it is in a picture because everything reflects off of it. It has the perfect place to store rings and earrings efficiently and has ample room for all my necklaces. So in love with it!


Another favorite of mine! These fake peonies and hydrangeas I bought two days ago 50% at Michael’s. Normally, I hate fake flowers, but at this time in my life I can’t afford to get a bouquet every week. I was looking for good quality fake flowers and Ashland Homes designs some really pretty ones. I paid $2.50 for the peonies and $3.50 for the Hydrangeas. The vase I spray painted myself (DIY to come).


This gold and sky blue chain necklace I bought for $4.99 at New York & Company last week! It was originally priced at $22.99 and I’ve been eyeing it for at least 6 months. I walked into the store, saw the clearance rack, and then raided the necklace area and found this beauty!


Eeek! Another favorite of mine! I found this at New York & Company for $2.99 (original price was $19.99) last week also! I just love the coral and gray jewels in it. Really looking forward to the spring when we’re transitioning out of our winter clothes and into the spring ones so I can wear this!


Right next to the bracelet above, I found this pretty gray and black statement bracelet! It was also 2.99!


This brown and glittery-gold braided belt I found at Target on clearance for $3.99. I love a braided belt with a shift dress. I have a narrow waist and love to use a belt to emphasize this feature.


Another find at New York & Company! I got this great belt for $8.99 (half off!) for all of the dresses I have that need a little something added to them. It’s specifically made to go around the waist so I’ll have no problem wearing this! The gold, plated surface on the front is really chic and doesn’t squeeze your stomach!


My last find was quite a few weeks ago at the Dick’s Sporting Goods Semi-Annual sale. These Under Armor athletic shoes were on sale for $54.99 as opposed to there $80 price tag. I needed new shoes to workout in that have more support than the crappy ones I had before. I also love the pink accents. Gotta bring the pink!

Tell me about your recent finds!


New Year’s Eve Excursion

central_park_entertainmentGood morning friends! As I promised in yesterday’s post, I’d tell you about my New Year’s Eve excursion to New York City. I’m going to get this out of the way before I go any further- it was COLD. I’ve never been in pain from the cold but my muscles and face hurt like crazy from trying to stay warm. I’ve never experienced cold quite like this. Besides the temperature, it was a wonderful trip!

Getting to the city was a 5 hour bus trip from Washington, D.C. I left at 7:30am and we were in the city by 11:30am. The early afternoon was spent exploring Times Square and Central Park. At about 1pm people started seriously lining up in Times Square to watch the ball drop at midnight. Police officers told us that at 3pm the people in the blocked off areas near the square would start to be confined by “pens” in that area until midnight. The kicker was that if they got out of their “pen” then they couldn’t get back in and forfeited their spot. times_square_on_new_year's_eveWe met a few people who said they had stood in their confined area for 12 hours having only a few snacks and drinks. According to them, the family next to them all had diapers on in case they had to go to the bathroom. I guess some people really are crazy.

central_park_skylineCentral Park was a lovely walk and a much needed break from constant people. There were a few street performers that had me laughing with their jokes and stunts. Squirrels roamed the park and had quite the attitude when it came to food. I strolled through the park with some warm, sugar-roasted almonds that really hit the spot. My fingers were so cold that I had a hard time eating them!

After Central Park it was about 3pm so we went for a pizza at an Italian restaurant. The mozzarella was so fresh! The crust and the pizza sauce were excellent too. It was so nice to just sit there and take everything in while reflecting on events earlier tiffany's_new_york_cityin the day. When we left the restaurant, 5th avenue was conveniently located a short walk away. I headed straight for a legendary New York City store- TIffany’s! After watching Audrey Hepburn’s Breakfast at Tiffany’s I became obsessed with the store. Walking into the big, beautiful building almost scared me. My dreams were standing right in front of me and I wasn’t sure if they would live up to my expectations… but they did! We browsed through the store a bit and then met the elevator operator at the elevators and he took us up to the 2nd floor where engagement rings were located. Did I mention he was wearing a Tiffany blue tie? He looked amazing!tiffany_coffee_mug Couples everywhere were sitting with consultants trying on rings and drinking champagne. I was in heaven. I also found on the 4th floor my favorite TIffany mug! Too bad it was in a set of 2 and $80.

After shopping up and down 5th avenue, we went to get a drink and cheers to the new year before heading out to the street to freeze with everyone else. While in a quaint bar and grill we met a few couples from South Africa who traveled to NYC for the new year. After sharing casual conversation with them we paid our bill and headed out into the cold where we were greeted by Taylor Swift’s voice coming from just down the street. Yes, I heard Miss Swift singing “Shake it Off”. I also got to hear “Rude” by Magic.

watching_the_ball_dropWaiting for the ball to drop seemed like a never ending event. Everyone was cold and tired. However, it was still one, big party for most people. The real magic happened when the countdown began. That unmistakable energy filled the air and gave meaning and purpose to our crazy idea of spending New Year’s Eve in Times Square. The funny part was after the clock struck midnight everyone bolted for the taxi cabs waiting down the street. We caught our bus at 1:30am near the docks. We quickly fell asleep upon leaving the city and slept most of the way home. 

As I write this I can assure you that my feet still hurt from walking and I detest the cold more than ever before. However, spending New Year’s Eve in New York was on my bucket list and the memories were worth every shiver.

Tell me about your New Year’s celebration in a comment below!


Kate Spade Wish List

kate_spade_giftsHappy Tuesday beautiful friends. Yesterday, I spent most of the day drinking coffee and lounging around in sweats. The weather was icky and I’ve discovered that nothing looks pretty soaking wet. On the bright side, I made my Christmas wish list! Sort of. Everything on it is just a bit too expensive and any parent or friend who spends this much on their loved one needs to know that money won’t buy you love! I will admit though, that I love these products. However, what I’m really paying for when purchasing them is the name that happens to adorn said product. And unlike other style bloggers, you won’t see me sporting my brand new $350 handbag or $400 ballet flats in a cute style post or Instagram photo (#jealous much, Liz?) My life is just too realistic for that. If it weren’t so darn realistic, then this is what my wish list would look like:

1. Cedar Street Large Monday in Dynasty Red- $198

2. Leather Bow Gloves in Deco Beige- $128

3. Garden Drive Jewelry Box in Black- $40

4. Small Square Studs in Glitter Navy- $38

5. Daisy Place Medium Square Dish– $40

6. Animal Print Tiny Metro in Cheetah- $150

7. Toast Flats– $228

8. Skinny Bow Belt– $78



Ann Taylor Online Haul

A few days ago I got an email from Ann Taylor letting me know about their warehouse sale going on online. I checked it out and fell in love with quite a few pieces! However, I’m sad to report that I didn’t need anything and therefore will not be buying anything. I’m really trying hard to restrain myself from buying things I just do not have the need for. I spend way too much money on tops, dresses, whatever that I will wear maybe once a season. It’s ridiculous and I need to stop doing that and start saving money again. This time last year I was saving every penny I earned. What happened, Liz? I don’t know.

Anyway, back to Ann Taylor! Everything is between 60% and 75% off the sale price. I shopped in person when the sale was getting underway about 2 weeks ago and I found a fabulous blazer in a cream color with tweed material. I only paid $22 for it! Not only was I proud, but I had also saved a small fortune.

To give you an idea of what’s for sale, below you can find a few of my picks from the store online. Most of everything is summer or early fall appropriate but remember, in order to get good deals on clothes you can’t buy them when they’re in season because they’re in high demand and people will pay top dollar. You have to wait until retailers are desperate to get rid of their merchandise. For example, if you’re looking for rain boots in the beginning of spring, you’ll pay full price. However, if you wait until June when swimsuits are being pushed, then rain boots will be at least half price. Shopping Ann Taylor right now will give you great sale prices on things from late summer!


Outfit Idea for Warm Autumn Days

Hello Tuesday, I hope you’ll give me a good hair day! Really, that’s honestly the easiest way to make my day happier than usual. Starbucks waiting for me in the kitchen doesn’t hurt either. Add my Lilly Pulitzer agenda, a warm blueberry muffin, and fuzzy socks and I’ll be a peach all day long.

I’ve been thinking about cute outfits that combine both summer and fall wardrobe choices since for many of us its still about 70 degrees everyday. I came up with this cute little outfit while rummaging through my closet. The top I found a few years ago at American Eagle and the skirt I found the other day at Marshall’s on clearance for $2! Its also an American Eagle skirt. The necklace is Kim Rogers at Belk and the shoes are from Rampage. This was the easiest outfit to put together and it works in the fall and summer.

Tell me about your summer/fall transition outfits in the comments below!