The Perfect Brunch Dress

she in dresses

Happy Friday gals! September has finally started and I’m so excited! I did a little decorating around the apartment today, nothing too crazy yet though. I’m waiting until it’s a little cooler here in Dallas, which might never happen. Walking through the aisles of Michael’s and Target, I’m getting ideas for the season but I feel like no matter what I do my place will never look put-together and holiday ready. Does anyone else ever feel like that? Maybe I’m getting ahead of myself here though. After all, summer is still technically here, right? And I have the perfect little Sunday brunch dress to share with you!

preppy basic style

Isn’t this scalloped dress adorable? I love how lightweight it is and how I can just throw it on and look really cute! I wore it to my friend’s bridal shower and got several compliments (that’s how I know whether an outfit’s good or not). The best part is that the dress comes in black too! Having color in my wardrobe is important to me so I chose the blue, but for a basic dress to wear to work or brunch, I might opt for the black. Did I mention this dress is $13.99?! Link here!

marley lilly style

For this outfit, I paired my blue SheIn dress with these bronze Jack Rogers sandals, my Marley Lilly scalloped clutch, and my favorite Kate Spade necklace. Styling a preppy outfit isn’t difficult when you have a scalloped hemline as the basic element. I’ll always remember the first time I had ever heard of a scalloped hemline. I sincerely thought designers were putting scallop (the seafood) imagery on the hems of dresses and was thoroughly appalled at the thought. Thank the Lord I actually googled it or I might never have found something new to obsess over!

j crew scallop dress

Enjoy the last of the summer brunches for the season! Take in the summer breezes and tropical mimosas while you have them. Before we know it, we’ll be wishing for the sunshine to bronze our skin again!


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J Crew Spring Style

jcrew spring dress

Oh my goodness, this week is flying by and I couldn’t be more happy about it. My birthday is on Sunday and my boyfriend’s family is coming into town to help me celebrate! Since I don’t know that many people here in Kansas City yet, having someone to enjoy my day with is such a blessing.

Another little blessing I incurred a few weeks ago was this fabulous J Crew dress! Since I started working in an office again, I needed to add a few things to my professional wardrobe. This purple dress was on eBay for $9.99! Better yet, it has pockets! I love how flattering it is and the fun neckline makes it interesting.

strawberry nail color

When you wear a solid color dress, always add a little pizazz to it! I wore my favorite Lauren Conrad gold ring and my nails are painted a pretty strawberry color. Little things like this can make an outfit so much better! Some of my favorite accessories are watches, pearls, stacked bracelets, and printed scarves.

witty n pretty

The Color for Spring

color for spring

Today I woke up and was excited to see the sun shining outside of my window but I was a bit disappointed when I walked onto my porch and felt the familiar crisp air grabbing at my skin. Since spring is not too far off, I feel like its appropriate to start thinking about the cute clothes that comes with this vibrant season! Being that my skin tone is more suited with colors that are prevalent in autumn, I miss out on wearing all the pretty pastels in March and April. However, I found one spring color that compliments me- coral! From what I’ve read, it will be this season’s ‘it’ color.

The ‘It’ Color of the Season

I like to start my seasonal shopping early when stores are pushing sales and promotions to get things moving on the sales floor. For your convenience, I’m linking a few of my favorite coral pieces featured above! Some of them are on sale too!

  • Crew Neck Dress (Nordstrom Rack)- here
  • Drape Sleeve (J. Crew)- here
  • Nars Lipstick in Honolulu Honey (Sephora)- here
  • Stud Crossbody Bag (Nordstrom)- here
  • Garden Flat (Modcloth)- here
  • Peach Coral Stud Earrings (Etsy)- here
  • Pencil Skirt (J. Crew)- here

Leave a comment with your favorite coral piece below!

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Outlet Shopping Haul (and tips to find the deals)

jcrew loafers

I am so excited to share with you a few fab finds from my recent shopping trip to the Premium Outlets! Outlet shopping is one of my favorite things to do when I’m visiting a new city. Each region of the country I think has totally different inventory and it makes the trip that much more exciting. The best outlets I’ve been to have been in Orlando and San Antonio. For whatever reason, these states are sent all the goodies!

My first and and probably best find are these orchid-colored J Crew loafers! These pretty things are normally $98 at the outlet but I scored them on clearance for $30. They’re suede and perfect for fall!

statement jewelry preppy

This next piece is also from J Crew and retails at $52.50, I found it on clearance for $15.95! Normally, I don’t like to spend much on jewelry unless it’s a really quality piece (think real pearls). When I saw this my eyes lit up though. I love the coral and tortoiseshell pieces on the necklace. They really make it pop!

victorias secret bralette review

One of my favorite outlet stores to go into is the Victoria’s Secret outlet. I usually find some amazing deals here! Typically, I don’t like to share my bra and undie selections with everyone, but this was such a great deal I think I should. This particular bralette was on sale for $3.99! Does it give the best lift in the world? No. But if you’re staying at home or it’s laundry day, then it’s a must-have.

pink lace bra

Again, I don’t like to share my undergarments with people but this was another great deal. This Victoria’s Secret bra was in a bin of a thousand others just like it, all for $6.99. It has great lift to it but not the best coverage. Ideally, you would wear it underneath something that didn’t need any extra padding.

banana republic fall haul

Getting to the end of my shopping haul, I found this beautiful, soft, cream-colored jacket for my mom! I raided the clearance rack when I got to the Banana Republic store and saw it. I didn’t even think about it before I snatched it up and bought it. The tag price was $119 and the clearance price was $17.99. Did I mention how cute it is?

Outlet shopping is one of those things that’s a hit or miss. Most of the time, I can find something great to bring home at a good price. The key to shopping at these places is consistency. You can’t go every few months and find a steal or even a deal. Going at least once a month is the best way to find things at low prices. Stores mark merchandise down usually twice a month and there are plenty of savvy shoppers that even know the days they do it. ¬†Shop often!

Leave me a comment with your favorite find in this haul! Follow me on Facebook and Instagram for easy updates!

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Summer Style: Preppy Edition

Summer Prep
Good morning! Here’s a little preppy inspiration for you today! I love this look for summertime. Tee shirts, shorts, and baseball hats are classic Americana. It’s pretty much the only thing I wear during the hot, muggy summer days we have here on the East Coast.

A few things on my summer prep wish list:

-Jack Rogers sandals
-Vineyard Vine tee
-Lilly Pulitzer shorts
-Southern Proper tee

I went into a local preppy themed store and was talking with the owner about cute preppy themed things she should think about selling. She told me that Kiel James Patrick has actually designed a bracelet for her store and she’s debuting it next weekend! For the record, Kiel and his fiance, Sarah, are apparently really nice, down to Earth people. I can’t wait to see the bracelet they designed! I’ll be posting about it next weekend! Enjoy today!